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Braden and Bella episode 17 & 18

Braden and Bella
Episode 17
Written by Johnny Patel
(Mrs Marshall’s returns to Winterhaven)
Solange: Veronica! You’re back already?
Mrs Marshall: Yes…
Braden: (excitedly) Mom. Welcome back. (he hugs her)
Mrs Marshall: (poignantly) Thanks.
Braden: What’s the matter? You look upset. What happened to Dad?
Mrs Marshall: Braden, Your father is dead. He died yesterday evening, His lungs gave out.
Braden: (sighs) Even though I wasn’t close to him at all, He was still my father. May his soul rest in peace.
Mrs Marshall: His body was taken to the morgue yesterday. (sniffles) And I warned him but he didn’t listen. (tears drop down her cheeks)
Solange: (pats her) There’s nothing we can do, Crying wouldn’t bring him back…
(Hours later)
Solange: Veronica, I’m making noodles with sausage. Are you interested?
Mrs Marshall: No thanks. I don’t have any appetite.
Solange: You can’t tell me that. I’ll definitely make for you.
Mrs Marshall: I’m serious. I don’t feel like eating anything.
Solange: So you want to starve yourself over the death of Will? Look, Life has to go on. Don’t worry, I’ll just make something small for you cause I can’t let you go to bed hungry.
Mrs Marshall: If you insist.
(Later on)
Solange: How was it?
Mrs Marshall: Delicious. You’re a great cook.
Solange: Yup.
Mrs Marshall: That’s nice.
Solange: So Veronica, Have you called Bella since the last time she texted?
Mrs Marshall: You know she said I shouldn’t call her often because of cell reception.
Solange: What about texts?
Mrs Marshall: She does sends me text messages, Saying everything is alright.
Solange: Hmm, That doesn’t sound good. I mean, She’s supposed to reach out to you very often.
Mrs Marshall: But she does, Through text messages.
Solange: I meant through calls. (sighs) I hope she’s doing okay in Mexico City. Anyways, You should go and rest now. I’ll clean up.
Mrs Marshall: Alright sis.
(Madame Laho’s mansion)
Madame Laho: Wow, You girls did a great job today. I made extra money than I usually do. (looks at Bella) And it’s all thanks to you.
Bella: (looks at her with scorn)
Madame Laho: Anyways, Did any of the clients give you girls anything?
Amy: Yes Madame. One of the clients gave me $1,350.
Madame Laho: Ok, You can keep that. As a reward for your honesty.
Amy: Thank you ma.
Madame Laho: (looks at Bianca and Liana) For those of you that are always playing smart and not declaring what you’ve been given, Keep it up, Your reward is coming soon. You may leave now.
(Bella, Bianca, Amy and Liana leave her house)
Bianca: Amy or whatever they call you, You better don’t use your stupid eye service to spoil business for us!
Liana: Girl, What’s the meaning of the rubbish you did in there?
Amy: (confused) I was just obeying Madame Laho.
Bianca: Which stupid madam? Juliana, This girl is a big fool, Just listen to the way she talks…
Liana: Amy! If you don’t need this money, Bianca and I needs it! Stop behaving like a miss goody two shoes
Bianca: Juliana let’s go. I still wonder where they got this girl from, She’s just a very stupid person!
Bella: Hey, hey, hey….Don’t talk to my friend that way!
Bianca: And who the hell invited you in this conversation?
Amy: Bella please just leave them. Let’s go.
(Bella hisses loudly at Bianca)
Bianca: (To Liana) Who the hell did this bitch just hiss at?
Liana: (shrugs her shoulders)
Bianca: (To Bella) I’m gonna teach you some manners…
(Bianca takes off her one of her stiletto heel shoes and walks to Bella)
Bella: (threatenly) If you fucking touch me…
Bianca: (she stops in her path)
(Bella hisses at Bianca & Liana as she walks past them with Amy and they look on in bewilderment)
(That evening)
(In Mrs Marshall’s room)
Mrs Marshall: (groaning) Uhh… (She dreams while she sleeps)
(In her dreams, She’s in a beautiful meadow with Bella and she’s smiling and holding hands with her, Suddenly the clouds turn red and the flowers and trees turn brown and start dying and then a woman (Madame Laho) appears and chains Bella then takes her away….Mrs Marshall screams and wakes up in fright)
Mrs Marshall: (screams) BELLA!!!
Braden: (enters the room) Mom! What’s the matter? Why’d you scream?
Mrs Marshall: (pants heavily) I had a terrible nightmare.
Braden: About what?
Mrs Marshall: About Bella! She was with me then suddenly a woman appeared from nowhere and binded her in chains then took her away.
Braden: (puzzled) What could this mean?
Mrs Marshall: I don’t know but something is wrong, I can sense it. Where’s my phone?
Braden: It’s right here. (He hands it to her)
(Mrs Marshall calls Bella)
(In Madame Laho’s mansion)
Madame Laho: (she picks up Bella’s phone) Ugh, Who is this calling? (She checks the phone) “Mom”? Hmm, This must be Bella’s mom calling. (shouts) Mitch!
(He enters the living room)
Madame Laho: Go and fetch Bella from the hostel. Quickly!
Mitch: Yes Madame.
(Mitch leaves and goes to the hostel)
Mitch: (coldly) Bella. Madame Laho wants to see you right away.
Bella: What for?
Mitch: When you get there, You’ll know.
(Bella stares at Courtney and Amy worriedly as she leaves the hostel)
(Mitch returns to Madame Laho’s mansion with Bella, few minutes afterwards)
Bella: You sent for me?
Madame Laho: Apparently your Mom has been calling. (smirks) I want you to speak to her, To let her know that everything’s alright… (she signals Mitch)
(Mitch points a gun to Bella’s head)
Bella: (gasps) What are you doing?
Madame Laho: Oh, Just to make sure you co-operate.
(Madame Laho’s hands Bella the phone just as Mrs Marshall calls once again)
Mrs Marshall: (over the phone) Bella?
Bella: (fidgets) Yes Mom. It’s me.
Mrs Marshall: Have you gotten to Mexico City?
Bella: Yes Mom, I have. And I’m currently working in Madame Laho’s beauty company…
Mrs Marshall: But why didn’t you call to tell me?
Bella: (fidgets) Have you forgotten I told you there’s hardly any cell reception here, For some reason.
Mrs Marshall: Why do you sound so jittery?
Bella: Huh?
Mrs Marshall: I mean your voice is shaky.
Bella: Oh, I’m just tired that’s all.
Mrs Marshall: Bella are you sure you’re okay?
Bella: Yes Mom, I’m fine. Why wouldn’t I be?
Mrs Marshall: Please stay safe? I’m begging you.
Bella: You have nothing to worry Mom. I’m alright. By the way, How is everyone else?
Mrs Marshall: They’re all okay.
Bella: My regards to them.
Mrs Marshall: No problem my dear. Take care.
Bella: And you too.
(She drops the call)
Mitch: (he snatches the phone back from Bella)
Madame Laho: (To Bella) That’s my girl. Very co-operative…. (grins evilly)
Braden and Bella
Episode 18
(In Mrs Marshall’s room)
Braden: So what did she say?
Mrs Marshall: She said she’s okay.
Braden: Why didn’t you inform her about Dad’s demise?
Mrs Marshall: If I did, She would be too distraughted and that’ll make her lose focus in her work and I didn’t want that to happen. I’ll let her know when the time is right.
(Mexico City)
(At the brothel)
(A man enters and Bianca rushes to him)
Bianca: Hi.
(The man ignores her and goes to meet Bella)
Man: Wow, You’re really pretty. I’ll take you.
Bella: No problem. But I’ll have you know that I’m not a cheap commodity. When we get to the room, We’ll discuss.
Man: (smiles) Fine by me.
(Bella takes the man to one of the rooms)
Bianca: (enraged) How dare that man ignore me and go to meet that worthless scamp.
Liana: Don’t worry babe, Just leave that girl alone. More clients will come.
Bianca: Nahh, I can’t let this slide. Anyways, She’ll still come back outside. And I’ll be waiting for her.
(Later on)
Man: Thank you Bella. You really satisfied me.
Bella: (smiles) My pleasure…
Man: I’ll be back.
Bella: (smirks) And I’ll be waiting. Bye!
(The man exits the brothel)
Bianca: (about Bella) I still wonder why some people act like they own the brothel. If I wanted that man, I would have gotten him!
Bella: (mockingly) But you didn’t get him, Did you? Instead, He chose me!
Bianca: Who the hell do you’re talking to that way? You know what? I’m sure that man gave you some money, Hand it over!
Bella: Hand what over? Look, If you fuckin’ touch me, I’mma open your head here!
Bianca: (angrily) This bitch thinks i’m joking….
(Bianca furiously drags Bella’s wrist, In retaliation, Bella slaps her across the face)
Bella: How dare you touch me?!
Bianca: (enraged) You slapped me? You gonna die tonight!
(Bianca grabs a bottle, Luckily, Mitch and Cade separates them before the fight escalates)
Mitch: (sternly) What’s wrong with you two? Do you want to wreck the brothel? You better behave yourselves or else I’ll take you both to Madame Laho and she definitely won’t be lenient with you.
(Bella hisses at Bianca and she goes to sit down as she chews her bubble gum noisily)
(Later that day)
(At the girl’ hostel )
(Bianca and Liana sneaks into Bella’s room and sees her fast asleep)
Bianca: (quietly) Good. She’s asleep.
Liana: (quietly) Babe, I feel really bad about this.
Bianca: You don’t need to. This is our revenge for everything she’s done to us. Ever since she came into this place, She’s been stealing all our clients. Now’s the time for payback.
Liana: But still…
Bianca: Ugh, Stop being a scaredy cat and do as I say…
Liana: Fine. What should I do?
Bianca: (hands her a razor blade) I want you to shave her hair and when you’re done, Cut and destroy all her shimmering bags and accessories while I’ll look for anything valuable to pilfer.
(Liana tiptoes to Bella as she sleeps)
Bianca: Hold on.
Liana: Why?
(Bianca tiptoes to Bella)
Bianca: (looks at the money sticking out of Bella’s bumshots) Look at this fat wad of cash. I’ll take it.
(When Bianca touches Bella, She immediately wakes up and grips her wrist firmly)
Bella: What are you trying to do?
Bianca: (struggles to break free) Argh! Let me go!
Bella: Ohhh, So you two came in here to steal amd harm me isn’t it? (shouts) Courtney! Amy!
(Courtney and Amy enters the room)
Courtney: What is it?
Bella: (points at Bianca & Liana) These two wanted to steal my money, harm me and destroy my things.
Courtney: Ahhh, Alright then… (she grabs a belt)
Liana: Oh no…
(Liana runs out of the room)
Courtney: Amy, Get her!
Bella: Leave her. (looks at Bianca) We’ll deal with this one.
(Bella, Courtney and Amy gang up on Bianca and starts beating her up ferociously, They whack her with belt, bite her, scratch her, pull her hair while she screams for help. Mitch and Cade are alerted by the noise and enter the room)
Mitch: What’s the noise all about?
Bella: Bianca snuck in here to harm me and steal my money.
Bianca: That’s a lie. I didn’t steal her money…
(Bella backhands her)
Bella: Shut up!
Mitch: You know what? We’ll take you girls to Madame Laho. She’ll know how to settle this…Let’s go!
(Mitch and Cade takes Bella, Bianca, Courtney and Amy to Madame Laho)
Madame Laho: What transpired between you girls?
Bella: (points at Bianca) She stole my money!
Madame Laho: She stole your money? So that’s why you want to bring down the girl’s hostel, Huh?
(Bella stays silent)
Madame Laho: So you girls have time to fight when you should be out there earning me some money. (enraged) Will you all get to brothel and start making me some money!
Bella, Bianca, Courtney & Amy: Yes ma.
(Mitch leads them out of the house)
Madame Laho: (hisses) Stupid girls.
(At King Anderson’s palace)
(Princess Madeline relaxes on the lounge)
Cook: (she brings a tray of food) Your food is ready my princess.
Princess Madeline: Thank you Gladys but I’m not hungry.
Cook: Oh, But you always crave spring rolls days like this.
Princess Madeline: Not today. I just don’t feel like eating it, But you can have it.
Cook: Okay thank you my princess.
(She leaves with the tray, Shortly, Braden enters the lounge)
Braden: Still sulking?
Princess Madeline: (she sits up from the couch) I just can’t stop over thinking what happened. I think I need to visit a psycho therapist.
Braden: Not really. You just need to free your mind and guess what? Dancing can help you in doing that.
Princess Madeline: Really?
Braden: Yeah…
Princess Madeline: I didn’t know.
(Braden puts on music)
Braden: (dances)
Princess Madeline: Wow, You’re a really good dancer.
Braden: (stretches out his hand to her) Come on, Dance with me.
Princess Madeline: I’m not really good…
Braden: Don’t worry, I’ll show you the ropes.
Princess Madeline: (smiles shyly) Okay…
(Braden takes her hand and they dance together)
Music: (plays)🎵 Te amo, te amo, She says to me, I hear the pain in her voice…. Then we danced underneath the candelabra, She takes the lead, That’s when I saw it in her eyes, It’s over. Then she said…. 🎵
Braden: (mouths) Te amo, Te amo…
Princess Madeline: What does it mean?
Braden: (mouths) I love you.
Music: (plays) 🎵Then she said te amo, Then she put her hand around me waist I told her no, She cried te amo, I told her I’m not gonna run away, But let me go….My soul is awry, Without asking why, I said te amo, Wish somebody’d tell me what she said? Don’t it mean I love you, Think it means I love you, Don’t it mean I love you…🎵
(Braden holds Princess Madeline by the waist as she dances with him, Just then, Katrina enters the room and sees them being intimate)


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