Bride of the seven gods episode 5

👰 She’s the legendary master wife 👰
Written by TOM
It’s been a week now since I’ve been here. Still haven’t seen lord Vagamound. Why wouldn’t he show up at the competition. He must be really busy. I swung the sword in my hand. I’ve been trying to learn some fighting skills but I just couldn’t get it. I threw the sword away.
“I give up”. I shouted.
“Really? Your posture were quite good. You just have to put in more attention”. I turned to look at the person who spoke.
“Xinger”. I smiled. “What are you doing here”?
“Taking some fresh air”. She smiled back. “I can see that you’re practicing”.
“Yeah. It’s so ha-rd . I still haven’t learned the basics”.
“That’s because you admit defeat easily. Not having hope is your weakness. You have to prove to yourself that you can do it”.
“I know but…..I……”. I couldn’t find a word to say.
“Don’t worry”. She held my left shoulder. “I’ll practice with you”.
“Really? Thanks so much”.
“But…….. I’m not with my sword right now”.
“Don’t worry. I’ll help you fetch it”. I left. I kept smiling on my way until I heard a scream. Someone was trying to run away. I held him.
“Let me go”. He shouted.
“Go? You look more like a thief to me”. I hit his face.
“Awww”. He cried out. Just then, a girl who was in her inner robe c@m£ out of the room.
“He…….he was peeping at me while undressing”. She cried.
“What?…… No I didn’t”. His face looks kinda….. but I never mind.
“You were peeping at her”?
“No I wasn’t. Let me go you br@t”. He struggled.
“br@t”? I sm-irked. “Then let me show you what it means to be a br@t”. I start to hit him.
“How dare you”! A man walked towards us.
“Brother San. plea-se save me”.
“Sean”? San pu-ll-ed him up. “What happened to your face”?
“She hit me”. Sean? Could he be one of the seven lord? Oh no! What have I done.
“I deserved to die”. I knelt and begged for mercy.
“You’re the girl who won the test by luck”? San asked.
“plea-se forgive me. I didn’t knew he was the seventh lord. I thought he was some kind of per-vert”.
“per-vert”? San looked over to Sean.
“That’s not true. I was just pas-sing by”. Sean defended himself.
“What were you doing in the maidens chamber”? San asked him.
“I was…..I….I….I was looking for her”. Sean pointed at me.
“Her”? San and I asked simultaneously.
“Yes. She’s the one who made second brother angry isn’t she? I was trying to find her. Who knew she’s such a crazy person. She hit me so bad San”. Sean cried.
“What a baby”. I smiled secretly.
“Alright. Alright. You should be embarras-sed for being beaten by a girl”. San said.
“Hmmp. I really regretted voting for you”. Sean shouted at me. “I’m going to report this to second brother”. He left.
“You can rise up”. San said to me.
“Thank you”. I got up and stared at him. He was really good looking. I was busy admiring his beauty until I knew he was talking to me. “Huh”.
“You must have been lost in thought”.
“Sorry”. I smiled.
“What’s your name”?
“Zanillia. Zanillia Zhao”.
“I’m San. The fourth lord”. He introduced. “I’m sorry about Sean’s behavior. He’s still immature”.
“No. I think he’s cute”.
“It’s so good that you can speak freely with me”.
“Huh”? I stared at him with confusion written over my face and he smiled.
“I don’t think Eason will let you off easily. You’ve made him angry once”.
“I never meant to. I was just being realistic. There’s no way I can memorize all that in an hour”.
“You’re right. I also think the test is unfair. Eason is just considering the safety of the seven realm. He never meant to be harsh on you”.
“I must say, you’re very good looking”.
”Huh”. He blu-shed. “Well thanks. You’re the first to tell me that”.
“Really? Everyone talks about it”.
“No one has ever said that to me. Being immortal is a hvge responsibility so we’d no time to interact with people. I must say. We really live a lonely life”.
“Zanillia”. Someone cut in.
“Oh! Xinger”.
“Greetings fourth lord San”. Xinger bowed slightly. “What brings you here”?
“Just looking around the place. I should take my leave”. He left.
“So handsome”. I smiled.
Someone was coming in. Vagamound opened his eyes. His hair had turned all white.
“Vagamound, are you in”? It was Eason.
“What do you want? I’ve made it clear that no one should disturb me”.
“I know. It’s just that, we’ve a big problem recently. There’s this girl among the maidens brou-ght in. Can you believe she spoke rudely to me. She even hit Sean on the face yet San and the others kept supporting her”.
“Why don’t you tell him that you were busy flir-ting with the princess”. San walked in.
“What? I wasn’t flir-ting with her. I was just__”.
“Enough”. Vagamound cut in. “Here’s my decree. Anyone who spoke rudely or even raised a hand to hit one of the lord should be killed”.
“She’s just a girl Vagamound”.
“Rules are rules. That’s my final say. You should all leave”. Vagamound said.
“Sure”. They both left and Eason smiled wickedly.