Bossy maid Episode 6

👩🏼‍🦱👩‍🍳Bossy maid👩🏼‍🦱👩‍🍳
(👩‍💼🎀She’s the boss👩‍💼🎀, 👨‍💼🤫I’m the maid🤫👨‍💼)
❣️ Written by Haryormideh Ayeni ❣️
🌺🌺🧸 Episode six🌺🌺🧸
Donald 🍂🍂
I grumbled as made my way to my car. Personal and official phone. Hmph.
I parked in the reserved place meant for me and entered the building. It’s funny how I achieved things quic-kly after my ex left. “My office” I said to Flynn who was chatting away with the receptionist.
The smile on his froze and he trailed slowly behind me. I opened my office and dropped the lunch bag on my table and loos£ned my tie a little.
“Didn’t I ask you not to eat the food yesterday?” I glowered at him.
“I-I thought you wouldn’t eat it and I don’t want the food to waste” he looked at anywhere but me.
I slumped down on my chair, swiveling it around as I pondered on if I should give in to her demands or not. Well I don’t have a choice, do I?
“I nee-d phone” I said to Flynn
“Don’t you have one?”
“Well did I say it’s for me?”
“You have a girlfriend?” His face brightened.
“No, it’s for CounterKnee”
“Ohhh…” He looked at me, waiting for me to explain further.
“Yeah and employ a driver for her too. Apparently she nee-ds a driver to go to the grocery sto-re”
“I love her guts” Flynn said in admiration.
“I hate her guts. She’s like a pest I can’t get rid off as much as I want to, she’s always blackmailing me! I don’t even know the adjective to qualify her?”
“She’s strict?” Flynn suggested.
“No no, that’s not it”
“No, she’s not harsh. She just…..”
“Do you mean bossy?” He wriggled his eyebrows.
“Yeah” I snapped my f!ngers”perfect. She’s a bossy maid”
“I like the sound of that. Can I eat your lunch?” Flynn asked
“No” I snapped at him and you had better get to ordering the phone and getting a driver if you don’t want her here”
Courtney 💃💃
I heard a knock on the door and went towards it with a frown. Did Donald forget something??
I opened the door and found a delivery man standing at the entrance.
“Are you Bossy maid?” He asked.
“Bossy maid? I questioned to be sure I heard the right thing.
“Yeah that’s what’s written here”
“Oh okay, I guess”
“This is for you” he gave me a package and made me sign before he left.
I shifted the large box of pizza sitting on the table and unwra-pped the package.
It was a phone with girly designs. I switched on the phone and a message popped on the screen.
I cli-cked on it with a smile 💬 Hi Bossy maid. Here’s the phone you ordered and your food is really delicious. I’m always at your service. Flynn💬
I shook my head and immediately did away with my old phone after transferring all the useful files to the new one and continued chewing on my pizza.
He bought the phone. Another message popped in 💬Your driver will be with you tomorrow after Donald leaves for work and plea-se package a food for two tomorrow, Donald wouldn’t share with me💔 -Flynn💬
He got me a driver too.
My old phone beeped, alerting me of a new message. I skimmed throu-gh the contents and switched the phone off.
Weekend 🤗
I dropped the food basket on the gras-s and la-id a big cloth. We are having a picnic and as a maid, my pres£nce is nee-ded.
Donald sat on the cloth, I noticed he has been avoiding me, maybe he doesn’t want me to make a request again, I stood behind him on the watch out for Flynn and his family.
“Can you plea-se sit down? Having you as a maid is enough, I don’t nee-d you act as s guard too”
“No” I replied and stood straighter, imitating a soldier’s stand.
I eventually sp©tted them. His wife is what I call the perfect definition of beauty. She has the b©dy of a model, eyes and hair of an angel and smile that brightens day. I started to feel self conscious and wondered if the short floral was okay enough.
“Hello” She c@m£ over to hvg and k!$$£d my cheeks. I like her instantly.
“I’m Courtney” I introduced to myself.
“I’m Eva and these are my children” she nodded at a five year boy and three year old girl.
“Hi guys” I waved at the children.
“Let’s sit” I gestured to the big cloth on the floor.
“Sure and let’s have a woman to woman talk” she cast a worry glance at Donald who was looking at our entire exchange silently.
We formed a circle on the cloth while Eva dished out the food. Her children went out to pl@ywith other kids.
“Courtney, do you know Donald loves drawing?” Flynn asked.
My eyes perked up “Really?”
Donald gave a Flynn a cold stare and dug into his food angrily.
“So he can draw very well?” I asked
“He’s super good at it” Flynn said
“Courtney, I know Donald has been giving you trouble lately but can you plea-se bear with him for our sakes? He can be such a d!¢khead at times”
“Mygawd Eva!” I faked surprise “How do you know?”
“See Flynn? I told you he’ll trouble her” Eva turned to her husband.
Flynn shared a glance with Donald who opened his mouth to object.
I sh0t him a look that shut him up instantly but he mumbled something un-der his breath about the injustice of life.
“If the situation is intense, call me” she punched her numbers in my phone.
I nodded un-derstandingly and gave Donald a mischievous look which he returned with a glare.
If he’s looking at me this way, I wonder what he’ll do when he sees what I have prepared for him at home.
Donald 😩😭
We were having the pinic quietly until Flynn and Eva opened their mouth to ruin everything. First Flynn told her I can draw, that’s too personal for her to know.
I ate my food angrily and glanced up when I heard Eva talking.
“Courtney, I know Donald has been giving you trouble lately but can you plea-se bear with him for our sakes? He can be such a d!¢khead at times”
What’s Eva saying? It’s CounterKnee that’s giving me trouble not the other way round.
“Mygawd Eva!” CounterKnee replied in what I know is fake surprise “How do you know?”
“See Flynn? I told you he’ll trouble her” Eva turned to her husband.
This is unbelievable!! I opened my mouth to defend myself but she me that look, that blackmailing keep your mouth shut look. I snapped my mouth shut in anger.
“If the situation is intense, call me” Eva gave her number to CounterKnee.
She looked at me with a eyes full of mischief and I glared at her in response then suddenly, she broke out in a smile.
“Mister, do you want more?” She asked with smiles and made to give me another plate of food.
“No” I replied quic-kly and looked at her suspiciously, what’s she up to this time? She has never smiled at me, why’s she smiling now?
“Awwwn… she’s so cute” Eva cooed to her husband.
I found myself scared of her suspicious smile, I think it’s better if she frowns instead.
“Um guys…. I think it’s going to rain let’s head home” I looked at the clouds which was darkening the sky.
We have p@rting hvgs and k!sses and they went to their car while CounterKnee trailed behind me still giving me that eerie smile.
I drove us home unable to shake off the feeling I was having.
CounterKnee rushed inside and left the food basket for me to carry. I sighed tiredly and left the basket in the car.
I entered the living room and found about ten different ladies sitting.
CounterKnee was standing beside one of them with a very stern look.
I knew it! All her smiles were pretentious.
I ignored them and made to go my room but her voice st©pped me in my tracks.
“Your mother said you nee-d a wife so I brou-ght these girl for you to choose from or you nee-d more girls?”
🖊️ Haryor Writes 🖊️