Bride of the seven gods episode 1

She’s the legendary master wife;
Another session at school I’ve always hated school since I was young. Not because I was bullied. I really hate not being able to show my true self. Always pretending to be a shy and timid girl. Not that I choose to be but my mom told me to do so. Just to stay out of trouble but it never worked anyway. In fact, it got worse. A ball hit my head.
“Awww”. I gave a low cry.
“You should watch where you’re heading to”. One boy shouted and took the ball.
“Really? It’s you who should watch where you’re aiming at”. I mumbled.
“What did you say”? He asked.
“Nothing. I’ll watch out next time”. I left. I’ve always been the br@ve and charming girl but that’s just my inner self.
“Belia”. Ivy c@m£ out of nowhere and took my hand. “You c@m£. I thought you wouldn’t”. Out of everyone, only Ivy un-derstands me best.
“And here I’m. Let’s go of me”.
“Are you in a bad mood? What happened to your head”?
“It’s nothing”. We entered the clas-s and took our seat.
“So good to be in our final year”. She smiled.
“Everyone’s talking about college. So where do you plan on going”? Ivy asked.
“Farming”. I brou-ght out my books.
“Farming? Come on, cut the jokes. Tell me exactly where you’re going”.
“Do I’ve to tell you everything”?
“I guess you’re in a bad mood”. The teacher entered and everyone scurried back to their seat but her gaze was fixed on the big writing on the board. It says ‘GO TO HELL TEACHER’. The boys must have written it for they love to cause trouble.
“Who wrote this”? The teacher asked but no one dare to answer. “I’ll ask once again. Who wrote this”? We were all silent. “Wow! What a good cooperation but you know what, you’re all failing this clas-s”.
“What? No way”. We all murmured.
“Then you just have to pick out the culprit. I’m sure one of you did it”. She looked at us all. “So who’s it”? We were all silent until a voice shouted.
“It’s Belia”.
“What”! I exclaimed. It was no one than Alison. That girl’s a cra-p. She’d always hated me and I don’t even know why. Well, I never liked her to begin with. “Look Alison, this isn’t the time to joke. I didn’t write it”.
“It’s her”. She pointed at me. “I saw her writing it”.
“That’s a lie. I didn’t”.
“Yeah she did not”. Ivy defended me. “She was with me all this while”.
“Well, who knows? Maybe you both did it”.
“What do_____”.
“That’s fine”. The teacher cut in. “Belia, go to the libr@ry and dust all the books. That’s your punishment”.
“All the books? But I didn’t__”.
“I’m sure you heard that right. Now leave”.
“Fine”. I stared ha-rd at Alison and she looked away. I swear you’ll pay for this. I left the clas-s.
I entered the libr@ry. Some students who’d no clas-s were busy re-ading. I took the duster and start to dust the books. Dust filled my nose and I started sneezing.
“You’re going to pay for this Alison”. I kicked at the bookshelves angrily and a book fell from it. I bend and picked it up. The title looks quite catchy. “BRIDE OF THE SEVEN gods”. I checked the author name. It says T.O.M. “Sounds interesting”. I found a quite place to seat. I opened the book to re-ad when something suddenly hit my head and I pas-sed out.
“Awww”. I sat upright ru-bbing the back of my head. “I guess this is truly a bad day for me”. I opened my eyes only to find myself in a strange place. “Where’s this place”? I got up and looked around. “What am I doing here? How did I even end up here”? My attention averted to my clothes. It was all different. I was wearing a traditional silk robe. “Why am I wearing this and where on earth is this place”? I panicked.
“There she’s. Catch her. Catch the thief”. Group of people c@m£ running towards me.
“What? Me”? I made to run but they got hold of me. “Let me go”. I struggled with them.
“Isn’t she Minister Zhao’s daughter”?
“Yes she’s”.
“Isn’t this her third time stealing? What a shame”.
“Let’s take her to her father”. They gr@bb£d me along. Just what on earth is happening right now? Am I in some kind of dream?
They all st©pped in front of a house which I’m sure to be Minister Zhao’s. Perhaps, he might know how I got here. A man got out from the house wearing a frown. He was wearing a traditional silk robe.
“What’s this entire ruckus about”?
“Your daughter bought something from my stall and refused to pay for it. This is her fourth time”. The man sh0t me an angry look. Oh Lord. I pray I should wake up from this dream any sooner.
“Is this enough”. Minister Zhao threw a pouch of money at the young man. The young man smiled happily. “Now let’s go of her”.
“Sure”. They re-leased me. “Everyone let’s go”. They all left.
“Follow me”. He walked back inside the house and I followed. The maids greeted as we entered. “Take the young Ms and beat her twenty stro-kes of cane”.
“What”! I exclaimed.
“Yes sire”. They walked over to me and held my hands.
“Don’t you dare t©uçh me? Let’s go of me. Let me go. Hey mister. I think you got the wrong girl. I’m not your daughter. I’m Belia”.
“How dare you speak back”? A woman c@m£ out of nowhere. She was heavily adorned. OMG. Isn’t that a golden hairpin? It really is. My eyes can’t deceive me. “Such an insolent child. You’re just like your stupid mother”.
“That’s okay”. The man cut in. “Double her punishment”. He said and walked away.
My bu-tts were all so-re from those numerous beating. How can I feel the pain when I’m in a dream? Or this is not a dream? Did I die or something? I was clearly sure that something hit my head at the libr@ry but I don’t know what it was.
“Awww”. I cried out ru-bbing my bu-tts. “So painful. The afterlife is so painful”. “Sister”. A girl voice called from outside. “Can I come in”?
“Huh…….sure”. She entered. Her face was smooth, small and round. She looks so cute. How can someone be this cute? She sat in front of me.
“Here”. She put a small jade pot on the table.“Apply it on your wound. Do not let mother sees it. I stole it from her chamber”.
“Oh”! I looked at her. “Thanks”. I smiled. “How old are you”? I asked.
“No wonder why you’re so cute”.
“Why do you ask? You knew my age from the start”.
“I……..I was just curious you know”. I faked a laugh to keep her from any suspicion. I caught a glimpse of my face in the mirror but something was different.
“Father is planning on marrying you off”. She said.
“Marriage? I? I’m not even done with high school”.
“High school? What’s that”? She asked.
“High school. You know middle school. You go to high school before going to college”. She looked at me with confusion written over her face. I tried to explain to her then I clearly remember that I was still in a dream or should I say afterlife. “Can I ask you something”?
“Am I dead? I mean is this the afterlife? I’ve always have a better imagination of the afterlife. So I was thinking maybe I died and ended up becoming your sister. Right? Is that it”?
“I…….I don’t un-derstand”.
“Never mind. I guess this is all a dream”.
“Zanillia”. A male voice called from outside.“Are you asleep”?
“Father’s here”. The girl stood up. But who’s
Zanillia anyway?
“Are you asleep”?
“Answer him sister”. She urged me.
“Me…oh. No, I’m not asleep. You can come in”. He entered.
“You’re also here”. He looked over to the girl. “I would like to talk with your sister pri-vately”. He sat.
“Sure”. She bowed slightly and left.
“You’ve changed so much”. He began.“Your mother left you when you where just a week old. I did s£nd her away in order to save both of you. Your stepmother was bent on killing both of you. So I made the decision to let her go. You must have suffered a lot. I know the reason why you stole. The punishment was only to keep your stepmother away from mal-treating you but I blamed myself for not giving you the love, care and attention you deserved. To make up for it, I’ve decided to s£nd you off to the seven realms. Perchance, you might end up marrying the legendary lord. I’ve put down your name among the candid@t£s to be selected. Maybe, you might find happiness over there. So, I guess this is farewell for both of us”.
“Yeah. I guess so”.
“I just want you to know that I love you and I’ll always do”. He got up. “I’ve told the maids to prepare your luggage so you don’t have to worry”. He left. Seems like I would be stuck here for some time. Neither phone nor WIFI. My instagram. My WECHAT. My face book. My Weibo account.
“Oh no”. I cried. “I want to wake up from this dream”. Oh yeah. That reminds me. I crawled to the front of the mirror only to meet the shocking moment of my life. A different face stared at me. “Who’s this”?