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June 18, 2021


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Bride of the seven gods episode 11

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Written by TOM

👰 She’s the legendary master wife 👰


I watched as Janice cried out. Why should the next competition be cooking.

“I’m really going to loose”. She cried.

“It’s just cooking. There’s nothing hard in it”.

“You can never understand. I’ve never cooked my entire life. The day I tried to prepare some noodles, I nearly burned down the whole house”.

“Then this is really a big problem”.

“What am I going to do? I’ve always wanted to see lord Vagamound with my eyes. Who knew this Damm cooking thing would ruined my dream”. She cried more. Just then, Xinger entered.

“Hey”. I greeted her. “What brings you here”?

“I heard some noise while passing by so I decided to check on it”. She looked over to Janice. “What happened to her”?

“She’s worried about the next competition”.

“It’s just cooking”.

“Janice can’t cook. She’s worse at it”.

“That’s something to be worried about then”. She sat beside Janice. “It’s okay”. Xinger said. “It’s just a competition. It doesn’t matter who wins or loses and besides, Zanillia and I can teach you how to cook”.

“Really? Thank you so much”. Janice smiled.

“How about we start now”. Xinger said.

“Hummm… guys can go ahead. I’ve to see someone”. I said.

“Who”? Xinger asked.

“Feiye”. Janice answered. “Her boyfriend”.

“He’s not my

boyfriend. He’s just a friend. Why will I even date someone like him”?

“I was just joking”.

“Good luck with your date then”. Xinger said and smiled.

“It’s not……fine. Think whatever you want. I’m leaving”. I left.


He really looked handsome in the white robe he wore. The headband he wore made he look more handsome. He was busy playing with the twigs of leaves. I don’t think it’s bad for me to date him. What! I must be crazy. Feiye is worse than any man I’ve ever known. I still couldn’t forgot how he made me suffer during the time I spent with him. Who would do that to a girl?

“Will you keep standing there all day”? Feiye looked over to me.

“I……”. I walked towards him. “What are you doing”?

“Just looking at the flowers. So how was the competition”?

“Good. I made it to the finals”.

“That’s great”. He said. “I’m hungry. Can you prepare some food for me”?

“Why should I”?

“Cause I’m hungry. I heard the next competition is to test your cooking skills so I think this is a chance to know how good you’re”. He walked inside the house. “I’ll be waiting”.

“Pfft. You can just buy some food down the street. Why

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would he want me to cook for him”?


I watched as he kept complaining about the food I made.

“The fish need more seasoning. The noodles isn’t well cooked. The vegetables are too overcooked. Also, the soup is too salty”.

“Who cares. I never asked you to eat it anyway”.

“I don’t think you

will be able to win in the next competition”.

“How sure are you? Well, if you’re worried about me, you don’t have to cause San is going to help me out”.

“You’ve been mentioning this San to me. Are you two dating”?

“What”? My cheeks flushed with redness. “Why would you say that? San is the fourth lord of the seven realm. You can see that there’s a huge difference between us”.

“Doesn’t matter”.

“Why did you even bring such topic up? Not like you’re going to do something about it”.

“You like him don’t you”?

“I think you shouldn’t mend in my personal life matter”.

“I guess you like him so much”.

“Hey you jerk. Stop sputtering nonsense”. I shouted and he smiled.

“Finally, someone’s in love”. He stood up. “I don’t think you need to participate in the competition since you’ve found someone you love”.

“I told you he___”. Feiye pulled me up suddenly. In a flash, we were hiding in a dark corner.

“Shhh”. He covered my mouth. “Someone’s here”. He looked over to the direction of the door. The door opened and San walked in.

“That’s San”. I said in a whisper.

“What’s he doing here? Did you invite him over”?

“No but he spoke about wanting to see you. He asked me about the martial arts skill you taught me”.

“Seems like he followed you here”.

“Zanillia”. San called. “Are you in”?

“What are we going to do”? I asked.

“Don’t know”. Feiye sighed. “I’ve a plan. Why don’t you go out and meet him. If he asks about me, tell him I’m not around”.

“Okay”. I stepped out. “San”. San turned and looked at me.

“Hey. I’ve been looking everywhere for you”.

“I was……just hanging around. So what brings you here”?

“I saw you going out so I decided to follow you”.


“So what are you doing here”? He looked over to the food on the table and smiled. “Were you practicing for the cooking competition”?

“Yes”. I faked a smile. “Please sit”.

“Never mind. I will soon be heading out now. Is this the house the man who taught you martial arts lives”?

“Yeah but he’s not in at the moment”.

“Is that so? But I thought I heard you talking to someone”.

“I…..”. My eyes averted to where Feiye was hiding. “I was just talking to myself”.

“Really”? San looked over to where I was staring at. “Or you’re lying to me”.

“No. Why would I”?

“There’s only one way to know”. He walked towards the direction. “There’s no one here”.

“Huh”. I looked surprised. “Well, yes. Maybe you should come some other time”.

“Okay then. Take care”. He left..


The wind blew away the leaves littered on the ground. The cloud were now turning dark. Feiye and I sat outside. It was night already.

“Looks like it’s going to rain”. I stared up at the sky then to Feiye. “What are you thinking”?

“Nothing”. He sighed. “You should have spent more time with your man. He seems to care for you”.

“He…….fine. Seems like you’ve already read my mind so I don’t need to play along”. I played with my finger. “I just don’t know if he likes me back”.

“He does. The problem is that does he likes you or your face”.


“You already know what I meant”. He smiled and stood up. What he meant? Could it….. Shit. He already knew that I’m not Zanillia. But how? I’m sure he must have read my mind. “You should get going unless you want to spend the night with me. I wouldn’t want your dear San to beat me to pulp for spending the night with his woman”.

“Cut the crap. We ain’t dating and besides, I don’t feel like going back. I want to spend some time alone”. I stood up. Drops of rain kept falling from the sky. “It’s already raining. Let’s get inside”. We entered the house. It was a lot warmer. I walked towards the bed and sat on it.

“There’s only one bed here”. Feiye said.

“I know. I’ll sleep on the bed while you sleep on the couch or the floor. Whichever suits you”.

“Whichever suits me”? He smirked and walked towards me. “Are you forgetting that this is my house and besides, I never asked you to spend the night here”.

“If you’re not okay with it, then we’ll have to share the bed”. I put a pillow between the bed. “You sleep there while I sleep here”.

“Seriously. You ain’t worried something might happened”.

“Like”? I stared at him.

“Like……I don’t know”. He looked away.

“Never mind about the gender difference between us. You ain’t my type at all so wipe all the negatives thoughts in your mind”.

“Who says I’m thinking anything negative”. He sat on the bed. “I’m just being realistic”.

“Whatever”. I laid on the bed. “Good night”.

“Night”. He was still sitting.

“You ain’t going to sleep”?

“I’m not yet sleepy”.

“Looks like you haven’t slept with an opposite sex before”.

“Why should I? Not like I’m married or something”.

“Then just think of me as your ex girlfriend”.

“I would have killed you if you were her”.

“Hey. I thought you said you loved her”.

“I did before but that’s none of your business”.

“Who cares”. I closed my eyes. Only the sound of the rainfall filled the room. Feiye laid beside me gently. I opened my eyes back and turned to look at him. His sideview really look amazing.

“Stop starring at me. I don’t like it”.

“Then you’ve to get used to it”. I smiled.

“I’m not your San okay”.

“Are you jealous of him”?

“Why would I? I’m the…….”. He stopped talking.

“The what”?

“Never mind. It’s no use talking to you”. He turned his back at me.

“Why did you do that”?

“I think it’s better we sleep this way”.

“Hmmp. Mean guy. Fine. If you don’t want to talk me, I won’t talk to you also”.


“You….fine”. I frowned and stared at his back. An idea came to my mind. I placed my hand on him. He jerked it away. I placed it back but he jerked it off.

“Can you stop being a baby. I’m trying to sleep”. He said.

“I’ll let you go if you turned and look at me”.

“How about this”. He turned and pulled me closer to him. We were so close that….. “Is this close enough”?

“I…..”. My cheeks were flushing red. My gaze lowered to his lips. They were so….

“What are you staring at”?

“Huh”. I looked back to his eyes. They were icy blue. So blue that I found myself drunk in them.

“So what do you want to talk to me about”?

“I…..”. Our nose were almost touching. Then he smiled and let go of my waist. I quickly sat upright.

“Now who’s the one thinking about negative thoughts between us”. He got up from the bed. “Do not developed any feelings for me cause you ain’t my type”.

“You ain’t my type either. If you hadn’t pulled me closer, I…..I…..”. My cheeks flushed with redness again. “Shit. What did you do to me”?

“Congratulations Ms, you’ve just fallen for me”. He smiled and left.


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