Bride of the seven gods episode 14

👰 She’s the legendary master wife 👰
The rumours circulating the immortal realm was like a nightmare to me. Janice was the first to told me. I never believed her but now, I think I should.
“The princess is dead”. I stared in shocked. “How? I mean when? We still saw her yesterday”.
“It’s so frightful”. Janice said. “She was found dead in a pool of blood this morning. Who would do such a thing? Well, the princess is a bad tempered person so she might have had a lot of enemies”.
“You”! Natasi charged at me. “You killed her. You killed the princess”. She made to hit me but Xinger held her.
“Will you st©p this false accusations without proof”.
“False accusations? Everyone here knew that Zanillia and the princess ain’t on good terms. She even fought with her yesterday. In order to get her revenge, she killed the princess”.
“Will you st©p ma-king a false statements”. Janice said. “Why would she killed the princess, you should watch your words”.
“That’s enough”. Gia shut everyone up. Even the six lords weren’t themselves. Especially Eason. His face wore the saddest expression ever. “I’ve told the guards to search everywhere for evidence so they should be here by now”. Just then, the head of guard walked in. He was holding a clothes stained with blood. Isn’t that my…..
“Greetings six lords”. He bowed slightly.
“What are your findings”? Gia asked him.
“There was nothing suspicious in the maidens room except Ms Zanillia’s”.
“Zanillia”. San said.
“Yes. We found this clothes stained with blood in her room”.
“You see. I told you she killed her. She’s a murderer”. Natasi shouted.
“Can you explain this Ms Zanillia”.
“I……I don’t know. I just woke up and found that my dress had been stained with blood”.
“It could be her period”. Xinger said.
“Yes”. Janice joined in. “Natasi is just trying to frame her”.
“The blood had been examine by the imperial doctor”. The head of guard continued. “He confirmed that it belongs to the princess”.
“What”! I exclaimed.
“Where were you last night”? Gia asked me.
“I was…..”. That’s right. Where was I? I remembered leaving Zanillia on the be-d and headed for Feiye residence only to come back and meet her on the floor with blood all over her. Where exactly did she go last night?
Could it be that she killed the princess? No. That can’t be true. Zanillia never hold any grudges against her. I guess someone else killed her and decided to frame me up.
Could it be Natasi? She’s the only one who hates me.
“Ms Zanillia”. Gia brou-ght me back from my thoughts.
“Huh”. I looked at him. “I was……..I don’t know. I can’t remember anything”.
“Take her to the dungeon and investigate her properly”.
“Sure”. The guards took me away. San stared at me in surprise. Whoever did this will surely pay for this.
Vagamound stood up from his throne in the emotionless palace.
“What did you just say”? He asked San who was alre-ady on his knees with tears.
“plea-se save her. You are the only one who can. I’m sure someone set her up”.
“Wha…..”. Vagamound held his che-st ti-ghtly as the thing seized his heart again. His hair turned all white suddenly.
His right eyes turned red while the left remained blue.
“Are you ok”? San looked up at him.
“I’m fine. Leave now. I’ll save your woman”.
“Sure”. San left quietly. He knew something was definitely wrong with Vagamound but all that was on his mind is to save Zanillia.
The punishment for one who killed another is death. He can’t bear to see her die. He must find a way to help her.
Vagamound held the chair handle with his left hand while his right hand remained ti-ght£ñed to his che-st.
Why is it happening all of a sudden? He thought he was fine since the illness had st©pped occuring ever since he helped Zanillia regain her eyesight.
Guess he nee-ds to get back to her.
I sat in the middle of the dungeon since it was the only place light shines on from above. The rest were darkness.
I couldn’t even see a thing. I sat there hoping someone would come and save me. I could hear some footsteps. I quic-kly stood up.
“Who’s there”? I looked inside the darkness. Still couldn’t see a thing.
The footsteps keeps coming closer. “Don’t come close to me. I’m warning you”. Just then, someone hvgged me from the back.
I screamed wanting to free myself from the grasp.
“Shhh. It’s me. Feiye”. The voice said. He let go of me.
“Feiye”. I turned to look at him. It was really him but his hair had turned all white. His eyes? Why’s his right eyes red?
He slumped on me and we fell ha-rd to the floor. “Awww”. I pushed him off me but he gr@bb£d my w@!st and pu-ll-ed me closer for a hvg.
“plea-se”. He said in a low voice. “Can we stay like this for some minutes”? Is he sick? Why does his voice sounds like he’s hurting?
“Huh sure”. The he pu-ll-ed me much more closer. Hey! Isn’t this too much. We remained like that.
The big door bur-st opened. Light filled all the dungeon. I made to free myself but Feiye won’t let go. He was alre-ady asleep.
“Feiye”. I whispered to his ear.
“That tickles”. He smiled in his sleep.
“Hey wake up”. I shouted. “The guards are here”. He then let go of my w@!st.
“Zanillia Zhao”. The guards called as they walked towards us. I sat upright. They quic-kly knelt and bowed slightly when they c@m£ towards me.
Feiye sat upright too. What! I opened my eyes in bewilderment. Are they bowing to me.
“Greetings first lord Vagamound”. Vagamound? Lord Vagamound? I turned to look look at Feiye. His hair had turned back to black. His right eye had changed to blue.
Don’t tell me…… Feiye is lord Vagamound? I stared at him in shocked. But he never acts like he’s the lord of the seven realm.
“Do not stand on ceremony”. Feiye said to the guards.
“Sure”. They got up. “We’re here to investigate Ms Zanillia if your lord would excuse us”.
“Her matter is to be handled be me”. He stood up and stared at me. I quic-kly looked away. “Bring her to the immortal palace and let the devine determined her fate”. He left.
“Sure”. They pu-ll-ed me up.