Bride of the seven gods season two episode 8

The days went by slowly. Finally, it was weekend. I looked into my wardrobe and brou-ght out my old school uniform.
It actually belongs to my former school which I attended before I transferred over here. I’d promised Kiki who was once a friend of mine over there to come for the tour.
Actually it was a tour organized by the final year students. I frowned as I thought of Lu Si. A girl who once bullied me and made life miserable for me.
I really hate her like hell. Well, there’s no time to waste. I’ve to get dressed.
Sean was alre-ady waiting beside the red lamborghini parked outside the house. He wore a red trou-ser, white t©p and a red jacket to cover it.
He’d also dyed his hair to red. I must say the stylist really did a great job cause he looks more manly and handsome. I stepped out of the house.
“Over here”. He waved at me.
“I can see you”. I walked towards him. “And what are you wearing”?
“Big brother told me that we’re going on a d@t£ so I decided to dress up for it. Do I look bad”?
“Not at all. Just that you dressed up more than I’d expected but it’s fine”.
“So where are we going”. He opened the pas-s£nger seat and I hopped in.
“Chang An girls high school”. I answered putting on my seat belt. He closed the door and went over to the driver seat. He got in and start the car.
“Kiki”. I ran and hvgged her ti-ghtly as soon as I set my eyes on her.
“Oh my God, Belia. You c@m£”. Kiki said.
“You don’t know how much I’ve missed you”. We both let go of each other.
“Yeah. Me too”. He gaze went over to Sean who was just getting out of the car. “Who’s he? Your b©yfri£nd”? She asked.
“Just a friend”.
“Hello”. Sean greeted as he walked up to us.
“Hi”. Kiki greeted with a smile on her face. “Let’s go in. The bus is on its way”.
“Sure”. We both walked in. I saw most of my old clas-smates. Lu Si also wasn’t left out. She’d grown a lot more prettier but I’ll still hate her no matter what.
“Oh oh. Look who’s here”. Lu Si said. “It’s our former school slug”.
“That’s enough Lu Si”. Kiki cut in.
“Oh my. Did I lied or something? Or you’re just upset cause I’m saying the truth”?
“It’s fine”. I held Kiki’s hand to keep her from fighting with Lu Si.
“Looser”. Lu Si mumbled. Just then, Sean walked in.
“OMG”. Lu Si was baffled. Everyone eyes were on Sean as he walked in. Well this is a girls high school, so they probably have not seen a guy much cute and good-looking as Sean.
They all murmured among themselves. I was sure they were talking about Sean. A smile lit myl-ips as I saw that unchanging expression on Lu Si face.
Looks like she’d fallen for the bait. Well, I think it’s time to pu-ll out my traunt.
“Sorry. I had to go back to the car and pick up something”. Sean explained.
“It’s nothing. You c@m£ at the right time”. I smiled at him.
“So did I missed anything”? He asked
“I don’t think so”.
“You must be Sean”. Lu Si spoke. Wait a minute, how did she knows Sean’s name?
“Yeah”. Sean looked at her. “Do I know you”?
“No you don’t. I’m Lu Si”. She introduced with a pretty smile on her face. “I’m a very big fan of yours. I followed you on Weibo, V-live and all sorts of social media platforms. I’ve been watching some of your skits and I must say that they are really amazing”.
“Really? Thanks. You know, I just did those out of boredom”.
“So”. Lu Si tucked her hair behind her hair ma-king her look more beautiful. “What are you doing here”?
“That’s none of your business”. I cut into their conversation.
“The bus is here”. Someone announced.
“Let’s go”. I pu-ll-ed Sean along with me.
Sean and I sat together in the bus. Lu Si wasn’t happy about it and that was what I wanted. I held onto Sean’s hand when I caught her starring at us.
A look of hatred spre-ad across her face and she looked away. That fool think she can get Sean away from me. Not un-der my watch.
“I’m not going anywhere”. Sean smiled staring at our hands which were both locked together.
“Get your hand off me”. I j£rk his hand away.
“But you held me first. Are you mad at me? Did I do anything wrong”? His voice cracked up a bit.
That was when I realized that he was about to cry. Dammit. How could I forget that he’s such a s-en-sitive guy.
“No Sean”. I held back his hand. “I’m sorry”.
“I bought you something”.
“Yeah”. He di-pped his hand into the pocket of his jacket and brou-ght out a small black case.
“I tried and googled up on what a guy should do when he’s on his first d@t£ with a girl. So one of the options says gift and I decided to buy one for you”.
“That’s so sweet of you”. He opened the box and brou-ght out a n£¢klace.
“Let me wear it for you”. He said.
“Alright”. He moved closer to me and wore the n£¢klace on my n£¢k.
“It’s looks beautiful on you”.
“Your n£¢k line is also great”.
“Uh…. thanks again”. I smiled.
“So where are we heading to? I thought this was actually gonna be a d@t£”.
“Errr….. it’s a tour. It’s being organized by the students since they are in final year of highschool. I don’t want to feel lonely so that’s why I decided to bring you along. Sorry I lied to you”.
“It’s nothing. As long as I’m with you, then it worth everything”.
I looked at him hoping to see a sign of displea-sure or sadness but all I see was the cheerful Sean I’ve always known.
He’s not even mad at me. I felt indebted and guilty for lying to him. At least I can make that bit-ch Lu Si feel bad.
I held onto Sean’s hand ti-ghter then k!$$£d his cheek.
“You…”. He couldn’t find a word to say.
“Don’t think too much. Just see it as an apology for lying to you”. I la-id my head on his shoulder. “Let me stay like this for a while”.
“Okay”. He answered. I closed my eyes letting sleep took over me but I felt something in my hair.
Just then I realized it was Sean’s hand. He kept stro-king my hair till I felt into a de-ep slumber.
$h!t! How long have I sle-pt. I sat upright quic-kly and looked around.
The bus was empty. Where’s everyone? Sean? Where did he go? I got down.
I then realized we were in Bonbons camp. The tent had alre-ady been set up. I sighted Kiki ma-king some barbecued. I walked over to her.
“Smell nice”.
“You’re awake. Your b©yfri£ndtold me not to wake you up. He sure do care for you”.
“Where’s he”?
“Over there helping out with some work”. She pointed towards the direction Sean was. He was busy settling down some loads.
“Thanks”. I walked away but someone was earlier than I.
“Thanks so much Sean”. Lu Si smiled holding on to Sean’s hand.
“Glad I can help”. Sean smiled back.
“By the way Sean”. Lu Si moved much more closer to him. “There’s this rumour which had been going around the camp that you and Belia ain’t d@t!ng”.
“No we ain’t. She’s my sister in-law”.
“Sister in-law”.
“Yeah. She’s getting married to my big brother”.
“Oh. You have an older brother. Well, since then, how about I be your girlfriend then”. She whispered softly tou-ching Sean’s b©dy se-ductively.
“Uh…. I…”.
“Hey. What do you think you’re doing”? I moved closer to them then grasp Sean’s hand from her held.
“What do you think we’re doing? He told me you two ain’t d@t!ngso why do you have to be all over about what I’m doing with him”.
“Whether we’re d@t!ngor not is none of your business you who-re. Let’s go Sean”. I pu-ll-ed Sean away.