Bossy maid Episode 24

👩🏼‍🦱👩‍🍳Bossy maid👩🏼‍🦱👩‍🍳
(👩‍💼🎀She’s the boss👩‍💼🎀, 👨‍💼🤫I’m the maid🤫👨‍💼)
❣️ Written by Haryormideh Ayeni ❣️
🌺🌺🧸 Episode Twenty four🌺🌺🧸
Simon 😋😋
I was getting tired of waiting and waiting for a perfect time. Every where I turn, Courtney seem to be there waiting for me.
Donaldson father is willing everything to his son in three days time without giving me any.
Don’t I deserve anything? I helped him in the company too even if it’s just a one week, a help is a help.
Nora nee-ds to get out of the way, with that, everything will be back to place. Donald won’t even worry about her because I’ll tell him she ran away.
After I dispose of her, all I nee-ds is a injection to make it seem Donald died naturally.
I picked her lock and entered the dark room.
I knew she wasn’t asleep and must have thought I’m coming to have S-x with her again.
She’s no longer of use, others are there if I want to have S-x besides I st©pped being interested when she st©pped crying and begging me to st©p. It’s what turns me on.
I can feel Donald is doubting my words, he’ll always believe his blood over a stranger. I grinned happily as things are falling to place.
I gr!pp£dher n£¢k to the be-d and pinched her nose together, blocking every means of breathing.
She scratched my hands with her nails but it had no effect on me.
Next she brou-ght out a gun and tried to cli-ck the safety off. I re-leased her n£¢k immediately and made for the gun. The time she used to catch her breath was enough for me to collect the gun.
She regained her breath rather fast and we began struggling against each other, it bec@m£ the survival of the fittest.
“Jefferson!” The voice c@m£ throu-gh from the talkie in my ears.
“Yes Boss” I snapped awake.
“Any news? You didn’t report to me in the evening”
“I was so tired of doing nothing, I sle-pt off” I whined.
Bos went silent for a while, I have always reported to him in the morning and evening.
“Nothing seen out of place sire, the lights are off and everyone is slee-ping soundly” I said quic-kly.
“Good then, stay awake throu-ghout the night. I’ll be replacing you tomorrow” Boss replied and hung up.
I hadn’t used my binoculars to check the interior but with the way the house is silent, everything should be okay.
I dozed off once more.
Donald 😲😦
Four days after the night Courtney and I talked, I decided to think it throu-gh but still found it ha-rd to believe it.
Who do I believe? uncle or Nora?
If Nora wasn’t lying, she would have told me. Everything when she saw uncle.
“What if she wanted to put the past behind her?” A voice asked in my head.
Is Uncle that cruel?
Then I remembered when I was eleven, Father told me Uncle’s Boss suddenly died and their eight year old was kidnapped.
Does that mean Nora is the girl from fifteen years ago?? The one that was kidnapped?
But Uncle, can he really do it??
I entered her room in a quest to get my questions answered.
I heard the shower running and a diary lying open on the be-d.
I skimmed throu-gh it as quic-kly as I could, Dre-ad filled my entire b©dy with every page I turned.
Just as I finished re-ading, the shower turned off. I made my way out back to my room my heart still in denial. People don’t lie to their diaries right?
Why didn’t Courtney make mention that Uncle is after my life?
“Would you have believed her?” My mind countered back.
It was right, I wouldn’t have believed her. I would have thought she wanted to frame Uncle.
How could she have pas-sed throu-gh all that and still retain her sanity??
Clara had being a pun used by Uncle to make me useless. He knew seeing her would bring memories, bad ones.
My question is, what does he want to do with the money he has been f0rç£fully acquiring.
Something cli-cked in my br@in.
Courtney has been protecting me all this while even at the expense of her life.
I remembered every liquid she had knocked out of my hands, every meal she had poured away before I took a bite, every glare she had s£nt to Uncle, the way she eats a lot and jumped at every single sound.
It was almost midnight when everything cli-cked to place.
I took my phone quic-kly and made a call to mother.
📞” Donald” she screamed excitedly into the phone then continued flatly “if you still want Courtney out of your hair, I’m not doing that”
Tears clogged in my throat, I really miss my mother, I miss her voice.
📞”Mother” I said into the phone “I’m sorry.” I broke down “I didn’t know you were protecting me”
📞”My baby, I knew you’d come to your s-en-ses one day. I forgave you long time ago”
📞” Uncle is behind everything, he master minded every bit. It was his plan to make us hate each other” I sobbe-d.
📞”Yes mother, I’ll call you back” I hung up and called the emergency line.
📞”How may I help you?” Someone answered.
📞” This is Donald Wilson, a murderer is in my house. Me and my friend are in danger” I said
📞”We’ll be there very soon, stay calm and don’t do anything to infuriate him” the person replied and hung up.
I couldn’t stay one place, I left my room and made to go to Courtney’s to tell her help is coming and I believe her when I heard three sh0ts ring throu-gh the air, breaking the silent night.
“Omg!!! Courtney!!!”
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