Bossy maid Episode 4

👩🏼‍🦱👩‍🍳Bossy maid👩🏼‍🦱👩‍🍳
(👩‍💼🎀She’s the boss👩‍💼🎀, 👨‍💼🤫I’m the maid🤫👨‍💼)
❣️ Written by Haryormideh Ayeni ❣️
🌺🌺🧸 Episode four🌺🌺🧸
Donald 🍂🍂
Now I’m convinced that girl was s£nt by my mother, she isn’t a maid as she claims to me.
Flynn went home late last night so he wouldn’t get scolded by his wife.
My phone rang, I looked at the caller’s ID and hit ignore. Seconds later, a message c@m£ in.
💬 I love you too baby, you have no idea what your words mean to me. You should have told me instead of Courtney. love mum 💬
I hit the reply bu-tton furiously 💬 Okay ma’am, I don’t know what you must have heard from your Ally. Just know it’s quite the opposite. I don’t love you and never will. It would be better if you tell her to leave my fu-cking house 💬 I replied and dressed up for the day’s work in anger.
My stomach rumbled in anger as I remembered last night. I had wanted to serve myself food when CounterKnee c@m£ over and said the food is solely for guests and since I’m not one, I have no right to eat it. I had no choice than to leave quietly in order not to cause a scene.
I wore my socks and shoes, carried my black back pack on my left shoulder and exited my room.
The living room was sp©tless, you would never know a dinner p@rty was hosted there yesterday.
I entered the kitchen and poured myself a cu-p of milk.
“Morning Mister, after drinking the milk, go wait in the dining room. Food is almost re-ady” she said with her back to me.
“Who says I was going to wait for breakfast?”
“It’s your choice, it only leaves more food for me to eat.” She replied.
I grudgingly went to the dining room and waited. Had it been I wasn’t hungry, I would have walked out on her.
She dropped a plate of scrambled eggs and a glas-s of orange jui-ce. “Eat up fast”
“You got my message from your mother?” She asked.
I chose to ignore her and focused on eating.
“Good, if you try s£nding me out again, it would be the media this time. Like I said I want to work for my money and your mother is paying a lot”
I finished the food and gobbled down the jui-ce. “Goodbye, I’m off”
“Hey hey, wait!”
I st©pped and turned around “yeah?”
See those bags, she pointed towards three trash bags I hadn’t notice at the kitchen entrance.
“Take them out!”
“Sorry?” I managed to utter out after seconds of silence.
“Yeah, you heard me. You invited the guests, I cleaned your house, you should take the trash out”
I eyed her acidly and continued my journey to the front door.
“If you take a foot out of that door, I’m calling the media. I heard they’re pretty interested in you.”
I turned around exasperatedly and opened my mouth to talk.
“Shhhh… don’t talk. Anything you say can be use against you by me” she said sternly.
I swallowed back my words and looked at her, debating.
I went towards the trash bags and picked them up. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
“Don’t worry Mister, I’m only training you on housekeeping in case I leave”
I scoffed in response and slammed the front door.
I dropped the trash bags in the trash cans and entered my car.
I was about driving out when she knocked on the car window. I rolled it down and looked at her expectedly.
” You forgot this” she said and threw a lunch pack on the seat “buh- bye”
I rolled the window up and drove to the office in a foul mood.
“What’s it?” Flynn asked as soon as I entered my office.
“Can you believe this, she made me take the trash out and called my mother, telling her that I love her”
“She’s good at ma-king her points” Flynn grinned.
“What do I do?”
“Nothing else the media might have an interesting story on you which would affect the company.”
“You never give a good advice”
“Thank heavens you know” he smiled
“What’s that?” He added indicating at the lunch pack sitting on the table. Why did I even take it?
“Nothing much”
“She packed lunch for you?”
“Yeah!!! Do I look like kindergarten to her?”
“Can I have it if you aren’t going to eat it?” Flynn asked
I s£nt daggers to him “I’m lamenting and you are talking about food. Do you ever not think about anything else but food?”
“No… I mean yes like for example someone made an order online to see one of the most beautiful jewelry from the accessories dep@rtment. Maybe you should take the other out so you can have a clear head.”
“For once in your life, you gave a good idea. Package the order and give me”
“Yes Boss” he saluted and went out.
He c@m£ in minutes later with a package.
“Thanks” I stood up and gr@bb£d my car keys.
“Can we talk about the food now?” He asked.
“No and don’t t©uçh it” I said sternly when I saw his hands moving closer to the pack.
Getting the address where I saw to meet the client was difficult. After much stress, I located the coffee shop.
I went directly to the third booth where I was told the client would be waiting for me.
“Here’s your package ma’am” I said sat in the booth opposite the woman waiting.
She took off her glas-ses.
I opened my mouth to talk but nothing c@m£ out.
“Hi Mister, I forgot to add water and an apple jui-ce to your lunch” she said and pas-sed a paper bag to me. “Have a nice day and by the way, the jewelry is beautiful.” She stood.
Okay….this is getting out of hand. I turned to give her a piece of my mind but she had alre-ady left.
I went back to work and refused to talk to anyb©dy. When I entered my office, the lunch bag wasn’t there anymore thanks to Flynn I know.
Courtney ❣️
I didn’t want to visit his company since we aren’t close so I did the only thing I could think of which is placing an order and prayed either him or Flynn would come out to deliver the order instead.
Luck shone on me when I saw him enter the coffee shop. I got down to business and gave him the water and apple drink I forgot to add to his lunch bag.
I strolled the environment before going home.
I watched movies till night fall. It was 9pm and he wasn’t back from work.
At last, he opened the front door around 10pm. I know he’s still angry at me and I don’t see why he has to be angry. I only wanted to give him water and his apple drink. Can’t I get a thank you for that??
“Good welcome” I said quic-kly, not giving him a chance to talk ” I was waiting for you. Go to the kitchen and heat up your food, it’s on the cabinet and when you’re throu-gh, close the shutters, switch off the lights, lock the doors and retire to your room. Good night”
I went to my room and soa-ked myself in a h0t tub.