Bride of the seven gods season two episode 5

Written by TOM
The sound of running water filled my ear. Oh Lord. Is it raining? I m0@n ed as I turned to the other side of the be-d.
The water st©pped. Thank goodness. It’d st©pped raining. The door creaked opened and someone walked in.
“Mom. Is that you”? I asked not bothering to open my eyes. One could see that I was still sleepy.
“You’re awake”. A masculine voice said.
“Why do your voice sounds like a male”?
“It’s morning. Ain’t you going to your room”? The voice said. Wait a minute, it’s really a male voice.
I sat upright quic-kly and stared at the figure in front of me. My eyes trailed up from the towel wra-pped around his w@!st.
Then to his masculine che-st. Finally, to his face.
“Ahhhhhhh”!! I screamed out.
“Hey”. San rushed towards me and covered my mouth.
“Let me go”. I struggled and he fell on t©p of me. I screamed out again.
“You….”. San covered my mouth pressing his weight more on me. “You’re going to wake everyone up”. Suddenly, the door bust opened showing Frand.
“I…..I thought I heard a scream but…… continue what you’re doing. I’m out of here”. He shut the door back quic-kly.
My gaze averted to the handsome young man on t©p of me. I pushed him off me and got off the be-d.
“You….what did you do to me? What am I doing here”?
“I really regret letting you spend the night with me”.
“Me? Why would I want to spend the night with you”?
“You don’t remember. You were crying like a baby last night”.
“Liar. I’m sure you must have kidnapped me last night. That’s all. I’ve had enough alre-ady. I’m going back home”. I made to leave but he held me.
“Where are you going”?
“Home. You should be thankful I’m letting you off for kidnapping me”.
“Kidnapped? Why would I do that”?
“Let go of me”. I j£rk his hand off me.
“Zanillia wait”. Zanillia? Did he just called me Zanillia? I quic-kly rushed and looked at my reflexion in the mirror.
“Not again”. I cried out.
“Are you okay”? San walked towards me.
“I’m not Zanillia. I’m Belia. I don’t know how I got into her b©dy. I’m sure we must have switched bodies”.
“You’re Belia”?
“Hmmm”. I nodded turning to look at him. He was still shi-tless. I found myself starring at his b©dy. “I….”. My cheeks flu-shed red.
“It’s nothing. We’re married so you don’t have to feel shy about my b©dy”.
“But I’m Belia not Zanillia”.
“It doesn’t matter”. He held my hand. “Whether you’re Belia or not, just know that I’ll always be yours”. He stared into my eyes.
I felt the gap between us closing little by little. He bend his head gently but I pushed him away.
“I…. I’m sorry but I stink. I haven’t wash up yet”.
“I get it”. He smiled. “I’ll wait for you then”.
I still don’t know how I ended up in her b©dy. Could it be because of the wish I made. Goodness me.
This is so terrifying. I was all dressed. I got out of the room. San was waiting by the door.
“You don’t know your way around yet so I guess it’s better you stick to me”. He held my hand and walked me out.
The six of them were alre-ady sitting at the dinning.
“Morning sister in-law”. Sean greeted with a smile.
“I heard you screamed. What happened”? Eason asked.
“Hmmmhmmm”. Frand clear throat. “Those things shouldn’t be said here”.
“Ohh”. Eason smiled. “I get it but San, you really nee-d to be gentle with sister in-law. She’s so fragile. I can’t bear to see her hurt. Hearing her screamed made my heart ached”.
“Why does he have to be gentle”? Sean asked innocently. “Is he hurting sister in-law”?
“You……. Never mind. It no use talking to you. You’ll un-derstand when you grow up”. Eason said.
These dirty minds per-verts. Can’t they think of anything better. I stared at Vagamound who kept eating like nothing was going on around him.
My gaze then met his icy blue eyes. Blue eyes? But I thought he doesn’t….. guess he’d been using contact lens all this while.
No wonder I couldn’t recognized that he was Feiye. A smile appeared on hisl-ips.
“I guess we should be expecting a little boy or girl”. He said and I found myself choking.
“Here”. San handed me a glas-s of water. I drank hurriedly. I can’t believe I’m surrounded with bunch of per-verts. Except Sean.
We entered the clas-s. I found myself following Vagamound to his seat not until I remembered I’m occu-pying Zanillia’s b©dy.
I sat on her seat and looked over to the door anxiously hoping my real b©dy would walk throu-gh that door but it never happened.
Ivy walked in with a gloomy face. Is she sad? Could it be that….. I’m dead so she’s mourning for me. No way. I shrugged my thoughts away.
“Hi”. I greeted her.
“Hi”. She respond lowly and took her seat.
“Where’s Belia? I always see you two together”.
“She…..she pas-sed out”. She cried.
“What”! My eyes dilated in shock.
“She pas-sed out last night but she’s in the hospital receiving treatment. Though she’s unconscious at the moment”.
Pas-s out? Did she meant fainted? Oh God. She almost scared me. I guess she really nee-ds some beating for saying pas-sed out.
“Don’t worry. She’ll wake up soon”. I as-sured her.
The day was declining slowly. Still couldn’t find a way out of her b©dy. The only option is for me to get myself killed.
The reason why I’m here was because Feiye ordered me to be killed but…..what if I actually die.
Killing is not an option dummas-s. Think of something else. The door opened and San walked in.
“You should knocked before coming in”.
“Why should I”? He locked the door. “We’re both married so there’s nothing bad in me coming to your room without knocking”.
“What do you want”?
“Are you mad at me? Okay I’m sorry”. He apologized ma-king a sad face.
“I…. I’m not mad at you”. I walked towards him. “I’m just not in a good mood. I’m trying to find a way to get out of this b©dy”.
“Why”? He asked.
“What do you mean why? I’ve have my own life to attend to. My Mom would be worried to death now”.
“But I don’t want you to go. I know I’ve alre-ady made a mistake by letting you go but you should have known the truth by now. I don’t like your face. I just like you. I like the way you talk to me then. I wish everything could be back the same way it was”.
“I……”. I stared into his eyes. “I’m sorry”.
“If you’re then make up for it”.
“How”? I asked and he leaned forward to my ear side.
“Let’s make love”. He whispered.
“What”. The what c@m£ out as a m0@n .