Bossy maid Episode 2

👩🏼‍🦱👩‍🍳Bossy maid👩🏼‍🦱👩‍🍳
(👩‍💼🎀She’s the boss👩‍💼🎀, 👨‍💼🤫I’m the maid🤫👨‍💼
🌺🌺🧸 Episode Two🌺🌺🧸
Donald 😬😬
I fixed bacon and eggs for breakfast to eat.
I opened the door to leave for work only to find a young petite lady.
Her long che-stnut hair packed in a ponytail, she has green eyes and round face.
I noticed how she looked at me with calculating eyes, giving me a quic-k once-over before meeting my gaze.
When I saw she was throu-gh studying me, I asked the question that was at the ti-p of my ton-gue since I saw her.
“Yes? Who are you?” I curled up myl-ips.
“Your new maid” she said nonchalantly.
Huh?? New maid??
I can’t remember asking for one.
I narrowed my eyes at her.
“My name is Courtney and I was employed by your mother to be your maid” she introduced further, smiling.
I stiffened when she mentioned my mother, I should have known she wouldn’t listen to me
“Get out” I said coolly.
She raised an eyebrow and looked at me squarely in the eyes “Make me.”
She isn’t even scared of me, doesn’t she know who I am??
“Who the h*ll do you think you are?” I was loosing my cool.
“Courtney, your new maid.”
“You are from her and I don’t accept anything from my mother.”
“Oh, really?”
I squinted my eyes at her, indicating she should go on.
“Looks to me there’s something going on between you and your mother. I smell bad blood”
Continue smelling little wolf.
“So?” I was getting impatient.
“Your moh-dar is offering to pay a lot of money and I nee-d money. If after three months and I’ve saved enough money, I’ll leave you to your solitude” she flashed a smile, her eyes glinting.
“I’ll give you a signed check, write any amount you want and leave”
“Hmmmm” she put a f!nger on her lower jaw and pretended to be lost in thought.
“So as tempting as that sounds, I’m going to say no”
I was shocked.
Who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity??
“I want to work for my money” she added.
Who’s she??
I fixed her a steely gaze.
“Now if you’ll excuse me” she rolled in her bags like she owns the house.
This is my damn house.
That woman has given me another reason to hate her!
I was about going in after her when my phone rang, reminding me of the meeting I’m to attend.
I glared ha-rd at the house before walking to my Bentley and driving off.
I’ll drill s-en-se into her head when I come back.
🌸 Courtney 🌸
My heart was thumping wildly in my che-st, I thought he was going to follow me in.
I breathed out on relief when I heard him drive off.
I don’t know what got into me, why didn’t I jump at the opportunity to write any amount on the check, maybe because I want to know how it feels to live in a house worth millions of dollars.
First, where’s the kitchen? I nee-d to calm my nervous self down. I eat a lot when I’m angry, sad or nervous. It’s the only thing that calms me.
His kitchen is very big and could fit in about fifty people freely. It was ha-rd to locate the ingredients for cooking. After a voluminous meal, I gave myself a tour of the house, visiting every nook and cranny.
I chose a room myself, it’s five times bigger than my former room.
Everywhere is neat and sp©tless. What’s here for me to clean again??
This is the best work ever.
I fixed myself another meal and unpacked, feeling very much at home.
Donald 😡
“Hey Boss, good morning” Flynn my PA greeted as I entered the company’s building. It appears he has been waiting for me.
“Morning Flynn” I answered
“Mrs Wilson called and asked if you’ve received your package?”
“Did she fail to mention human package?”
“Huh??!” Flynn gave me a puzzled expression.
“Yeah, human package that isn’t the least intimid@t£d by me. Didn’t she check the internet before saying yes?”
“You know the only thing the media is right about is your cold heart, most of the other things is a lie.”
“Hmph” I huffed and entered my office.
“Yeah, ever wondered why my wife st©p setting you up on a d@t£?”
“Because she knows she’s wasting her time”
“Because every one of them come crying back and she’s faced with the burden of consoling them so she gave up on you”
“Glad to know…. Why would she s£nd a maid to me?”
“Phew! At least someone to live in that boring house of yours maybe you’ll st©p being a d!¢khead to your employees. You’re acting too cold”
“Thanks for that piece of advice Flynn, I think I’m going to freeze you too”
“Doesn’t matter since there’s one person in this world that isn’t afraid of you. When can I see her?”
“No when, she’s leaving my house whether she likes it or not” I replied firmly.
“Hahaha funny, you have less than ten minutes to the meeting. Are you re-ady?”
“As I’ll ever be”
The meeting went great and with Flynn out of my hair, I can think more clearly.
Flynn and I have been friends since college. After years of not getting a job, I invited him to work for me. He’s my only friend and he un-derstands me very well but he can be annoying as well.
I left work very late deciding on the tactic I can use to s£nd her away.
I tried calling my mother but she didn’t answer my call.
Gosh…….this is so frustrating.
Why can’t I think of anything?!!
My cold aura isn’t even working on her, if nothing, it only made her more determined.
I’m sure she isn’t from earth, she must be an alien.
I took my car keys and drove home slowly.
Thank God the gate is motor s-en-so-red, it opened by itself, allowing me access into my house.
I opened the door and was prepared to shout ‘heyy’
The word immediately died down in my mouth when I saw a big bucket of popcorn on the table, a big bowl of ch!ps resting in her l@ps and a bottle of wine on the table.
She sat cross-legged.
One hand was putting a popcorn in her her mouth while the other was changing channels with the TV.
“Welcome” she said without even glancing at me.