Bride of the seven gods season two episode 4

Written by TOM
Vagamound didn’t c@m£ to clas-s at all. Sean and others too weren’t there. I wondered where they could be.
Ivy and I collected our lunch tray. I was de-ep in thought and didn’t know someone was walking towards me.
“Look who’s coming”. Ivy smiled shyly. It was the first time I would see her behave in a girlish way. I looked up and stared at the figure in front of me. It was no one than….
“Sean”. I said.
“Hello”. Sean greeted with a smile on his face. “You promised to eat lunch with me”.
“Oh! I did. Let’s eat together then”. We found a seat and sat. Ivy kept grinning from ear to ear. I guess she likes Sean but he doesn’t even noticed.
He’s too innocent to think of that. Sean kept eating and smiling like a kid. I wonder if he ever cried.
Yeah. He almost did this morning. I couldn’t st©p myself from laughing as I remembered his cute face.
“What made you laugh”? He asked.
“You”. I answered genuinely.
“Me”. He point a f!nger at himself. “How”?
“Won’t say”.
“plea-se”. He pouted like a baby. “Or is there something on my face”?
“No. Never mind”. We continue to eat.
“Hello”. Sean said to Ivy whose face had almost turned red as tomatoes.
“Hi”. She managed to say.
“You must be Belia best friend”.
“Hmmm”. She nodded.
“Hey, what’s wrong with you? Why’s your face all red”? I asked her.
“I…. Excuse me. I nee-d to use the restroom”. She ran off shyly. Wow. What a new Ivy.
“Is she sick”? Sean asked innocently. “Is she burning down with fever cause her face looks so…”.
“You can’t un-derstand”. I smiled. Just then, a figure appeared before us. It was a girl.
“Hi”. She smiled. A frown displa-yed on my face. Natasi. I don’t even know if she’s Natasi or someone who looks like her.
Her being Natasi even made me hate her more.
“What do you want”? Sean asked in an angry tone. I looked over to him and noticed a de-ep frown on his face.
So the smiley Sean can get angry. He really looked more manly with his angry expression.
“I just thought of joining you two but…… seems you’re both not in a good mood”.
“We were before not until you showed up and ruined it all”. Sean said fiercely
“Humm. Sorry to say this but are we on bad terms. I’m new here but it seems you alre-ady loathed me”.
“Let’s get out of here Belia”. Sean pu-ll-ed me out.
“I just want to be your friend”. We heard her shout as we leave the exit.
“That girl, is she Natasi from the seven realm”. I asked as soon as we got out.
“No”. Sean answered. No? So she isn’t Natasi. Then why was Sean angry with her? “But she’s not a friendly person”. Sean added as we walked hand in hand together.
“I see”. I nodded.
“Your hand is so soft”. He smiled.
“Huh”. I found myself blu-shing. “Thanks”. I smiled back. “Can I ask you something”?
“Sure go on”.
“About the death of the princess, have you found the murderer”? Sean st©pped as soon as I asked the question. The look on his face was unplea-sant.
“Yes”. He replied.
“Really? Who”?
“Big brother told me not to tell you or else your life would be in danger”.
He turned and looked at me. “You’re very precious to me and I don’t wanna loose you”.
He moved his hand and t©uçhed my face. A smile appeared on hisl-ips. “Have I ever told you that you look beautiful”.
“You said that millions of time today”. I rolled my eyes.
“Then I’ll say it once again”. He bend to my right ear side. “You’re really beautiful Belia”. He whispered.
I felt a shiver run throu-gh my spine. He straighten himself up and laughed cheerfully. Aww.
So cute. I almost found myself falling for him. Hey. Wake up. You can’t think anything stupid. “It would be really great to have you as my sister in-law”. We continued walking.
“Okay. Let’s st©p here”. I st©pped a few miles away from my house.
“Why? You don’t want me to visit”? Sean asked.
“Not at all. The problem is my mom. She’s going to kill me if she found out that I brou-ght a guy home”.
“Ain’t I your friend”?
“Oh Lord. You’re too naive”. I sl@pped my palm on my forehead.
“Don’t worry. I’ll try to be nice”.
“You still….”. I sighted mom coming out of the house. “Hide quic-kly”. I pushed Sean away. He hide beside a recycle dump.
“Belia”. Mom shouted and waved at me.
“Mom”. I waved back then turned to look at Sean. “Do not get out of there until I told you too”.
“Hmmm”. He nodded.
“Good boy”. I walked away. “Mom”. I called as I approached her. “What are you doing”?
“Recycling”. She kept separating the cans and bottles.
“Let me give you a hand”. I made to help but she st©pped me.
“No. Just go inside and wash up. I would be done soon”.
“I…. okay”. I walked inside. Dinner was alre-ady served. I stared at the table then noticed something was bubbling.
OMG. My stomach rumbled as I moved closer to the table. h0t pot. She really made h0t pot. h0t pot has always been my favorite.
I sat down and took a heapful of rice. I start to eat. The h0t pot soup really taste great. Mom put a lot of spices, meat and fish in it.
I smiled happily as I ate. The door opened and mom entered.
“You….”. She walked towards me. “You didn’t even wash up before you start eating. How dirty of you”.
“This is so good”. I continued eating.
At last, I was done. I went to my room then noticed something was off. My windows were opened but I remembered closing them before leaving for school.
Well, it could be mom who opened then. I took my laundry to the laundry room then noticed one of my clothes was missing. I searched for it but couldn’t find it. “Guess I’ve washed it”.
The six of them stared at what Sean was holding in his hand.
“Isn’t this…..”. San paused for a moment. “Isn’t this what we saw the female mannequin wearing on her che-st”.
“I thought so too”. Eason said.
“Err…”. Sean scratched his head. “This was what I could pick in her room. I almost got caught”.
“Give it to me”. Vagamound collected it from Sean and looked at it carefully. “What’s this? Why’s there two circle there”?
“According to my intelligence about this place, this must be a female undies”. Eason said. “It’s usually worn over the che-st area. So I guess this is Belia’s…..”.
“You per-vert”. Gia hit Eason head.
“Awww”. Eason cried out.
“Suit you right”. Sean laughed remembering how Eason had hit him during the day.
“You….”. Eason glared ha-rd at Sean. Sean replied by sticking his ton-gue out at him. “But it’s the true fact. This is what women wore over their che-st area”.
“We all know about that but talking about it is….”. San paused and looked at Vagamound.
“I’ll keep it”. Vagamound said folding the cu-ps together.
“Huh”. They all looked surprised.
“But that’s…..”. Kris couldn’t finished his statement.
“Doesn’t matter. As long as it smells of her then it’s fine”.
Everywhere was littered with clothes. Where did I put it? That br@ cost a lot. I kept searching throu-gh my clothes. A knock c@m£ on the door.
“Not locked”.
“Okay”. Mom entered. “Whoo”. She tried not to step on my clothes.
“Sorry mom but I’m quite busy. Do you help me see my red br@. I thought I put it in the laundry but I couldn’t find it”.
“It’s just undies. Don’t worry, I’ll get you the same br@nd”.
“I….it really cost a lot”.
“No worries”. She put the cu-p of milk she brou-ght for me down on the table.
“Thanks mom”. I smiled.
“Anything for you dear”. She left.