Bride of the seven gods episode 9

Written by TOM
👰 She’s the legendary master wife 👰
I gro-an ed in pain as Janice mas-saged my b©dy.
“Where did you go exactly”?
“To meet a crazy person”.
“Hmmm”. I nodded. “He’s really crazy”.
“It’s a guy. Are you seeing someone”?
“Don’t get the wrong idea”.
“I’m not. It’s just that….. you’re quite lucky. I really don’t think I can win in the martial arts test next tommorow”.
“Cheer up girl. You shouldn’t give up”. I said then she smiled.
“You’ve changed so much you know. You’re known as someone who gives up easily. Who knew you’ll be a motivational speaker”. She kept mas-saging my b©dy until Natasi walked in with a bundle of clothes.
“These are the princess laundry”. She dropped the clothes on the floor. “Do it within one hour”. She said to Janice.
“But it’s night alre-ady”. Janice protest.
“That’s the princess order”. Natasi said. I sat upright on the be-d.
“Tell the princess that Janice isn’t her slave”. I said.
“You lowly thief. How dare you talk to me like that”.
“Call me whatever you want. She’s still not doing the laundry”.
“Fine”. Natasi said. “Dont’t blame me for what would happened for I did warned you”. She left.
“Why did you do that”? Janice said to me. “Now you’ve gotten us into trouble”.
“Who cares. You ain’t her slave and besides, this isn’t her place neither her father palace”.
“If the king hear you say that”.
“scre-w the king. He’s not even here. Why worry”. I la-id back on the be-d. “Can you plea-se continue”.
“I still don’t think the princess will let us go scot-free”.
The sun shines up brightly in the sky. A cool breeze blew around. What a perfect weather for a cu-p of tea. I made my way to San’s resident only to be crossed upon by two men.
“Wha___”. They knocked me out and I slumped on the floor.
Splash of water woke me up from my unconscious state. I coughed out.
“So you’re the one”. A female voice said. I looked up at her. The princess. My hand were tied to the chair I sat on. My clothes were all we-t due to the water that was poured on me.
“What do you want from me”? I asked lowly.
“What I want”. The princess smiled then sl@pped me so ha-rd . My cheek were filled with redness and h0tness. I really felt like crying. It was so painful. “I can’t believe such a lowly person like you would muster the courage to talk to me like that”. She held my chin up. “Now that you’re in my grasp, it’s time to show you what I’m made up”. She let go of my chin and stood upright. “Men”.
“Yes princess”. Four men walked in.
“Beat her up to pulp and find a place to throw her remains”.
“Sure”. The princess left.
I was so weak that I couldn’t feel my b©dy at all. I m0@n ed in pain as they dumped me in the bush.
“Hey”. One of them said. “Why don’t we have some fun with her before she dies”?
“I don’t think so. Come on let’s go. She’s just a poor kid. You shouldn’t take advantage of her Innocence”.
“Who cares. You can all leave while I do my stuff”.
“Fine. Soothe yourself”. The three left. I was left alone with this hefty guy. I made to get up but he dragged my hand. I was too weak to struggle.
“There’s no where to run to Ms”. He pinned me to the ground.
“plea-se”. I begged slowly.
“Sorry but I’ve no choice”. He made to tear my clothes when suddenly, a flash of blue light pushed him off me. He ran for his dear life.
“You! St©p there! Zanillia”. It was Feiye. He knelt beside me and held my head up.
“Fei….”. I called slowly closing my eyelids.
“I should get you to a doctor”. He carried me in a bridal style while I la-id there in his arm feeling the warmth of his b©dy.
A warm towel was placed on my head. I opened my eyes slowly.
“You’re awake”. Feiye said. He was sitting beside me. “What happened to you? How did you got hurt”?
“Let’s save the question for another day”. I sat upright”.
“You were almost R@p£d Nillia”. Nillia? I really love the way he pronounced the name. A smile lit myl-ip. “Why are you smiling”?
“Why are you acting like you care”? I looked at him.
“Well, I do care. You’re mine”. My heart start to flutter when he said mine. Hey don’t get the wrong idea. He’s just being kind.
“I might misun-derstood you when you say those words”. I stared at my hand. The beating scars on my b©dy were all gone. I also feel kind of energetic. “What did you give me? I feel kinda okay”.
“Just some herbs”.
“Is it magical”?
“Just have some rest. We’ll talk later”. He frowned and got up.
“Are you mad at me”? I held his clothes. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t protect myself with the skills you taught me”.
“It’s nothing. Just get some rest. We’ll talk later”. He left. I sighed then stared at my b©dy. What kind of herb did he use? It’s really helpful.
San and Janice rushed towards me as they saw me.
“Zanillia”. Janice held me. “Where have you been since? You got us worried”.
“Where are you coming from”? San asked.
“I……. To visit a friend. He kept me await for a long time”. I said.
“He? It’s a guy”. San said.
“Hmmm”. I nodded. “He was the one who took me in for the past three month. He also taught me some martial arts skill”.
“That’s good to hear. I thought something bad might have happened to you”. San smiled. “It’s night. You should get some rest”.
“Sure. Sorry for getting you worried”.
“You don’t have to apologise. It’s my duty”.
“Goodnight then”. Janice and I walked away.
It was dawn. Finally, it was the D-Day. I’m going to show you what I’m capable of doing princess. I got up and walked towards the mirror to apply some beauty oil on my face but my hand slide throu-gh the jade pot.
“What”? I stared in shock. I made to pick it again but my hand keep sliding throu-gh it. Am I in some kind of dream again? I ru-bbe-d my eyes and made to pick it again but the outcome was still the same. “This is weird”. Well who cares. It’s all the same. Perhaps I should go back to be-d and wake up again. I turned to go to the be-d only to meet another shocking moment of my life. A b©dy was laying there and it was no other than Zanillia.