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Braden and Bella episode 19 & 20

Braden and Bella
Episode 19
Written by Johnny Patel
(Katrina enters the lounge and sees them being intimate but they don’t see her)
Maid 1: (thinks) Not only is this spoilt brat a spoilt brat, She’s also a whore! I can’t believe she’s flirting with this disgusting driver! I must tell her father!
(Katrina runs to the throne room)
Maid 1: Your Highness! Your Highness!
King Anderson: Katrina, What’s the matter?
Maid 1: I caught your daughter kissing Braden, the driver. And I think they’re about to have some sexual congress.
King Anderson: WHAT?!!!
Maid 1: Don’t worry, I’ll take you to them.
(Katrina takes King Anderson to the lounge)
(Braden puts off the music)
Braden: Feel better?
Princess Madeline: (smiles gleefully) Yes. I definitely feel much better. You really have a talent in putting a smile on people’s faces.
Braden: (chuckles) That’s me…
(Just then, King Anderson and Katrina rush into the lounge)
Princess Madeline: Dad! What’s the matter?!
King Anderson: What were you both doing?
Braden: (puzzled) My King, We were just dancing.
King Anderson: Dancing? (to Katrina) I thought you told me they were being intimate and about to have sex?
Princess Madeline: Huh?
Katrina: I thought they were. I’m really sorry for the misinterpretation.
King Anderson: Don’t relay such negative information to me again or else I’ll have you thrown in the dungeon!
Maid 1: (bows) Yes my King. Forgive me
(She leaves them)
King Anderson: I’m really sorry for the intrusion sweetheart.
Princess Madeline: (grins) Apology accepted Dad.
King Anderson: Braden, I’ll be leaving for Rothemburg in a few hours. Get ready.
Braden: Yes My King.
(In the kitchen)
Cook: Katrina, What you did was terribly wrong, Even if the princess was flirting with Braden as you just told me, It’s none of your business!
Maid 1: Is it until she gets pregnant for that disgusting driver that we’ll do something about her? That spoilt brat is too whorish. I mean, She just broke up with Jax and she’s already flirting with Braden…
Cook: You need to learn to mind your business and focus on the reason why you were employed, Which is to work! What if the King actually fired you?
Maid 1: Well he didn’t fire me…
Cook: Ugh, I just hope this your busybody attitude won’t get you into trouble one day.
Maid 1: Whatever.
(Another maid enters the kitchen)
Maid 2: Katrina, The princess will like to see you in her room right away.
Cook: (sarcastic) I wonder why… (smirks at Katrina)
Maid 1: (nervous) Ummm…Ok
(In Princess Madeline’s room)
Maid 1: My princess, You sent for me?
Princess Madeline: Yes. What’s the meaning of the rubbish you did earlier today? Why would you tell my dad that Braden and I were having sex when we weren’t?!
Maid 1: (crying) I’m really sorry my princess. I was just trying to be nice…
Princess Madeline: Trying to be nice?
Maid 1: (cries harder) Yes…
Princess Madeline: Will you stop shedding those crocodile tears!
Maid 1: (she wipes her tears) I’m really sorry my princess…
Princess Madeline: You know what? Just leave my room.
Katrina: (bows) Yes my princess.
(She leaves the room)
Katrina: Stupid spoilt insolent brat! Just pray I don’t get the opportunity to smother you to death one day! (hisses)
(In Mexico City)
(In Madame Laho’s mansion)
Madame Laho: (she changes the TV channels continuously) Ok, Television isn’t even trying anymore…
(Bella enters the living room)
Bella: Ma. I’m ready to leave.
(Just then, Mitch brings in a lady into the living room)
Mitch: Go in!
Lady: (stubbornly) Leave me alone!
(Mitch pushes her inside)
Madame Laho: Uh, Mitch who is this?
Mitch: She’s one of the girls that Sir Lucas brought from his recent journey. Her name is Nicki and she’s really stubborn and has refused to comply. (He shoves Nicki)
Nicki: Don’t touch me!
Madame Laho: (examines Nicki) Ahh, I see. But don’t worry, I’ll tame her. (looks at Bella and smirks) That’s my specialty. (To Mitch) Anyways, Take her to the torture room. I’m sure you know exactly what to do.
Mitch: Yes Madame. (He shoves Nicki once again) Move!
Nicki: (adamantly) I’m not going anywhere!
Mitch: You’re sick…
(Mitch carries Nicki out of the house)
Bella: Ma. I’m ready to leave.
Madame Laho: (sternly) So why’re you telling me that? Don’t you know the way to the brothel?
Bella: (looks at her angrily) Sorry ma.
Madame Laho: Go. Steve will escort you so you don’t get any ideas.
(Mitch takes Nicki to the torture room and starts beating her up)
Nicki: (screams) Aaaaahhhh!!!
Mitch: (menacingly) Screaming is pointless. No one will save you.
(Mitch keeps on beating her, Fed up with this, Nicki starts fighting back and bites his wrist)
Mitch: (enraged) You bit me? Ah, I’m going torturing you!
(Nicki attempts to run out of the room, Mitch pulls her back and slams her against the wall)
Mitch: Or maybe I should just obliterate you!
(He pins her to the wall then puts a hot metal rod in the blazing furnace)
Nicki: (horrified) Fine! I’ll do it! I’ll do it! I’ll work for Madame Laho!!!
Mitch: (smirks) I thought as much…
(That evening)
(Braden is sent on an errand when he is ambushed by Jax and Damien)
Braden: (suprised) Jax?
Jax: Good you remember me, House boy!
Braden: (boldly) For the last time, I’m not a house boy!
Damien: Ah so you the scoundrel that stole my bro’s girl?
Braden: (confused) What are you talking about?
Damien: Don’t fuckin’ act like you don’t know! You the reason the princess chick broke up with ma pal, And we gon’ teach you a lesson.
Braden: (takes off his backpack) Alright then. (holds up his fists) Let’s dance!
(Damien rushes to Braden who is already facing him with raised knuckles, He and Damien trade blows for a few seconds before he holds Damien’s neck tightly under his armpit and he struggles to get free, Jax rushes to assist Damien but gets stopped as Braden gives him a powerful kick in the abdomen and he lands hard on the floor with a loud grunt)
Braden: Next time, Pick on somebody your own size!
(Braden grabs his backpack and attempts to leave but Damien throws a stone to his head and he drops to the ground with a loud groan)
Braden: (clutches onto the back of his head as it starts bleeding) Ahh! My head!
(Damien and Jax attack him and starts beating him up ferociously, Suddenly Jax takes out a pocket knife)
Damien: Hold up bro. What’re you about to do?
Jax: This….
(Jax stabs Braden with the pocket knife)
Braden and Bella
Episode 20
(Braden collapses on the floor after being stabbed)
Damien: What have you done?!
Jax: Just leave him. Let’s go!
(Damien & Jax leaves Braden and run off)
(At the palace)
King Anderson: Ugh, Where on earth is this boy? He’s supposed to have returned from the errand I sent him by now. (shouts) Levi!
(Levi enters the throne room)
Levi: My King?
King Anderson: Isn’t Braden back yet?
Levi: No my King.
King Anderson: In that case, You’ll be the one to drive me to Rothemburg.
Levi: No problem my King.
King Anderson: Go and get the keys to my Lexus jeep.
Levi: Yes my King.
(Levi drives him out of the castle)
(On the way out, King Anderson spots Braden )
King Anderson: Isn’t that Braden? (looks closer) Oh no, It is Braden. Pull over!
(Levi pulls over and King Anderson comes down and goes to check on Braden)
King Anderson: He’s unconscious, We need to get him into the car, Fast!
(Levi carries Braden into the car and they drive off to the hospital)
(Good Health hospital)
(Princess Madeline rushes into the waiting room)
Princess Madeline: Dad, I heard what happened to Braden. Will he be alright?
King Anderson: We can’t tell for sure.
(Just then, Dr Stephen enters the waiting room)
Princess Madeline: Doctor, How is Braden?
Dr Stephen: He isn’t okay at all, The knife pierced through his skin greatly and he’ll need to stitch the injury.
King Anderson: How much will that cost?
Dr Stephen: $40,000 to be precise.
King Anderson: No problem, Just do it.
(Dr Stephen leaves them)
Princess Madeline: (sighs) I can’t believe someone would attacked Braden. He’s so free and jovial.
King Anderson: Thank goodness he survived the attack.
Princess Madeline: But who could’ve done this?
King Anderson: Whoever it is, We’ll get him.
(Solange’s house)
Solange: Veronica, When Braden gets back tell him I made him some crackers, He can take it with juice.
Mrs Marshall: Okay.
(Just then, Mrs Marshall’s phone rings)
Mrs Marshall: (picks it) Hello?….Oh my God, Where?….Ok, I’m on my way now….(she drops the call)
Solange: What is it?
Mrs Marshall: (worried) Its Braden, He was attacked outside the castle when he was sent on an errand. He just got rushed to Good Health hospital. (grabs her handbag) I have to go there right away.
Solange: I’m coming with you.
(They both leave the house)
(At King Anderson’s palace)
Cook: This is bad news. I can’t believe Braden was attacked.
Servant: Me too.
Cook: I wonder who could have done this. It’s still a mystery.
Servant: My bet is on Jax. I mean he never liked Braden since day one. And what’s worse is that Braden has gotten closer to the princess as she just broke up with him and that might’ve worsened it.
Maid 1: (sniffles) People are so wicked…
Servant: You don’t have to feign sadness, Katrina. We all know you didn’t like Braden.
Maid 1: I may have disliked Braden but I never wanted him to die.
Cook: I just pray he gets well soon.
(Mexico City)
(At the girl’s hostel)
Courtney: Amy, That’s my purse. Hand it over.
Amy: (she gives it to her) It looks just like mine.
Courtney: Hmm, That’s how nipping and pilfering starts.
Amy: (giggles) Come on, I actually thought it was my purse… (She looks at Bella who’s lying on the bed) Bella, Aren’t you going to the brothel today?
Bella: I don’t think I can, I’m not feeling well. I’ll just take today off.
Courtney: But we don’t get days off.
Amy: What’s wrong with you?
Bella: I just feel feverish. (She backs them and covers herself with a blanket)
Amy: Anyways, Get well soon.
Courtney: Take care.
(Courtney and Amy leave the room)
(Madame Laho’s mansion)
Bianca: Madame Laho, Liana and I are ready to leave now.
Madame Laho: (checks her out) Hmm, You look much prettier today. You’re really ready for business.
Bianca: (chuckles) Yes ma. But ma, Why is Bella not working today?
Madame Laho: Bella is not working today?
Bianca: (nods her head)
Madame Laho: Don’t worry about that, Just go. Cade will accompany you both.
Bianca & Liana: Yes ma.
(Bianca and Liana leaves with Cade)
Madame Laho: Brady!
Brady: Madame?
Madame Laho: Go and fetch me Bella from the hostel and be quick about it.
Brady: Yes Madame.
(Brady leaves and returns with Bella few minutes afterwards)
Bella: You wanted to see me?
Madame Laho: Get over here!
(Bella goes closer to her)
Madame Laho: Why aren’t you at the brothel?
Bella: Well, Yesterday i made about $6,470 and again I’ve been feeling feverish so I just decided to rest today.
Madame Laho: (angered) You must be very stupid! Do you think I’m running a charity organization here?! If you know what’s good for you, Go and get dressed so you can get to the brothel and start making me some money!!!
(Bella leaves the house)
Madame Laho: Brady, I want you to keep a close eye on that girl.
Brady: Yes Madame.
(Mitch enters the living room with Nicki)
Madame Laho: (looks at Nicki) Hmm, I can see she’s ready to work.
Mitch: Yes Madame. (looks at Nicki) Isn’t that right?
Nicki: (nods her head)
Madame Laho: Good. Take her to the brothel so she can start making me some money!
(Mitch leaves with Nicki)
(At the brothel)
Liana: (To Nicki) Hi.
Nicki: (ignores her)
Liana: Yeesh, I wonder what’s your problem.
Bianca: Just ignore this psycho newbie.
(Mitch walks up to Nicki)
Mitch: Nicki, That man over there wants you.
(Nicki stares at the man smiling directly at her)
Nicki: Okay then. (she readies herself)
Mitch: Give him optimum satisfaction.
Nicki: (smirks) Oh, I will.
(In the room)
Man: Oooohh, Let’s get down to business girl.
(He backs Nicki and starts taking off his clothes)
Nicki: (searches around the room) Ahah….
(Nicki sees a club sticking from under the bed, She immediately grabs it then whacks the man at the back of his head with it, knocking him out)
Nicki: (pants) I need to find a way out of here.
(Nicki checks for any means of escape, She looks outside the window and luckily, She doesn’t see any of Madame Laho’s guards)
Nicki: Perfect.
(She runs out of the room and heads for the balcony, She gets there and jumps down but sprains her ankle in the process)
Nicki: (clutches onto her ankle) Ah, My leg…
(Nicki heads to the main road, Unfortunately, She gets run over by a car)


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