Bossy maid Episode 3

👩🏼‍🦱👩‍🍳Bossy maid👩🏼‍🦱👩‍🍳
(👩‍💼🎀She’s the boss👩‍💼🎀, 👨‍💼🤫I’m the maid🤫👨‍💼)
🌺🌺🧸 Episode Three🌺🌺🧸
Donald 😡😡
“What the actual fu-ck!” I swore un-der my breath in anger. “Didn’t you say you’re a maid?” I glared at the back of her head.
I’m sure if looks could kill, she would be ten feets below the ground.
“Doesn’t mean I shouldn’t relax a bit besides we both own the house. The only difference is you’re the one paying the bills while I do the cleaning” she replied still without looking at me.
“I’m your boss here so you should listen to me” I yelled “now clear the table”
“Sorry boss, you gave the wrong order. Now why don’t you take off your shoes, head to your room, re-move your clothes and have a cold shower” she finally turned to me and gave me a glance before turning back to the TV.
“Very good Counterknee” I replied “I want you out of my house this minute. Who do you think you are?”
“It’s actually Courtney” she corrected “and your maid”
“Get out!”
“Are you sure you want that? If I step a foot out of this house, I’m telling your mother how you claim you love her…”
“Who said I love her?”
“No one but she would believe me and immediately pack her belongings here then I’ll report to the media that you’re still in love with your ex, I bet you have her picture in your wallet and loner”
Ohgawd…… what’s she now, a witch??
“No one would believe you.”
“Really, are you forgetting I’m a girl? Think about what will happen to your company if the news gets out. Their most loved CEO who is cold to them still loves his ex. News flash”
“Are you blackmailing me now?” I frowned at her.
“Ohmahgawd….am I?” She replied in mock surprise. “Just let me be and I’ll be out of your hair in no time”
I scoffed and stormed to my room. I took my bath and sle-pt with a empty stomach, not that I was hungry anyway.
The following day,
I woke up very early at 3 am and emptied p@rt of the trash cans in the living room, pas-sage toilets and bathrooms, excluding my room and the kitchen then went back to sleep.
Four hours later when I woke up, the house was sp©tless and Counterknee was no where to be found.
I was really surprised and just as I was wondering where she was, she c@m£ out of the kitchen with a plate in her hands.
She set the table and ba-rely looked at me.
I sat on a chair and picked a spoon. “I see you’re pretty good at doing your job huh?”
“Yeah sure” she replied and sat opposite me, digging into her food immediately.
I stabbe-d my fork on the small meats in the food to taste.
It’s been long I ate a food someone else cooked. I put the meat in my mouth and chew, the taste was heavenly. I dug into the food instantly as my stomach rumbled.
She’s not only a maid but she can cook even better than the woman I hate.
I saw her sneaking a glance at me, her face neutral.
I cleared my throat and motioned to the food, “how could you prepare this?” I asked
“What’s wrong?”
“Everything, it’s tasteless”
“And you finished it within a twi-nkle of an eye?” She mocked
I looked at my plate, there were only a few crumbs remaining in the plate. “I ate all because I was hungry” I replied bluntly
“Really?” She taunted.
“Ugh…….. I’m not having this conversation, especially with an ordinary maid” I stood up.
Something fli-ckered throu-gh her eyes, it went away before I could identify it.
This girl better goes back from where she’s coming home, I’m not used with people being familiar with my house except from Flynn and his family. I decided to try again.
“I’m giving you another chance, I give you a signed check, you write any amount you want and you leave my house” I said
“Not interested” she fli-pped me off
“Okay cool. I’m organizing a p@rty this night and you’re to prepare over 60 variety of food.” I told her. Where did I get this idea from?
She moved her gaze to me in shock ” on a short notice?” She asked.
“Yeah, be expecting 40 guests or more” I replied and walked out, worrying how I’ll get the guests to come on short notice.
Courtney 🤪🤪
Hahaha, is this guy trying to be heartless? To him he has given me a very difficult task. I laughed out loud
Well, preparing over 60 different type of dishes. How do I do that? He didn’t even give me money nor dropped credit card.
I put a call throu-gh his mother and told her about my predic@m£nt. She was very happy instead and kept on gushing about how it’s the first time in ages her son is hosting a p@rty. Can’t she see he’s only doing it because of me??! She transferred money to my account almost immediately after we hung up.
I changed my clothes and went to the grocery sto-re to shop and to put a call throu-gh to a chef company. Although cooking is my hobby, I nee-d all the as-sistance I can get.
I began cooking with the help of eight other chef. I know better than to allow them to cook, they only as-sisted me with the chores and slicing.
By 5pm I was throu-gh and very tired. I paid the workers and made to have a quic-k nap. I had ba-rely closed my eyes when the doorbell rang.
“Who’s it?” I wondered because I know Donald wouldn’t knock on his door.
I opened the door to reveal a frowning Donald. Guess I was wrong then.
“Why did it take you so long to open the door?”
” I didn’t expect it to be you waiting on the other side”
“Hope everything is re-ady?”
“Yes the hall is re-ady for your dinner night” I replied and locked the door. “Open it with your keys now Mister” I shouted and strolled to my room, ignoring his swear words
I watched as the guests c@m£ in, in surprise as though they couldn’t believe they are in Donald’s house. I wondered why it was that way.
I didn’t have to worry much as a low conversation drifted to my ears.
“I still can’t believe I’m standing in Donald Wilson’s house. Our aloof and icy CEO” someone said
“Yeah who would believe that, I depises crowded places and p@rties ever since his failed wedding.”
I re-ad about that on the net so it’s not surprising to hear them gossiping
“Yeah….. Heard he hates his mother too.”
“I think there’s something going on between them” another said.
Donald’s mother called me again and thanked me for the good work.
“I heard you’re a good p@rty organizer and the night is going on beautifully.”
Should I remind her that I’m fu-cking tired and my b©dy is heavy? I’m alre-ady regretting my stay here, no correction, I love my stay here. I should have collected the cheque.
“Yes ma’am” I replied sweetly, my gaze fli-ckered to Donald where he was, frowning at a man irritatedly and sm-irked
“Nons-en-se, call me mother” she replied.
“Yes mother, Donald told me how much he loves you” That’s payback Donald.
“I love him too” her voice cracked ” me leave you to do your work. Thanks” she hung up.
Donald 😐😒
When I got to the office, I left him it to him to tell my employees about the dinner night.
He was so excited and could ba-rely stay still and surprisingly the air in the company buzzed with excitement too.
I never knew many of them would come on such short notice. I watched from the corner of my eye as Counterknee smiled as she spoke on the phone which I’m very sure it’s my mum on the other end. Why does her smile look creepy?
“Where’s the girl? I want to see her” Flynn was disturbing me.
“What would seeing her do to you?? Happy she’s blackmailing me?”
“You have no idea. I’m so happy I could k!sseveryone in this room”
“Sure and I would be happy to tell Eva about it”
“Eva trusts me that’s why she’s my wife” he replied and looked around again, hoping to see Counterknee.
I decided to save him the trouble “she’s the one leaning against the wall over there” I tilted my head a little to where she was standing.
“Isn’t she a beauty?”
“Definitely not, now can we go back to discussing how she pu-ll-ed this off perfectly?”
I was getting bored of the p@rty and let my gaze stray to where Donald is standing, I see he’s bored too but the man with him is clearly having fun. As a CEO, he should sleep early and l@yan example to his employees.
I picked a glas-s cu-p and a spoon. I hit the spoon on the glas-s till there was a perfect decorum. “Thanks for coming to the dinner night everyone. The night has come to an end. Kindly go home and sleep, cheers” I said to them. Soon they began leaving in twos and threes.
I walked over to where Donald was standing, looking at me in shock “Go to be-d too”
“Hey, I’m Flynn, his best friend and personal as-sistant. I’ve heard so much about you” the man beside him gushed.
“Hey Flynn, go to be-d too”
I saw the last guests off then locked the door.
The house was a mess but it’s nothing I couldn’t do after a good night rest.
I walked to my room very tired. I had ba-rely hit my head in the pillow when I closed my eyes to sleep.