Bride of the seven gods episode 3

Written by TOM
👰 She’s the legendary master wife 👰
The path to the seven realms was so rou-gh that my legs ache from too much walking. I stared at the cart which the princess was in. She’s so lucky.
“Awww”. I gro-an ed in pain. “I wish I was the princess”.
“Me too”. A girl answered beside me. “Not having to walk this long distance. I’m really jealous of her”. She stared at me. “I’m Janice”. She introduced.
“Zanillia”. She cut in and smiled. “You’re quite famous. Everyone knows you as a thief”.
“Oh! I don’t mean to call you a thief. That’s just what people call you. A thief. Sorry”. She apologized.
“You don’t have to be”. We continue walking. “The event which happened earlier prove that I was”.
“But you didn’t steal her hairpin. Natasi did. She just wanted to frame you up”.
“I was also framed before I entered this illusion of mine”.
“So why do you join the competition”?
“Don’t know. My father just told me to”.
“That means you ain’t interested in the bride competition”.
“Bride competition? What’s it all about”?
“The bride to be for the lord of seven realm. My ancestors would be so overjoyed if I get chos£n”.
“And who’s the lord you’re talking about”?
“Don’t tell me you haven’t heard about lord Vagamound. He’s known for being the lord of the seven realm. People also call him the legendary master. No one has ever seen how he looks like. Not even my ancestors. Legend only talked about how skillful and mastered he’s but I bet he would be so handsome. Some says he has the power to covert time and space”.
“What did you just say”? I st©pped.
“I’m not really sure about it. It’s just some rumors which had been going on and on”.
“I see”. We continue to walk. If this lord Vagamound could do as Janice says, perhaps he might know the reason to how I got here. All I’ve to do is to get chos£n as his bride. That would be ha-rd cause Zanillia doesn’t seems pretty enough. Even Janice is more beautiful than her. Just why did I end up in this b©dy? There’s a lot more work to be done.
“We’ve reached the pas-sage to the immortal realm. Be mindful of your behavior. This place is quite different from the mortal realm”. The instructor said.
“Yes”. We stepped into the portal. We were transported to another place.
“Wow”! Janice exclaimed. “The immortal realm is so beautiful”. There were garden full of flowers. hvge mansions. The sky was more like out of space. Meteorite kept falling. It was the most amazing view I’ve ever seen.
“Wow”. I looked around. Another portal opened. The light almost blind my eyes.
“Close your eyes everyone and follow me”. The instructor instructed. We did as she ordered and followed her until she told us to open our eyes back. This place was full of people. They were neatly and richly dressed. They went on with their daily activities. Are these immortals? I asked to myself.
“Are these immortals”? Janice asked. “They are so gorgeous”. She held my hand.
“Hmm”. I nodded. A group of men approached us.
“Greeting Lady Mo”. The head of guard greeted the instructor. “The lords have been waiting for your arrival”. He then looked over to us. “Are these…….”.
“Yes. They’re the candid@t£s chos£n for the lord of the seven realm”.
“Ah….. they’re quite much. Follow me”. He led us into a hvge valley. There were men sitting on the high chair. They looked so young and handsome. I don’t think I’ve ever seen guys good-looking as them. “The candid@t£s are here my lords”.
“Wow! What a hvge crowd. I’m sure big brother is going to have a life full of fun”. One of the men said.
“Don’t be silly Sean. Big brother mustn’t hear you say this”.
“Piss. I don’t know what’s wrong with what I just said. He’s not even here”.
“What…… Gia, do you see this”.
“Just let him be”. Gia said. “Sean’s still a kid”.
“Fine”. The man frown.
“Greetings to you lords”. We greeted.
“I hope your journey here was fine”? The man asked.
“Yes”. We all chorused together.
“That’s great then. Actually, our oldest brother isn’t at seat at this moment so I’ll be in charge of the bride selection but I think you might have been tired from the long journey. Lady Mo would esc-rt you to your residence. I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here”.
“So handsome”. Janice whisper. “Isn’t he the second legendary master named Eason. He’s well known for his good looks in legend”. She smiled. “Do you think he’s looking at me”?
“Hummmm……I guess”. I faked a smile.
I was in my room. It was well furnished and spacious. A knock c@m£ on the door. The door opened with a head peeping in.
“You ain’t asleep yet”? It was Janice. She entered and closed the door. “I brou-ght us some food”. She sat and put the food on the table. “The food here tastes great”. She start to eat. “You ain’t eating”?
“I don’t feel like”. I sighed then stared ha-rd at her.
“Why are you staring at me like that? Is there something on my face”.
“No….. It’s just……. Do you the lord of the seven realm would take an interest in me”?
“I thought you said you ain’t interested”.
“Yeah. I wasn’t back then but seeing how good-looking the other lords are, I bet lord Vagamound would be much more handsome”.
“Well, I’m not sure about that. I don’t know his taste”.
“I’m not talking about his taste. I mean my face. Do I look pretty”?
“Errr….. I think so. You just have to apply some beauty oil on your b©dy and so on. As a reminder, you can’t be pretty as the princess”. The princess? I’ve gotten a rival. How will I be able to win her. Guess I won’t be able to meet lord Vagamound.
“What’s the competition all about”? I asked.
“Don’t know. No one knows about it. I just hoped it won’t be cooking competition cause I’m bad it”. She sighed.
“Do you know where lord Vagamound resides”?
“Legend has it that he lives in the emotionless palace. Isn’t that too pitiful”?
“Do you where it’s”?
“How am I supposed to know that”? She to-re on the chicken l@p. “Hey. Don’t tell me you want to go there”.
“What? That’s a crazy thing to do”. I laughed it off. “I don’t even know my way here”.
“Better be”. She continued eating.
A young man sat on the marbled glas-s floor. Legs tucked together. Stray of white hairs could be seen seen from his richly dark hair. He’d the most perfect face. Hisl-ips were too dry. His eyes were pale. The dark circles un-der his eyes could be noticed. He could hear some footsteps but it st©pped. That was because he’d set up an enchantment at the door. None could get in.
“Big brother”. It was Sean. “Are you in there”?
“What do you want”?
“I……I just want to tell you that the maidens have arrived. They’re so many. You should have seen them. Such a____”.
“You can see I’m meditating”. He cut in. “I don’t want anyone to disturb me”.
“Okay big brother”. Sean left quietly. Vagamound sighed. Then, something seized his heart. He held his che-st ti-ghtly and spit out mouthful of blood. p@rt of his dark hair turned white. He was dying and he knew it. If the rest should know what had happened to him, the whole seven realm would be at risked. All he had to do is to lock himself up and heal himself. That wouldn’t work anyway. His secret would soon be expo-sed especially now that the devine decree has been brou-ght to him. He stared at the white orbit in his hand. They were seven before now it remains one. Kira had stole the six orbits from him. He was sure she would come back for the last one and destroy the whole seven realm. What a shameful event. If he could turn back time, he wouldn’t have fallen for her. He would have killed her. His che-st ti-ght£ñed more and he cough more blood.