Bride of the seven gods episode 4

👰 She’s the legendary master wife 👰
Written by TOM
A faint snoring could be heard. Janice was alre-ady asleep. I guess it’s time for me to pu-ll out my plan. I ti-ptoed out of the room quietly so as not to arou-sedher up. My first mission was successful. Now here comes the big problem. How am I supposed to know the path to the emotionless palace. I kept walking but didn’t know which way to go until I saw a hvge mansion. The view was marvelous. A hvge words says EMOTIONLESS PALACE on the sign board.
“Yes”. I jumped with joy. “Let’s put an end to this crazy dream”. I walked in. I made to open the door only to be thrown away by some invisible thing. I fell ha-rd on the floor. “Aww”. I wrinced in pain. I opened my eyes but I couldn’t see a thing. “What”? I ru-bbe-d them still I couldn’t see a thing. “Oh no. What happened to my eyes”. I cried out.
“So you’re a girl”. A male voice said.
“Who are you? Are you lord Vagamound? plea-se save me”. I begged.
“I don’t think you’d be a spy from the fire realm. You’re too weak. You didn’t even move near my enchantment before it threw you away”.
“plea-se save me. plea-se”. I cried.
“Why would I? You entered here without my permission and besides, have you forgotten that this is the emotionless palace. Anyone who stayed here for a day will no longer have any emotions”.
“I……. plea-se forgive me. I’ll never come near here again. plea-se heal my eyes”. I could hear him walking towards me.
“You must be among the maidens brou-ght in”. He sm-irked. “You’re of no use to me”. He bend down. “But I’ll help you”.
“Thanks so much. I’ll always remember your kindness”.
“You won’t even be able to remember a thing”. He tapped my forehead and I pas-sed out.
The weight pressed more against my b©dy. I opened my eyes slowly. Janice legs were over me. I carried it off me and sat upright. What happened last night? Did I sle-pt off when I was busy talking to Janice? Dammit. I couldn’t sneak into the emotionless palace. The bell ring.
“Wash up girls. It’s time to wake up”. The instructor shouted.
“I want to sleep more”. Janice covered her head with the pillow.
To my utmost surprise, the scars on my b©dy were all gone.
“The first stage of the competition is your b©dy”. The instructor started. “As a bride to be chos£n for the lord of the seven realm, you must be endowed as a woman”. She kept moving around. “You must be well fit. Not too fat not skinny. You out and you. You also”. She kept pointing at people. She stared at me and Janice and walked away.
“That was close”. Janice heaved a sigh of relief. “I thought she was going to point at me”.
“That’s all. Those if you who fail the first stage should leave”.
“That’s unfair”.
“Why would they do that”?
“I’m not that fat”.
“Yeah. I don’t even look that skinny”. They all complained.
“You can go to the second lord and argue if you want”. They all went silent when the instructor spoke. “The twenty of you who pas-sed should follow me”.
“Twenty”! Janice exclaimed. “Ain’t we more like hundred. Did eighty people fail the first stage? I don’t think we’d stand a chance of pas-sing the second stage if we’re being re-moved like this”. We walked away.
“These are all those who pas-sed the first stage sire”. The instructor said to the man which I supposed to be Eason.
“That’s good. I guess the competition would begin now. Being the bride of the lord of the seven realm is such a hvge responsibility. You’ll have to carry the burden of the seven realm and protect it from being destroyed. To be qualified for that, you’ve to be fearless, strong, powerful… well as pretty”. He smiled staring at someone. It was the princess. She smiled back.
“Is he flir-ting with her? Hmmp. I’m starting to dislike him”. Janice frowned.
“So we’ll test your IQ”. The maids hand us a book each. “That book contains the principle and fundamentals of the seven realm and other sects. As the lord bride, you must be aware of what is happening within and outside the realm”.
“So, what are we to do with it”? A girl asked. Her face looked quiet familiar. Oh! She’s the girl who saved me from those bullies.
“You’re to memorize it within one hour”.
“What? One hour”! Janice looked shocked.
“That’s too cruel”.
“You’re free to leave if you know you ain’t qualified enough for it. Your time start now”. A burning incent stick was placed in front of us.
“How am I going to memorize all this”? Janice opened up her book. “What kind of language is this”?
“Oh! I forgot to add something. The book is an ancient book written down in ancient language. Only immortals who had reached the hundred stage of cultivation are able to re-ad it. So take this as your big challenge”.
“So unfair”. The others murmured among themselves. How am I going to pas-s this stage? I’m not even good at memorizing. I stared ha-rd at the writing. Oh no. I’m really going to fail.
“Time up”. We all closed our book and sat on the seat prescribe-d to each of us.
“Here are the rules. None of you should use her inner power that is if you have one and to get qualified, you’ve to at least write down a page or more from what you’d memorize. So let’s begin”. We start to write. Well, I wasn’t. I just stared. How will I meet lord Vagamound if I fail this stage? I don’t think I’ll be able to wake up from this dream without his help. I really want to go back. I sighed then took the pen brush and start to write.
“Who wrote this”? Eason asked.
“Me”. Xinger stepped out.
“You wrote down five page and all are right. That’s aspiring”.
“Thanks for your compliment my lord”.
“What’s your name”?
“Nice”. He smiled then took another paper.
”And who wrote this”. He showed a paper with a big writing on it which says I DON’T KNOW IT.
“I did”. I stepped out.
“Why didn’t you write anything”?
“Because I don’t know it”.
“That’s not an excuse. You were given one hour to memorize it”.
“One hour”. I scoffed. “You guys are immortal while we’re just a normal being. And besides, those words are written in ancient language only which immortals with the highest stage of cultivation can re-ad. Ain’t you being harsh on us”.
“You should have left when you knew you can’t do it. Being the seven realm bride is a hvge task. This stage was only to test your courage but you give up without even trying”.
“What’s the purpose of trying? At least, I was being honest”.
“If the seven realm was in danger and you’re it ruler, will you give up without even trying to save it”?
“No but I’ll be honest if I can’t do anything about it. It’s better to run than die trying”.
“That’s okay”. A man cut in.
“Do you hear what she just said? She’s going to give us up if she were the ruler”. Eason said to the the man.
“Just calm down”. The man got up and looked over to me. “I think you’re going too far young Ms. The bride selection isn’t something to joke with and the safety of the seven realm isn’t something you should sputter out like that. If we’re to go with the rules, you should be beheaded”.
“What”? My eyes dilated in fear. What a big mouth of mine. I almost got myself killed.
“But you’re right also”?
“What? Are you siding her”? Eason looked surprised.
“Honesty is what a ruler should have. It’s also a good idea to run rather than die trying so as to fight for another day but you know what, you’re a woman while we’re are men. Real men die fighting. Only the cowards runs. The job of the women is to advise and I think you’re fit for that”.
“Fit my foot”. Eason frowned. “The vote would determined if she would pas-s or not”. The man walked back to his seat.
“Here are the ten candid@t£s who pas-sed this stage. Xinger, Natasi, Princess Xiao Wu, Ava, Janice, Woo, Maltida, Dar Ming, Er Ming and…… Zanillia”. Eason looked at me. “You’re quite lucky. Ten of those who failed should leave”.
“That was terrifying”. I sighed.
“Why did you do that? You could have been killed”. Janice said to me. “We’re lucky to pas-s this test. The next one will be ha-rder”.
“I know. I’ll be careful next time”. I as-sured her.
“Your next test is martial arts skill. You’ll be given three months to master the seven realm skills. I guess that would be enough for you to practice”. He frowned at me. “That’s all for today”.
“Sure”. We all left.
Eason walked in angrily.
“Why did you all vote for her? And you San, why did you stood up for her”?
“She’s a mortal Eason. She probably doesn’t know the rules”. San answered.
“Well, I think being honest is what we nee-d”. Kris talked.
“Honest”. Eason sm-irked. “Don’t tell me you’ve fallen for her”?
“Watch your words Eason”. Frand who was all quiet talked.
“Yeah. How could you thought of that and besides, you were the one flir-ting with the princess”. Gia said.
“I wasn’t flir-ting with her. I was just complimenting her looks”.
“So was San defending the girl”.
“Fine. Keep talking all you want. I should go”. Eason left.
“I think I’m starting to have some interest in this girl”. Sean smiled. “She even made second brother angry”.