Bride of the seven gods season two episode 9

ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR….. Vagamound watched as the clock tick. He feel bored being alone by himself.
Eason had gone out to watch over the suspicious girl. San and Zanillia went to see the dermatologist.
Kris, Gia and Frander went out to have some fun while he’s all alone by himself.
“This is worse than dying”. Vagamound cried out. He wondered what Belia and Sean are doing right now.
Should he call her? Nah. That would be stupid. Girls hate guys who are clingy and he doesn’t want to be one.
“Guess I should find something else to do”. He walked out of the room and walked down the stairs.
A figure was alre-ady sitting on the couch watching some TV. Vagamound recognized the person instantly. “You’re back”.
“Hmm”. Zanillia nodded scooping a spoonful of ice cream in her mouth.
“Where’s San”? Vagamound sat beside her.
“The Doc says he nee-ds to stay over”.
“Ooops. That’s stronger than imagine”.
“Here”. Zanillia hand him a nylon. “I bought ice cream for everyone”.
“Well, that’s good news and also a bad news”. He collected it from her. “Which one did you want to here”?
“Okay. The bad news that I’m the only one at home right now and the good news is that these are all mine to eat”.
“You’re not serious”. They both laughed.
“My plea-sure”. Vagamound brou-ght out the bowl of ice cream and start to eat. Just then, the doorbell rang.
They both knew it was a visitor cause if it was Eason or the others, they would’ve entered the pas-sword.
“You expecting someone”? Vagamound asked Zanillia.
“Actually, no”. Zanillia stood up. “I’ll go check on it”. She left. Vagamound continue to eat.
“Who’s it”? He asked not bothering to look at the door step.
“Hummm…. it’s Polaris”. That was when he looked up at her.
“Hi”. Polaris greeted with a smile on her face.
We were out of everyone sight. I turned and faced Sean.
“What were you doing with Lu Si”?
“Just giving her a hand. She said she nee-ded my help”.
“I see. So when she t©uçhed you, why didn’t you react or do anything”.
“Are you mad at me”?
“Just answer my question”.
“Okay. What do you expect me to do? Hit her”?
“Look, I don’t mean that okay. I know Lu Si more than you do. She’s a green snake un-der the gras-s. It’s obvious that she’s into you so she’s trying to s£dûç£you. I don’t want you to fall into her tra-p”.
“She seems nice to me”.
“Oh come on. Believe me, she’s worse than Natasi”.
“Okay then. Since you don’t like her, then I won’t like her”.
“That seems quic-ker than I thought”.
“Nothing”. Of course, I’d expected Sean to flared up and argued with me asking why I told him not to be friends with Lu Si but none of it happened.
He just agreed right away. His phone rang and he picked it.
“Hello big brother”. Then he looked at me. “Yeah she’s here with me……….. We’re alone in an open field with no one around us………What. I don’t dare big brother”.
“Let me talk to him”. I said to Sean.
“Err…. Sure”. He hand me the phone.
“Are you that jealous so you decided to threatened Sean”?
“Belia”. Vagamound smiled hearing her voice. “Where are you”?
“Like he said, we’re alone in an opened field with no one around us”.
“Oh, okay. So when are you coming back”?
“Probably tommorow. I think”.
“What? Tomorrow? You’re going to spend the night together”?
“Well, yes”.
“Y…..”. Vagamound sighed. “Fine”.
“Are you jealous”?
“No I’m not”. Vagamound knew he was but there was nothing he could do. “It’s just that I’ll have to spend the night with Polaris”.
“What”? It was my turn to be surprised. “Did you just say Polaris”?
“Yeah. She’s in the bathroom washing up”.
“Washing up”?
I was starting to get jealous. What could Polaris be doing with Vagamound. I’m sure she really has some hidden motive.
“Why should I believe you? Maybe you’re just lying in order to get me jealous”.
“Want to hear her voice? Okay. Is everything okay in there Polaris”?
“Yeah. I would soon be done”. I could hear her voice at the other end of the phone though it wasn’t loud enough.
“Where the hell are you”?
“Why? Want to come over? Could it be that you’re jealous that I want to spend the night with Polaris”.
“Just tell me or I’ll break___”.
“Take a cab and come to Xing h0tel. I’ll tell you the room number when you get there”.
“h0tel? Seriously”?
“Well yeah”.
“You’re dead once I set my eyes on you”. I end the call.
“What happened”? Sean asked.
“Humm…. I’ve to step out for a while. Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon”.
I arrived at Xing h0tel in the evening since Bonbons camp was outSk-irts of the city. I stepped into the elevator.
Vagamound had alre-ady s£nt me the room number he was in. The elevator door opened at floor twelve.
I got out then searched for his room. There it is. I just hope those two hadn’t tried anything stupid.
I knocked on the door. The door opened revea-ling the handsome face of Vagamound. I didn’t even bothered to greet him.
I just barged in and looked around the room.
“Where’s she”?
“Oh. She isn’t here. She’s at home with Zanillia”.
“Didn’t you___”.
“I was home back then”. He cut in. “She was going to spend the night there so I decided to lodged into an h0tel instead. I don’t wanna sleep with that witch. Who knew what she’s up to”.
“So you lied to me”.
“For a fact, I didn’t. You asked me where was I and I gave you the h0tel address since that’s where I’m right now”.
“Gosh. I can’t believe…… I’m out of here”. I walked towards the door but it requires pas-sword to unlock it. “What’s the pas-sword”?
“You’re leaving”?
“Yes, I’m”. I turned and looked at him. “Pas-sword”.
“Are you angry”? He walked towards me and held my w@!st.
“What are you doing”?
“Since you’re here, why don’t we try something different”. He t©uçhed myl-ips.
“St©p it”. But de-ep down, I want him to continue.
“Really”. He whispered.
“I…. I’ve to go”. I felt my legs going weak.
“Well”. He pu-ll-ed me much closer. “I don’t want you to”. He whispered again.
Oh goodness. This s-en-sation. Before I knew it, he scooped me up and headed for the be-d.
“What are you doing”? My voice shooked as I asked. He la-id me on the be-d gently and c@m£ over me.
“Will you marry me Belia”?