Bride of the seven gods episode 13

Written by TOM
👰 She’s the legendary master wife 👰
The sun shines up brightly in the sky. I was at Feiye residence. It seems to be a better place to stay. I really don’t want to see San. I might get hurt if I see him.
“Look who’s here”. Feiye walked towards where I sat. “It’s San’s woman”.
“St©p it”.
“Why? Ain’t you San’s woman”? He sat beside me. “Or he rejected you”.
“He didn’t. He likes me back”.
“That’s great. I also have some good news to tell you. I’ve found the girl of my dream”.
“Really! When”?
“Just yesterday. You wanna see her”?
“Yes”. I nodded. He brou-ght out a portrait of a girl. It was…. “This……”.
“Isn’t she pretty”?
“Where did you get this portrait”?
“I found it littered on the ground so I picked it. Who knew it’s a pretty girl picture. She’s so beautiful. I’m going to ask her hand in marriage once I see her”.
“Really”. A smile lit myl-ips. “She looks ugly to me”.
“She doesn’t. She’s much prettier than you”.
“You think so”. I blu-shed.
“Who knew such a beauty exist”.
“San said she’s ugly”.
“San? He knew her”?
“San only said that because he likes you. Anyone other than you should be a surprise”.
“I guess so. So what are you going to do once you find her”?
“I’m going to shower her with all the love she deserved and the others is none of your business”. I really felt loved when he said that.
“Can I put my head on your shoulder”?
“Sure”. I was happy that he didn’t resist. I sat closer to him and placed my head on his shoulder. We remained like that for a while.
“I think that girl is also going to love you back”. I sat upright then turned to stare into his icy blue eyes. He stared back at me.
“Why did you say that”?
“Because I…….I love you”. I moved closer to k!sshim but he turned his head away.
“I’m sorry but you shouldn’t do this. I appreciate the love you have for me but I don’t like you”.
“I know”.
“That’s good. So I hope we could stay as friends like this”.
“I guess so”. I bite on my lowerl-ip.
Sweet aroma filled the air. Xinger was almost done cooking. I haven’t even started cooking. I just hope I can win this competition. Xinger smiled at me.
“You ain’t cooking”? She asked.
“Still thinking of what to cook”. I replied.
“You’re alre-ady done”. Janice said to Xinger. “I really envy you”.
“Hmph. What’s there to be envy about? Her cooking doesn’t even smell great”. Natasi said.
“You br@t. Watch your words or….”. Janice paused.
“Or what? You ain’t even fit for the bride. Whether you like it or not, the princess will end up becoming the bride”.
“Let them be Natasi”. The princess said. “Leave these lowly slaves to their work”.
“Slaves”. I sm-irked. “Looks like you don’t know where you’re. This isn’t your father’s palace dummy”.
“Yes dummy. Why? You don’t like it? If you don’t then come on and fight me”.
“Fine”. She walked towards me and pushed all my cooking utensils away to the floor.
“Hey you bit-ch”. I shouted.
“What’s going on here”? Eason entered.
“It’s her”. The princess pointed at me. “She hit me”.
“You again”. Eason sneered at me. I’m pretty sure he would take the princess side.
“What”? I asked.
“Never mind”. He said. “You would soon be omitted anyway so I don’t nee-d to waste my time on you”.
“You ain’t going to punish her? But she hit me”. The princess lament.
“I know. Today’s her last day here so you don’t have to worry about getting into trouble with her”.
“Really? That’s great”.
“Y’all have five minutes to round up and bring your food to the immortal palace”.
“Sure”. They all answered and Eason walked away.
I la-id there on my be-d starring at nothing in p@rticular. All my hopes are now in vain. I lost.
There’s no way I’m going to meet lord Vagamound. I’m really happy for Xinger that she won and not that silly princess.
I really hate her. I hate her and Eason. Now I’m going to be stuck here for the rest of my life. No one to talk to.
At least I got Feiye. A smile displ@yon myl-ips as I remembered how he called me pretty. I sat upright on the be-d.
I should go and see him. I stood up and made to pick up my hairpin only to find out I’ve gotten out of Zanillia’s b©dy.
“Not again”. I frowned. “How am I supposed to meet him? He wouldn’t even see me”. I sat back on the be-d.
An idea quic-kly run throu-gh my mind. Perhaps, I should go and meet him in this state. He should be asleep by now so maybe I would be able to steal a k!ssfrom him.
I smiled and got up. You’re so brilliant Belia. Why didn’t I thought of this before. I left the room.
To my utmost disappointment, Feiye wasn’t around. Where could he be? He doesn’t usually spend the night at home so I guess he must have went somewhere. I will wait for him till he comes back.
I la-id on the be-d. It was all filled with his scent. I smiled. His face keeps appearing before me. Blue eyes, perfect face.
Why didn’t I noticed how perfect he was? Well, it because I was engrossed in San. The past is in the past. Zanillia belongs to San while I belongs to Feiye.
It was dawn. I got up from the be-d. Feiye didn’t c@m£ home last night. I should go back home before someone finds anything suspicious.
I went back home only to find Zanillia lying on the floor. Her hands and dressed where stained with red sticky substance.
I got into her b©dy and stood up. Luckily, I didn’t feel any pains. I smelled my hand. They reeked of blood.
“Where did she get stained by blood”? I walked into the bathroom and washed myself clean.