Bossy maid Episode 8

👩🏼‍🦱👩‍🍳Bossy maid👩🏼‍🦱👩‍🍳
(👩‍💼🎀She’s the boss👩‍💼🎀, 👨‍💼🤫I’m the maid🤫👨‍💼)
❣️ Written by Haryormideh Ayeni ❣️
🌺🌺🧸 Episode eight🌺🌺🧸
Courtney 💖💖
“What condition?” I asked curiously
“Never bring up my mother, never set me up with any girl and never ever ask me to take the trash out”
“That’s more than a condition” I raised a eyebrow.
“Lastly” he continued, ignoring my remark “if you ever try what do did this night, I’m skinning you alive. Okay?”
” Fine accepted” I rolled my eyes
He shook my hands firmly and we both looked at each other sternly.
“Cool CounterKnee, I mean Courtney”
“Movies?” I asked
He looked at me like I’ve grown two heads.
“Just to seal our truce” I shrugged “go and prepare the living room, I’ll make popcorns.” I said and left before he could argue.
Donald ☘️☘️
Why did she suddenly ask for a truce?? I hope she has nothing up her sleeve again though she sounded sincere.
It’ll take a lot of effort to call her Courtney instead of CounterKnee.
We shook each other after the agreement. I was still thinking about her change when she suddenly suggested movies.
I was astonished, movies?
And without waiting for my reply, she gave out orders again. She really is bossy just like Flynn said and I don’t think she’ll st©p being bossy after our truce.
I sighed tiredly and went to prepare the cinema room instead.
I put in the video and paused it, waiting for her.
First she c@m£ in with two big buckets of popcorns, went out and c@m£ back with twelve cans in soda.
I looked at her in question.
“What can I say?” She shrugged “I have a very big appetite and it gets bigger whenever I’m angry or sad or nervous”
“Oh” I managed to say and watched her throw in popcorns in her mouth.
I hit the pl@ybu-tton and we began watching a crime movie. When she ate one bucket to half, she picked up the other bucket and poured half of it’s content into the one with her and gave me the remaining.
I looked at her in question.
She shrugged and was about retracting her hands. I gr@bb£d the bucket quic-kly and collected it.
I faced the TV and we watched the movie on silent.
Deciding to strike a conversation, I paused the movie and faced her.
“Why did you pause it?” She queried
“Do you have parents” I asked instead
Her gaze turned ha-rd immediately “No”
“Fiancee, children?”
“No!!” Her voice went a tone higher.
Her gaze turned ha-rd with each question, I feared her eyes would turn rock
I decided not to ask more questions and concentrated on the movie instead
Courtney 🍁🍁
Gosh….why did he decide to ask silly questions when I’m enjoying the movie. I guess my answers must not have plea-sed him because he st©pped asking me questions.
How am I going to tell him about the d@t£ Eva set him up on?? This is so difficult.
After the movie, I cleared my throat and turned to him, praying he won’t flare up.
“Eva set you up on a d@t£” I said softly.
“Sorry?” He scrunched up his face in confusion.
“I said Eva set you up on a d@t£ and she wants you to be there on Wednesday.”
“I’m not going”
“I’d advice you to go, you know Eva”
” I have lot of things to the at work and lots of files to sort”
“If you don’t mind, I can help” I tried giving him a smile but it seems it c@m£ out like a grimace because he frowned.
“plea-se don’t smile that way, it scares me” he turned back to the blank TV
Ugh….. I give up
“And you can definitely try helping me out with the files. They’re a lot and Flynn isn’t helping.”
“Okay deal, I help you out, you go on the d@t£”
He nodded in response and stood up “good night”
“Good night” I replied and tidied up.
Donald ☘️☘️
Flynn called in sick so office was kind of boring to me. I instructed an employee to pack the files I nee-d to sort out to my office and closed for the day when he was throu-gh.
I entered the house and found CounterKnee cooking, she was sweating a little too and suddenly I began to see her from another light. She probably just nee-ds money urgently else she should be in college studying, not here working as a maid.
“Oh you’re back” she said when she noticed my pres£nce.
“Yeah, Flynn called in sick” I replied and walked in fully into the kitchen
“Okay guess I won’t have to pack you lunch then. Brou-ght the files?”
“Good, go set the table, I’ll be right out”
I nodded went to the dining.
Wait? I obeyed without argument???!
After the meal,
I brou-ght in the files. She immediately started sorting you while I talked to my clients online.
She sat cross-legged on the floor and looked pretty serious while she sorted out.
We both worked endlessly and tirelessly.
“What time is it?” I asked her
She shrugged and continued sorting
“It’s past ten pm, we should go to be-d. We can continue tomorrow.”
“Go to be-d, I’ll continue”
“Huh? Don’t worry let’s stay up together then”
“What’s it like? I mean your work. Do you love it?” She glanced up
“Yeah I do, very much. I feel very much fulfilled because it’s my dream job”
“I hope I can say that one day too” she said softly
“What do you want to become?”
“A lawyer”
“I want to stand for people and give my voice to those that are voiceless”
Courtney 🍁🍁
I didn’t expect him to come home early and was preparing lunch when he c@m£ in.
It’s surprising he really brou-ght the files and even more surprising he went without complaint when I asked him to set the table.
I told Eva about our deal while he was out and she told me he ever let anyone t©uçhes his files or anything in his office that’s paper related, not even Flynn.
I wondered why he trusts me then to help him out.
I was really happy I would be doing another thing other than cleaning, watching TV and taking courses online.
I’ve always imagined myself in an office and on a corporate dress. I hope that dream comes true soon.
I worked all night and saw I had only done quarter of it.
We both worked throu-ghout the next day too.
The d@t£ day🌷
Donald 🥀
I dressed up for the d@t£ like I’ve always done on past d@t£s and entered the restaurant where my supposed d@t£ is.
I met her drinking a coffee.
“Hi” I greeted her
“Hey” she replied
The girl looked really beautiful but you’d know at first glance that she’s a rich spoilt br@t.
“What will you order?” She asked
“I’m not ordering, I have food waiting for me at home”
Throu-gh out the entire afternoon, I ba-rely said a word to my d@t£ which creeped her out. She ended the d@t£ herself and walked out of the restaurant quic-kly after muttering ‘weirdo’
I knew if she ended the d@t£ herself, Eva wouldn’t scold me and start with her advices.
I got home in the evening and found Courtney pacing around, looking very worried, she didn’t notice my pres£nce.
“What’s it?” I asked with a frown
“Nothing, how did the d@t£ go?”
“Are you worried about me?” I asked
“No I was worried for the poor girl. You didn’t do anything to make her cry, did you?”
“No, I didn’t” I should have known Eva would fill her up on the past and failed d@t£s she set me on
“No I didn’t eat there” I answered and re-moved my jacket
“Huh? Why?”
“I told them I have food waiting at home for me. I don’t eat outside except on very rare occasions” I replied though the truth is I prefer her meal over theirs.
She shook her head and disappeared into the kitchen while I sat patiently in the living room.
She appeared with a tray and set it in the table in front of me then continued with the files.
Why I gave her the files to help with, I don’t know.
Maybe Flynn is right, I’ve been alone far too long. I should perhaps just let her stay, maybe we can be real friends.