Bride of the seven gods episode 15

Everyone were as-sembled in the immortal palace. I still can’t believe Feiye is lord Vagamound.
I watched as he sat on the hvge throne. Everyone stood up and greeted him.
“Do not stand on ceremony”. Feiye said and they all sat.
“It’s been long since I’ve been seclusion in the emotionless palace”. He started. “A lot have alre-ady happened. Some which I’m aware of and some which I’m not”.
“Your seclusion is for the safety of the seven realm”. One of the elders said.
“That’s true”. Feiye nodded then looked at me. I turned my gaze away from him. I was too embarras-sed to stare at him.
If he’d told me he’s the legendary master, I wouldn’t have act rudely towards him. “About Zanillia”. He begin. “What should be done”?
“Kill her”. Eason spoke.
“Yes. She nee-ds to be killed”. The elders murmured among themselves. San and the other lords couldn’t say a thing.
“Kill”. Feiye smiled. “Why should we kill an innocent lady”?
“Innocent”? Everyone stared at Feiye. Has he found the proof to my innocent. Wow. This is just so good.
“Your holiness”. One of the elders stood up. “You meant to say Ms Zhao didn’t killed the princess”?
“She didn’t and she did”. Feiye replied.
“She didn’t and she did”. Eason looked at Feiye with confusion on his face. “Can you plea-se explain further”?
“Let me ask you a question Zanillia. Where were you last night”? Feiye asked me. Now this is what I’ve been avoiding. How am I going to reply?
“I…….I…….I don’t know”.
“How can you not know”?
“I……I just don’t know. I was……I don’t know”.
“Nice”. Feiye smiled again. Geez. Why is he smiling. “What you people don’t know is that this woman here isn’t Zanillia”.
“What”! Everyone exclaimed
“She’s a spirit possessing her b©dy”. He fli-ck a f!nger at me. I felt like I was being pu-ll-ed by a magnetic f0rç£.
I c@m£ out of Zanillia’s b©dy. She slumped unto the floor. Everyone g@sped.
“A spirit”.
“Who’s she”?
“Her dress is so different”.
“Which clan did she come from”? The murmuring went on and on.
“I…… but I didn’t killed the princess”. Finally, I found my voice.
“Then where were you last night”? Feiye asked again. This time, he was serious.
“I went to look for you. I wanted to spend the night with you though I’d gotten out of Zanillia’s b©dy. Who knew you……….are the legendary master”.
“You went to look for him”? Eason asked. “Vagamound had been in seclusion for years. Does your statement make s-en-se”.
“But I__”.
“Enough”. Vagamound cut in. “Here’s my decree. San and Zanillia are to be married tomorrow while Belia is to be executed”.
So he knew my name. Wait! Did he just say executed?
“What”. I stared at him in bewilderment.
“Sure”. The guards dragged me away. Executed? I’m going to be executed. Am I going to die for real?
What about my normal life as an highschool girl? My mom? She’s going to be so sad. The tears welled up in my eyes and fell freely.
I cried as they led me into the execution room. Is this the end of me? But……I thought you said you loved me Feiye.
Was that a lie too. I knelt and shut eyes to meet my d@t£. But I loved you.
“Hey! Belia! Wake up”! Ivy voice shouted. She shooked me vigorously. “Belia”.
“Hmmm”. I m0@n ed and sat upright.
“Are you crying? Is it because of the punishment”?
“What”. I stood up. “What am I doing here? How did I get back”?
“What do you mean by get back”? Ivy cast me a confusing look.
“I’m back”. I jumped with joy and hvgged her ti-ghtly.
“Hey. What’s wrong with you? Weren’t you in a bad mood this morning”. I let go of her.
“You wouldn’t believed what just happened. I just had the craziest dream of my life”.
“Really? Let’s discuss it in clas-s”. We both walked away. The book on the table fell to the floor.
Ivy and I both took our seats. I didn’t even bothered to look at Alison. I’ve alre-ady faced a lot alre-ady in my crazy dream.
Ivy turned and looked at me.
“So what’s this dream that made you cried”?
“I don’t even know where to start. It looks so real. The seven lords, immortal sect, Feiye”.
“Feiye”. Ivy raised a brow at me.
“It’s……. just a guy in the dream”. I explained to her so that she wouldn’t get the wrong idea.
“So you dreamt of a guy”. Now here she goes. “That’s Nice”.
“It’s just a dream”.
“I know. So tell me about this Feiye you dreamt of”.
“He….. well, he’s good-looking. Blue eyes, black hair and so on”.
“That doesn’t sounds good looking to me”.
“He’s so handsome. Believe me”. Just then, the door opened. The next teacher entered but seems like there were more to enter.
My mouth fell agape when I saw them walked in. Wait a minute. Am I still dreaming? I mean what are they doing here!!!