Bride of the seven gods episode 7

Written by TOM
👰 She’s the legendary master wife 👰
A hand handed me some snacks. I collected it and eat with joy.
“You must have been so hungry”. Feiye sat on one of the tree which had been cut down by him.
“Do you have more”? I sat beside him.
“You haven’t even cut down the tree yet you’re asking for more food”.
“I’m just hungry”. I finished eating the snacks. “Taste good. Where did you get it”?
“Down the street”.
“They sell good snacks”. I smiled.
“Another sliver penny deducted from your salary”.
“What? Why are you treating me so badly”?
“It’s for the payment of snacks you just ate”. He got up. “Go back to your work”. He left.
“One penny. Two and one. That’s three. Wait a minute. Ain’t my earnings three penny per day. Oh lord. He’s so mean. How will I be able to gather some money”.
A ha-rd knock c@m£ on my head.
“Aww”. I cried out.
“Wake up. Time to work”. Feiye voice said.
“It’s still early. Can you let me sleep more”?
“A penny deducted”.
“Why are you doing this to me”?
“ma-king two”.
“Oh God. I hate you! I hate you”!!
“I can make it three. Just go back to your work before I changed my mind”.
FINALLY!!! I stared at the hvge tree on the ground. I finally made it after a month. I wiped away the beads of sweat on my forehead.
“Nice one”. Feiye smiled. “Now to the second one”.
“You got to be kidding me. It took me a month to cut this down”.
“I never said to cut another tree. I meant the second stage. Tree cutting were only to improve the strength of your wrist. You’re someone who gives up easily so I just thought of giving you some work to do. That’s why I agreed to pay you three penny per day”.
“Oh! So you meant to say you were training me”.
“Yeah. I’m sorry if I was being harsh. That was the only way to keep you going”.
“Yeah you were really harsh”. I couldn’t forget the times he would made me go to be-d with hunger. He was really mean.
“How about I treat you to a feast”.
“Really? You promise”?
“I never go back on my words. Change into something clean and let’s get going”.
“Sure”. I ran inside happily. A feast? The mean guy is really going to treat me to a feast.
San walked in quietly. Vagamound had summoned him to the emotionless palace. There’s no going back. He should take responsibility for all what he’d done. It’s been a month now. Zanillia should have probably find a place to settle down. He st©pped in front of the enchantment barrier Vagamound had made. None could pas-s it. Vagamound was the one with the highest cultivation power among the seven of them. If the six of them joined hand together to fight him, they still won’t match his level. That’s why legend calls him the legendary master.
“You called for me”. San said.
“Yes”. Vagamound answered from inside. “About the girl____”.
“I’ll take all the punishment”. He cut in. “She did nothing wrong”.
“I just wanted to ask if she’s doing well”.
“Huh”. San looked perplexed. “Well, yes”.
“Bring her back to the palace before a week to the test”.
“How are things going outside the realm? Anything suspicious about the fire sect”?
“There’s nothing unusual about them. They’ve kept their heads low”.
“You shouldn’t let your guards down. s£nd more spies to watch over them”.
“Sure. I’ll do that right away”. San left.
Feiye and I were busy practicing with our swords.
“You’re some tough chick”. I swung my sword at him.
“Chick”? He dodged it. “Ain’t you clas-sifying me to some lowly creature”?
“It’s just some slang”. He point his sword towards my n£¢k. I lost again. “You’re skilled than me. That’s why you always win”.
“I think your fighting skill is also good”.
“Do you think I can win in the competition”. I found a place to seat and sat.
“Why not”. Feiye sat beside me. “Or you think you can’t”?
“I don’t know. There are so many people who are better than me. Xinger, Janice. Including the princess. She’s so pretty. She has even caught the attention of the seventh lord”.
“I think you’re also pretty”.
“Me? No I’m not. I was never pretty to begin with. Zanillia is even prettier than me”. I f0rç£d a smile.
“But you’re Zanillia”.
“Never mind. You won’t un-derstand”.
“You shouldn’t give up on yourself”. He held my hand. “I think you can win in the competition. I’ve faith that you can do it”. I stared at him. I didn’t knew when I bur-st into a laugh. “What’s funny”?
“You’re”. I said still laughing. “Have you been re-ading nice word to say to girls recently. It doesn’t fit you at all. I prefer your cold self”.
“Are you ma-king fun of me”?
“It’s really funny. You should look at yourself in the mirror. I’ve faith that you can do it”. I mimicked him and laugh.
“Fine”. He got up and frowned. “I want five trees down in an hour”.
“What”? The laugh on my face fade away quic-kly.
“You like my meaner side don’t you?. Well, it’s time for you to enjoy it”. He smiled. “Your time’s ticking”. He left.
“What! Five”! Not even one. It took me a month to cut one down. I shouldn’t have mimicked him. Who knew it would turned out like this.
“Zanillia”. Janice hvgged me as soon as she saw me. “I thought something bad might have happened to you”.
“I’m perfectly fine okay”. She let go of me.
“After you left, the princess and Natasi bullied me so bad”. She said. “Do they think they would win? Hmp. In their dreams”.
“Let’s forget that. What’s there to eat? I’m starving”. I sat on the chair. That devil Feiye made me go hungry for days.
“Let’s prepare some chicken soup”.
“Alright”. We both made for the kitchen but ended up bu-mping into someone. It was Sean. Janice and I bowed slightly and greeted him.
“What bring the seventh lord here”? I asked.
“I…..I heard you’re back so I c@m£ to check on you”.
“Thanks for your kindness”.
“Just cut the formalities. It’s not like it’s our first time meeting”.
“I dare not. You’re the seventh lord while I’m just a lowly mortal”.
“Are you afraid Eason might punish you? Don’t worry he won’t”.
“I hit you so I deserved to be punished”.
“That’s in the past. I’ve even forgotten about it. Look, my face is all fine. You don’t nee-d to feel guilty any longer”.
“If you say so, then I’ll do as you say”.
“So where are you heading to”?
“Kitchen”. Janice answered. “To prepare some chicken soup”.
“Oh! Why don’t you join me in the immortal palace. I’ve told the maids to prepare all kinds of food but I don’t think I’ll be able to finish them all on my own”.
“Really”? Janice exclaimed.
“I’ll”. She jumped with joy.
“What about you Zanillia”? Sean looked at me.
“I…… Yeah, sure. We’ll join you”.
“That’s good”. He smiled.