Bride of the seven gods season two episode 3

“Hmmmhmmm”. Someone clears throat. It was the principal. “You can do this after school I think”. He said and we all went to our seats.
“Hi”. I greeted Vagamound but he didn’t respond. Is he mad at me? I guess so. The principal stood in front of the clas-s.
“What does the bald man want this time”. I heard Alison say in a whisper.
“I just want to inform you that we’re recruiting three new students. So I hope you’ll treat them well. plea-se come in”.
He said to some students standing at the door side. Though I couldn’t see their faces. Three girls walked in.
My eyes flared in surprise as I watched them walked in. Wh…….What are they doing here? “Introduce yourselves”.
“I’m Zanillia”. Zanillia smiled at someone. It was San. Do they knew each other.
“I’m Xinger”. Yeah. It was really Xinger. Why do they bear the exact name in my dream.
“Call me Natasi”. Yeah. Natasi the evil one. I just hope she wouldn’t frame me up like she did in my dream.
“Take your seat girls”. The principal left.
“Sure”. They all sat and the teacher walked in. Zanillia kept smiling at San throu-ghout the clas-s.
One could see that he was so embarras-sed of her. I smiled. Zanillia has really gotten so beautiful.
I wish I could possess her back and make San mine.
“You want to possess her back”. Vagamound said.
“Huh”. I stared at him. I didn’t say those words out. How then did he knew about what I was thinking?
“Cause I can re-ad your mind”. He said. WTH. He can re-ad my mind. Could he be Feiye?
“I…..Are you Feiye”? I asked and he gave me that devilish smile.
“Why don’t you guess”? Oh my! He’s the one. He’s Feiye. Is he here to kill me? “Why would I do that? I can’t kill you but if I want to, I know just the way to do that”.
A way? If he wants to? He’s really going to kill me. I didn’t knew when I spranged up from my seat.
“What’s it Belia”? The teacher asked.
“I…..I nee-d to use the restroom”.
“Okay”. I left the clas-s in a quic-k pace. What am I going to do? Mom. I entered the restroom and turned on the tap.
I washed my face several times but they kept getting h0tter. My heart st©pped beating when I saw the figure staring at me from the mirror.
I turned to look at him. A scream escaped from my mouth.
“So loud”. Vagamound covered his ear. “Just a pity that I’m the only one who can hear it”.
“What are you doing in the girls restroom? Are you here to hurt me”?
“Calm down”. He walked towards me. “You might faint anytime”. The thoughts of me and him alone in here made me shooked with fear. What if he takes advantage of me?
“plea-se”. I didn’t even knew when I star to cry. “Don’t hurt me”.
“I can’t”. He stood in front of me. “I just……I nee-d your help”.
“My help”? The tears seems to st©p suddenly.
“I nee-d you”. He pu-ll-ed me for a hvg. It was so ti-ght that I could ba-rely move. “Don’t move”. His hand ti-ght£ñed more on my back and w@!st.
“What are you doing? What if someone comes in and sees us together”?
“Just stay still plea-se or I might die”. Hearing the word die made me froze on the sp©t. Is he sick?
My mind flashback to when he hvgged me in the dungeon. His hair had turned white then while his right eye turned red. Could it be that sickness.
“Are you ill”?
“No”. He said. “I’m dying”. Then he let go of me. “But I feel okay now”. He smiled looking into my eyes.
“Can it be treated”? I don’t know but I found myself worrying for him.
“Hmmm”. He nodded. “But……it seems impossible. I should get going. Thanks for your help”. He left. Help? But I didn’t do anything.
His heart ached so much as he walked. If he’d arrived one step late, he would probably be dead.
“Vagamound”. Eason walked over to him. “Are you okay”?
“Find a place to let me rest”.
Vagamound la-id on the school hospital be-d. The nurse had told him he was just stressed up but he knew better than any of them.
“Is big brother going to die”? Sean was the first to talk.
“You br@t”. Eason hit Sean’s head. “Can’t you find anything better to say”.
“Sorry”. Sean said ru-bbing his head. “But that hit hurts”.
“Silly boy”. Eason hit him again. Vagamound smiled as he watched them both.
“How are you feeling”? Gia asked him
“Worse”. Vagamound replied.
“If you hadn’t kept the secret to yourself all this while, maybe all this wouldn’t have happened. We could have thought of a way to get the six orbits from the fire realm. Now look at you”. Gia said amidst of tears. It was the first time Vagamound would see him cry.
“Hey don’t cry. How would everyone react if they got to know that the immortal third lord also cry like a baby”. Vagamound tea-sed.
“You……”. Gia wiped his tears. “You’re hurt yet still cracking some jokes. You’re dying Vagamound”.
“I’m not. I won’t die as long as she stays by my side”.
“Who? Belia”? Kris asked.
“Hmmm”. Vagamound nodded. “I always felt the strong aura of the six orbits whenever I’m around her”.
“You think she’s related to the loss of the six orbits”. Frand talked.
“Don’t know”.
“Don’t you guys feel anything strange about that new girl”? Eason asked. “She shouldn’t be here. I mean, she wasn’t reincarnated”.
“I thought so too”. San said.
“She framed Belia up for killing the princess. Now she suddenly shows up. We still don’t know if she’s reincarnated or not”. Vagamound said. “If she’s a threat to us, you know what to do Eason”.
“Don’t worry. Leave it up to me”. Eason cu-mpped his hand and bowed.
“Good”. Vagamound held his che-st. The pains were becoming unbearable. He brou-ght out the white orbit from his pocket.
The light in it was dim. It kept fli-ckering like it would go off anytime. Vagamound sighed. “I don’t have much time left”.
“Leave everything to us. We’ll find the six orbits in no time”. Frand said.
“Sean”. Vagamound called. “You’re supposed to have lunch with Belia this afternoon”.
“Yeah”. Sean answered pla-ying with his hair childishly.
“Can you help me get something that belongs to her. Anything that smells of her”.
“Huh…. I’ll try”.
“Try”. Eason hit his head ha-rd .
“It’s an order silly boy”. Eason said.
“I know but you don’t have to hit me that ha-rd ”.
“I can hit you many times I feels like”.