Bride of the seven gods episode 8

Written by TOM
👰 She’s the legendary master wife 👰
It was more like a banquet. So many food to eat. It’s been long since I saw food this much. Janice has alre-ady started eating. I made to eat until I noticed this handsome young man before me had been starring at me all this while.
“Come on, eat”. Sean said.
“Sure”. I start to eat but he wouldn’t st©p staring. “What about you? Ain’t you eating”?
“No. I’m not that hungry”.
“Okay”. I continued to eat.
“How have you been preparing for the next test? I heard it’s martial arts skill”.
“Yes. I’ve been practicing ha-rd for the past two month”. I answered.
“That’s good”. He smiled. “What about you Janice”?
“Me”? She swallowed the food in her mouth. “Well yeah. Just some little steps to practice”.
“Nice”. Just then, someone walked in. It was San. “Brother San”.
“This was where you were”. San sat. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you”.
“I’m sorry I got you worried. I was just treating Zanillia and her friend to a meal”.
“Greetings fourth lord San”. Janice and I greeted.
“How have you been”? He asked me.
“Doing good”.
“I searched everywhere for you the next day but you were nowhere to be found”.
“I couldn’t go out because of the death curse on my head. A nice person took me in”. Nice? I got to be kidding myself. Feiye is the worse person ever.
“That’s great. Care to join me for a tea this evening”?
“I……I don’t think I can. I’m meeting someone this evening”.
“Is that so. If then, let’s have it tomorrow morning”.
“Okay then”.
He was alre-ady there before I even arrived.
“You’re early”. I walked towards Feiye.
“Hmmm”. He nodded. “So how are you doing”?
“Good. They treats me well. Sean also treated me to a meal”.
“That’s good to hear”.
“So why did you want us to meet”?
“Nothing. Just wanted to see your face”.
“My face”? Not like you treat me well.
“I can hear that”. He said.
“I know”. We both sat. “Do you miss me that much”?
“Why would I”? That c@m£ like a bombshell.
“Then why do you want to see me if you don’t miss me”?
“Because I feel like”. He took a leaf from the tree br@nches and pla-yed with it.
“Don’t you have a family”?
“They are all dead”.
“Oh. Sorry”.
“You don’t nee-d to be. People will eventually die so it’s unenviable”.
“But you guys are immortal. They shouldn’t die”.
“Immortals only live for thousands of years. The ones with high cultivation live for millions of years”.
“Oh. You mean like the seven lords”.
“Yeah. Like them”.
“How old are you exactly”?
“Why don’t you guess”?
“I can’t. You look so young”. I stared at him. “Are you also thousands years of age”?
“I’m older than you might imagine”. He said.
“Then I’ll call you grandfather”.
“What? Hey I’m not that old. I haven’t even gotten married. Why would you call me that”?
“Thousands of years is old enough to be my ancestors”.
“Just don’t call me that. I don’t like it”.
“What do you like then”? I asked. “Why don’t you tell me more about yourself? How you spend your childhood. Your friends, favorite food, sports. Including your love life”.
“You do talk a lot”.
“I’m just curious”.
“Then you’re going to be disappointed. I’ve lived all my life alone because of the heavy responsibilities before me”.
“So you’ve no relationsh!pwith anyone”?
“I did have one but it ended up badly”.
“Why don’t you tell me more about her”?
“And why should I”?
“Because……. We’re friends. I’ve lived with you for three month so we’re friends”.
“I don’t want to”.
“It’s an unplea-sant memories to remember. The past is in the past”. He said. “Why don’t you focus on the competition ahead of you rather than my relationsh!plife”.
“I just feel like talking”.
“Let me teach you some new moves then”. He got up.
“I still haven’t mastered the one you thought me perfectly”.
“This is different”. He pu-ll-ed me up but I stumbled on a stone. I almost ended up falling on the ground but he held me by my w@!st. “Are you okay”? Feiye asked.
“Huh….yes”. I could feel myself blu-shing.
“Good”. He let go of my w@!st and I fell.
“Awww”. I cried out. “Why did you do that”?
“Cause I feels like”. Cause he feels like? What a crazy guy. I thought he was being ro-mantic. Who knew he’s this crazy. I saw him smiled. He must enjoy bullying me a lot. I got up and dust my go-wn.
“You….you j£rk”. I shouted at him. “You’re going to pay for this. I’m out of here”.
“You ain’t going to learn some new moves”.
“Keep your stupid moves to yourself”. I walked away angrily.
“See you tomorrow”. He shouted after me.