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April 23, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Bossy maid Episode 20

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👩🏼‍🦱👩‍🍳Bossy maid👩🏼‍🦱👩‍🍳

(👩‍💼🎀She’s the boss👩‍💼🎀, 👨‍💼🤫I’m the maid🤫👨‍💼)

❣️ Written by Haryormideh Ayeni ❣️

🌺🌺🧸 Episode Twenty🌺🌺🧸



“I see you had loads of fun” Simon said immediately we entered, his chilling gaze resting on me, freezing my smile.

“No we didn’t Unc…. There was no fun, we just did some work” Donald replied put his hands over mine possessively.

Okay, why did Donald lie?

“If you had take me along, she would have been forced to be free” Simon replied smug.

“Free how? I just told you we had no fun” Donald narrowed his eyes at Simon

“Oh, my bad” he smiled, “my bedsheet needs cleaning Courtney, please attend to it”

I bowed a little and left their midst, my heart heavy again.

I kept the tiara on my dressing table and went through the pictures we took together. The pictures were really cute, I don’t understand why things are a little complicated.

I sighed tiredly and went to Simon’s room.

I took the clean bedsheet he claimed needs cleaning and made to leave when I saw him enter and lock the door behind him.

My heart rate picked as I stared at him “I see my cousin is really into you.” He circled around me.

I stood still, afraid to move. “I’m going to tell Donald, I’ll tell him”

His eyes turned dark and gleamed wickedly. “Who would he believe? His maid

who’s stranger or his uncle by blood?

I hadn’t thought of it that way, he’s right. Donald wouldn’t believe me.

I made a dash for the door and opened it quickly, making my escape.

I can’t stand another minute in the room, I was suffocating.

One week and fifteen rapes after,

I sneaked out of my room and visited a club for the first time in my life under the disguise of a thug.

I used a cloth to bind my chest to make it flat and wore baggy clothes.

Getting into the character was hard as I haven’t been friends to one or saw one except in movies.

The air reeked of drugs, heavy one and the guys were rough looking. I didn’t let it deter me. I just have to endure a few more days from Simon then it’ll be the end of him.

“State your business” a guy stopped me at the entrance. My appearance was looking slightly out of place. Even the temporary tattoo on my neck didn’t seem to work.

I cleared my throat silently and made sure to make eye contact with the guy.

“I’m here too see Div. I need white powder and I want him to give me personally” I said in a hard voice.

“No appointment No Div” he said gruffly and dismissed me with a wave of his hands.

I won’t take no for an answer.

“Even when it seems important?” I asked using a hoarse voice “I need to see Div privately and now. Tell him it’s a matter between life and death”


guy gave me a once-over unsurely. I made sure to meet his gaze as any form of weakness would give me a way.

Few minutes later, I was ushered into the innermost part of the club.

The door to an office was opened and I entered almost regretting why I came in the first place.

All the guards standing there looked scary.

“How may I help you ma’am?”

I furrowed my brows in shock, how did he know I’m a lady? I’m very good with disguise. I looked at my body again, looking for what gave me away.

He chuckled softly “you just confirmed my guess” the good looking man who would be in his late twenties continued.

Is this Div? He doesn’t look wicked or cruel, he could pass for a gentle man.

I squared my shoulders and lifted my head “I need a gun”

Donald 😲

I felt something amiss. Ever since Uncle came, Courtney is always fidgety and jumps at any slight noise.

I think they have a history together, if only I know what it is.

Uncle Simon couldn’t have called her Nora mistakenly, they know each other but what’s their relationship?

When lied to Uncle that I didn’t take Courtney fun, I felt the need to like she would be punished if he knew.

I stood up from the sofa and marched to Uncle’s room determined to get answers.

I knocked on his door once and opened without waiting for his response.

He jumped up from the bed in surprise. “WTH! Donald?”

“What’s the relationship between you and Courtney?” I asked, his eyes dimmed instantly




🖊️ Haryor Writes 🖊️


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