Bossy maid Episode 7

👩🏼‍🦱👩‍🍳Bossy maid👩🏼‍🦱👩‍🍳
(👩‍💼🎀She’s the boss👩‍💼🎀, 👨‍💼🤫I’m the maid🤫👨‍💼)
❣️ Written by Haryormideh Ayeni ❣️
🌺🌺🧸 Episode seven🌺🌺🧸
Courtney 💖💖
“Your mother said you nee-d a wife so I brou-ght these girl for you to choose from or you nee-d more girls?” I queried and looked at me.
He looked furious, seems I struck a nerve.
“Report to her that I Donald Wilson would never accept anything from her definitely neither of these sluts. Tell her I said she’s has no say over my life and if she keeps these up, she’s going to cease being my mother” he fired at me and went to the kitchen angrily.
I decided not to argue with him so I faced the ladies instead “Okay girls, our guy isn’t interested. If he eventually picks any, I’ll let you know” I saw them off and made to go to my room when I noticed the floor. I don’t know where he got the dirts from within a short period of time and there was a lot of them on the floor, going from the kitchen to the hallway and to other be-drooms.
He emerged from one of the rooms, still very angry. “If you had better things to do or a house to clean, you wouldn’t follow her orders” he said and threw a roll of trash bags at me before going out.
His mother had been the one to s£nd me a text last time, begging me to get her son a girlfriend.
I watched his retreating figure disappear into the woods with a thought in mind “what exactly happened between mother and son?”
My phone rang, I checked the ID and answered.
📞”Hello?” I said into the phone
📞”Hey love” Eva replied “gotten home yet?”
📞”Yes” I answered, I wasn’t used to getting attention or care from others and Eva isn’t going to change that.
📞”Oh C’mon, Don’t you have feelings at all? You seem aloof, even your smile back there was fake. Go out there, have fun, smile genuinely and make friends, want me to set you up on a d@t£? Donald wouldn’t mind a bit”
The thought of loos£ning up and becoming my former self scared me so much, I slid down the wall and sat on the floor to catch my breath.
📞”Hello? Are you there?” Eva asked
📞”Yeah sure” I breathed out, grateful I wasn’t having panic attack “I don’t nee-d a d@t£ too”
📞”Oh well suit yourself, help me make Donald go on a d@t£. I alre-ady set him up on one. I’ll s£nd the address to you later, it’s next tomorrow”
📞”Bu…..” I tried protesting
📞”No buts…. thanks I love you” she hung up, just like that.
I shook my head in exasperation and started cleaning.
It took me hours, when I was throu-gh, I put the trash bags on the front door steps and locked all doors that led outside from inside and patiently await his return.
Donald 😡😡
I was very angry. How dare they??? Putting off with her is enough trouble.
No matter what happens, I’ll always respect ladies that’s why I didn’t use pepper spray on the ladies I saw.
I walked de-ep into the woods I’m now very familiar with to let out steam.
Staying in the woods and listening to the birds chirp helped calm my angry self.
The rain I had earlier thought would fall only drizzled a bit and the sun c@m£ out.
I lost track of time as I sat in the woods. When I saw the clouds getting dark, I stood up and made my way back home.
I got to the front door and jingled the door knob, it was closed and two trash bags were sitting on the steps.
“Glad you’re back. Take the bags to the can before I left you in” CounterKnee voice c@m£ throu-gh the door.
“WTH!!! I’m going to kill you today. Open the damn door” I screamed and kicked at the door. How can I be locked out from my own house??
“Take the trash to the can” she replied flatly.
Going to cool off in a bar isn’t the best since I’m not a fan of alcohol even if I go get drun!k, I would come back to the locked door. WTF!! Going to Flynn’s isn’t an option because of Eva.
I shouted in frustration and carried the trash to the can, closing with a clang.
” Done” I shouted “now open this door!”
“Will you litter the ground again?” She asked.
“Hell no, your point has been taken” I spat in anger.
She opened the door and let me in.
Courtney 🧡🧡
I opened the door slowly and let me in. I know locking him out is crazy but he was to st©p littering the floor to make me work unnecessarily.
He looked at me with so much anger and distaste. I’ve never seen him this way.
“Sire…” I called out.
He ignored me and entered his room, slamming his door so ha-rd I thought it would rip off the hinges. Oh boy,he really is angry, now he just made his point. He doesn’t appreciate my pres£nce here.
I locked the door and made my way to his room. I knocked twice before entering.
He was staring out the window, his b©dy visibly shaking.
I plopped myself down on his be-d and sat up quic-kly.
Wait since he has never allowed me into his room, not even to clean, I shouldn’t l@yon his be-d right? But who cares??
I la-id down on the be-d again, it’s so soft and comfy. “Gosh I’m so tired”
“I don’t get” he turned to me, venom in his voice and eyes ” who the fu-ck are you? You enter my life and everything changes!”
“Easy there Mister. Let’s call a truce” I sat up and looked at him in the eye for effect.
The anger and venom dissipated from his b©dy instantly and was replaced with surprise, “Truce?”
“Yeah Truce, we’ll neither be friends nor enemies. We’ll respect each other, I’ll st©p blackmailing you too. I don’t have a business with your personal life and you’ll st©p calling me CounterKnee, my name is Courtney.” I stretched my hand forward for a handshake.
“So Truce?” I asked again when I wasn’t getting an answer.
“No way, No truce. You’ll always keep infuriating me. There’s no way that can work, just let me be!” He answered.
“Hello, I’m trying to amend things between us”
“So??? Fine on one condition”
“What condition?” I asked curiously
🖊️ Haryor Writes 🖊️
Any guesses on the condition?