December 5, 2020


Mind blowing palace

Bride of the seven gods episode 2

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She’s the legendary master wife

The maids keep dressing me up. The clothes were too thick. I’ve never wore a traditional attire all my life. I guess it would start from now since I’m a different person. Yesterday was the worst day of my life. How did I even end up in this body? Am I dead or this is just a dream? And why would I’ve a different face. Well, the girl is quite pretty. Just that she has some scars on her body. She must have been mal-treated a lot.

“Can I change into something more lightly? I can’t even breathe”. I frowned.

“Your father told us to wear you this dress and we dare not disobey”. One of the maids said.

“I know but can you get me something plain than this. I can’t even walk”.

“You’re done”. Father walked in. The maids bowed slightly and greeted him. “That dress really looks great on you”.

“Can I change into something else”?

“What a bad manner”. The same woman from yesterday came out of nowhere. I’m sure she really hates me or should I say this body I’m occupying. “You couldn’t even greet your father”.

“That’s okay Belia”. Father said to her. “Belia? Your name’s Belia? How come someone with a bad manner like you bears my name”?

“What? How dare you”! She slapped me.
“That’s okay”.

“Do you hear what she said to me? Such an ingrate child. She’s just like her lowly mother”.

“That’s enough Belia”.

“Are you defending her? Fine. If you hadn’t cheated on me, maybe all this wouldn’t have happened”. She left angrily.

“Bel……” He sighed. “Take the young Ms away”. The maids led me out.

The cart stopped.

“Are we there”?

“Yeah Ms”. I got down from the cart.

“Where are we”?

“The palace. All candidates are to gather here before heading to the seven realms”.

“Okay bye”. I walked in. There were so many people. “Wow”. I looked at everywhere with admiration.

“Hey look. It’s Zanillia”.

“I heard she stole again”.


“She was beaten last time”.

“Hope she’s not here to steal our stuff”?

“Everyone keep your stuff. Zanillia is here”. Lots of whispers keep coming. Bad stare kept gazing at me. Do I look like a thief? And why would I steal anyone stuff?

“Hello”. I greeted.

“Move away you thief”.

“I can’t find my hairpin”. A girl cried from the crowd.

“Where’s her hairpin”? A girl asked me.

“Hairpin? I didn’t take it”.

“Why should we believe you? Everyone here is of noble family so we wouldn’t need a useless hairpin except who’s from a maid blood”.
“I…….” I couldn’t find a word to say. Seems like they’ve planned it all along.

“She didn’t steal her hairpin and beside, you did”. A girl said. She was neatly and beautifully dressed. She was more like my prince charming who came to save the day.

“What? How can you accuse me of stealing her hairpin”?

“I saw you taking it off from her. Why don’t you show us your purse if you aren’t guilty”?

“I…….” She was dumbfounded. “Fine. Take your stupid hairpin”. She threw the hairpin away and left angrily. My mind felt relieved at that moment.

“Thanks so much”. I thanked the girl.

“You’re welcome”.

“I’m Be…… I mean Zanillia”.


“Singer”? What kind of name is that?

“It’s Xinger. Nice to meet you”. She said and left.

“Everyone gather together”. The eunuch shouted. We all came together. “His majesty has arrived”.

“The king”?
“Why’s the king here”? People kept whispering among themselves while I just stared.

“Silent everyone”. The king began. “Good. It’s such a great honor and event for me to witness this day. Millions of years had passed. So many people had waited for this day. The day when the immortal realm would finally open up their gate for we mortal. Now that the divine decree has come to the lord of the seven realms to choose his bride from us mortal, I’ve decided to also let my daughter join in the participation in order to bring strong alliance between the mortal and immortal realm”.


“The princess”?

“Isn’t that cheating”?

“We all know that the princess is endowed with beauty and gifts”.

“I don’t think I’d stand a chance”. “This is unfair”. They all murmured. “Enough”. We were all silent. “Good. So I’ve hope you’ll treat my daughter with care and respect cause anyone who passes her boundary will be executed with her families. That’s all”.

“Are they threatening us”?

“Our families”?

“I hate the princess”. The murmuring went on and on.


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