Bride of the seven gods season two episode 7

Written by TOM
“Come on st©p”. Vagamound held my hand.
“I just finished running two l@ps. Remains just twenty eight l@ps to run”.
“You just got out of coma. Your b©dy isn’t strong enough”.
“And who told you so”.
“I’m the lord of the seven realm”.
“This isn’t the seven realm young man”. I continued to run and he ran after me. “Still won’t give up”.
“You’re my woman so I can’t bear to see you getting punished”. He said.
“Really”. I smiled and st©pped running.
“Still doubting”?
“I still remembered you were the same guy who told me to chopped down a tree. You also made me go hungry for days”.
“I was only training you. Believe me, I regret all I did to you back then”.
“Why didn’t you tell me you were the legendary master? I could have been a little nicer to you”.
“That’s because I want to spend some time with you without you knowing who I was”. He moved closer to me and held my w@!st.
“Hey”. I felt my cheeks go red as he pu-ll-ed me closer. “People are watching”.
“Let them”. He smiled at me. I couldn’t look into his eyes cause I felt I might do something stupid. “Remembered the first time I met you”.
“The day you took me in”.
“Nah. It was the day you sneaked into the emotionless palace. You lost your sight then”.
“I remember now”. I smiled remembering how I’d pleaded with him to resto-re my sight back.
“That was the day I fell in love with you”.
“But I was in Zanillia’s b©dy. There was no way you could recognized me”.
“Let’s save the explanation for later dear”.
“So what’s your response”?
“Uh”. I looked up at him. “I….”. Oh goodness. Why am I blu-shing again. “I love you too”.
“Not that”. Not that? Then what does he want. “Something like a k!ss”. He whispered to my ear.
Then, what I noticed next was him gro-an ing in pain. “Awww my foot. What did you do that for”?
“That’s for stealing my br@”. He looked startled.
“How did you know? Was it Sean”?
“Sean”? So it’s Sean. Never knew he could be someone like that. “No. I found it in your room. What were you doing with it anyway”.
“I just nee-d something that smells of you. Believe me, I didn’t told him to bring your….”. His gaze then lowered to my che-st.
“Sorry”. He apologized.
“Fine. I’ll forgive you but I want something is return”.
“Which is”?
“I want to go out on a d@t£ with Sean this weekend”.
“Yeah. So agreed or not”.
“You can just go out with me instead”.
“No. Sean’s the perfect guy for this d@t£”. I noticed the way he stared at me. “Don’t tell me you’re trying to re-ad my mind”.
“Fine. I’ll just tell Sean about the d@t£. Just promise me you won’t do anything stupid with him”.
“I promise”. He left and I continued running.
Sean wouldn’t st©p yelling around.
“She’s going on a d@t£ with me”. Sean jumped happily in the air.
“It’s just a…….Awww”. San cried out in pain as Zanillia applied some cold block on his swollen face.
“Sorry”. She looked at San with pity. Everyone had said she was the one who hit San badly on his face but why can’t she remember anything. How strange. “I think we should go see a doctor”.
“It’s fine. I just…..awww”. San cried out again. Vagamound smiled at the scene in front of him.
That’s what he gets for messing with his girl. He remembered how Belia had stepped on his foot when he asked for a k!ss.
“So vicious”.
“Who”? Kris asked him. That was when he realized he’d spoken out loud.
“I’m talking about this game. Keep getting killed by these monsters”.
“What do you think I should wear for the d@t£”. Sean asked.
“Blue”. Eason said.
“White”. Frand said. “Cause you’ll look more like an angel”.
“Red looks a little more manly”. Gia said.
“Just go with the general black colour”. Kris said.
A sign of jealousy displa-yed over Vagamound face. He should be the one talking about clothes not Sean.
Whatever. He shrugged the abnormal thoughts off his mind. Belia’s his destined wife so there’s no way she would end up with anyone except him.