Bride of the seven gods season two episode 6

Written by TOM
A m0@n c@m£ out of my mouth as I opened my eyes. I was in a different place. Where am I? I remembered last night San and I were…..
“Belia”. Mom called.
“Mom”. I stared at her beside me.
“You’re awake”. She cleaned off her tears. “I thought I lost you”.
“I’m fine mom”. I smiled at her then noticed I was in an hospital.
“I prepared some porridge for you. Eat it while it’s h0t”.
“Sure”. I sat upright. She must have been so worried. I really felt sorry seeing her sad. I watched as she poured me some porridge. I ate it slowly.
“Taste good”. I smiled. Suddenly, the memories of last night rushed throu-gh my mind. Oh Lord. What have I done? I really felt guilty for what I did.
“Are you okay”? Mom asked noticing the sudden change in me.
“It’s nothing. I’m fine. Can I go to school Mom”?
“What? You just woke up from coma”.
“I know. I just…… it’s very urgent. I nee-d to see someone”.
“Why? If it’s Ivy, then call her later. Nothing is more important than your health”.
“Okay”. I continued eating.
So many students were alre-ady in their sport dress. All gaze were on me as I walked into the school.
I never knew sneaking out could be this ha-rd . I just hope Mom would forgive me if she finds out.
I sighted Ivy among the cheer leading group.
“Hey”. I waved at her.
“OMG. Belia”. She ran towards me and gave me a ti-ght hvg. “Oh goodness. I thought I would never see you again”.
“Not like I’m dead or something”.
“Hey”. She let go of me. “Do you know how worried I was when your Mom told me pas-sed out”.
“I almost had an heart attack yesterday when you said pas-sed out. It’s fainted okay”.
“Hmph. Now you’re correcting me”.
“Let’s go”. We start to walk.
“And what the heck are you”. She stared at my hospital dress. “Don’t tell me you sneaked out of the hospital”?
“Why don’t you guess”?
“Your mom is totally going to freak out if she finds out”.
“That’s between me and her”. Just then I sighted Vagamound sitting alone. His eyes were shut.
He wore an headphone which made him look more handsome. He wasn’t wearing the casual sport clothes.
Instead, he wore a white sport jean, a white t©p with a white jacket which was embroidered with a grey design.
I must say he really looked like a model.
“Why don’t you go and talk to him”? Ivy snapped me out of my thoughts.
“What? Why would I do that”?
“Really. It’s clearly written on your face that you like him but you won’t admit it”.
“Of course I like him”. I said. “You see, I just admit my feelings. Why don’t you admit your feelings too to Sean”.
“You….”. Her cheeks flu-shed with redness. “How did you know”?
“I’m your closest friend Ivy. You think I won’t know if you’ve fallen for someone”.
“You’re right but…..I don’t think he likes me. It’s quite obvious that he’s into you. The way he talks to you, smiles at you, t©uçh your face, your hair……. You’re really lucky Belia”.
“Don’t get the wrong idea lover girl. Sean’s just a cheerful person. He doesn’t possess any hideous feelings for me. I can vouch that he’s the most innocent guy I’ve ever seen”.
“How long have you two known each other? You talk like you’ve known each other for long”.
“I……. Actually, five months but you probably won’t believe me”.
“Of course I do”. Ivy smiled. “I’ve to join the crew. I’ll be back soon”.
“Okay”. She left. I looked up then noticed that guy sitting up there had been starring at me all this while.
A smile displa-yed on hisl-ips. He signalled me to come over which I did.
“Hi”. I greeted as I sat beside him.
“You sneaked out didn’t you”? Vagamound asked.
“How did___”.
“I just guess”. He cut in. “Here” He handed me a can of cold cola.
“Thanks”. I drank.
“Nice stuff you did with San last night”. Damnit. So he knew I’d entered Zanillia’s b©dy. No wonder he gave me that creepy smile.
“I’m sorry”.
“Sorry”. He laughed. “You must be kidding me. It was the most hilarious thing ever”.
“But……I hit him badly”.
“That’s what he gets for messing with my girl”.
“Your girl? When did I ever said I was yours”.
“Weren’t you the one who just admit that you like me to your friend”.
“You…… We were very far away from you”.
“I’m the lord of the seven realm so simple trick like that is nothing to me”.
“I’m still not your girl. What are you doing here in the first place? Weren’t you supposed to be married to Xinger since she won the competition”.
“I don’t like her”.
“When did you get to be choosey? Wasn’t that why you la-id down the competition”?
“I only did that to buy some time for myself and besides, I like no one but you. You seems to be forgetting what I told you back then”.
“Which is”?
“That once I meet you, I’m going give you all the love you deserved. I also remembered you wanting to k!ssme”.
“You…..that was because you bewitched me”.
“So you’re saying that you don’t like me”?
“I never said that”.
“Belia”. Vagamound held my hand.
“Huh”. I stared at him.
“No matter what happened between us, just know that I’ll never leave you”.
“What a nice speech”. We heard someone cl@pped. It was the head girl. What does she want this time?
I’ve noticed that she’d taken some interest in Vagamound even though they ain’t in the same clas-s.
“What do you want”? I asked.
“What I want? Well, I want you to go out there and run 30 l@ps around the field”.
“I’m sure you heard that right or it’s detention for you”.
“She’s ill Polaris”. Vagamound said.
“Who cares about that. She shouldn’t have come over if she was ill”.
“I broke the rules also so you should punished me”.
“You’re new here V but she isn’t”. Polaris said.
“It’s nothing”. I held Vagamound hand. “We’ll talk later”. I stood up and left.
Vagamound watched as she left out of his sight. A wave of anger rushed over him as he stared at the girl in front of him.
“What are you waiting for”? Vagamound asked rudely.
“Are you mad at me”? Polaris sat beside him.
“What do you want”?
“I s£nt you a friend request on WECHAT but you haven’t accepted it”.
“That’s because I don’t talk to stranger”.
“I wondered what you see in her. I’m more prettier than she’s”.
“So d@t£ me instead”.
“You must be kidding me”. Vagamound almost laughed. Of course he’d been getting from girls but none have approached him like Polaris did.
“I’m serious. I think I’m worth to be your girlfriend”.
“If this is where this conversation is leading to, then I should leave”. He made to stand but Polaris held him back.
“You don’t find me attrac-tive, do you? Tons of guys are out there longing to d@t£ me”.
“Well, I’m not among them. If you’ll excuse me”. Vagamound stood up and left.
With pain and shame, Polaris bite on her lowerl-ip. Never had a guy rejected her. She watched as Vagamound walked towards the so called Belia.
What did heck does he even saw in her? She’d always noticed the way the seven of them clawed over her like she was their first love but not on her watch any longer.
Vagamound belongs to her alone and any girl who try to compete with her will face a great calamity.