Bossy maid Episode 19

👩🏼‍🦱👩‍🍳Bossy maid👩🏼‍🦱👩‍🍳
(👩‍💼🎀She’s the boss👩‍💼🎀, 👨‍💼🤫I’m the maid🤫👨‍💼)
❣️ Written by Haryormideh Ayeni ❣️
🌺🌺🧸 Episode nineteen🌺🌺🧸
“Hey Courtney, are you okay?” Donald asked from the kitchen entrance while I brewed coffee.
“Yes I am” I replied flatly.
“See Uncle is a very nice man” he entered fully into the kitchen and took a cu-p for himself.
“Yeah he’s very nice” I said in the same flat voice.
“Are you being sarcastic?” He raised an eyebrow
“Am I?” I countered back.
“Prepared breakfast?”
“No not yet” I answered and put sugar and milk in my coffee.
“Then who’s the owner of that?” He nodded to the big bowl of ch!ps sitting on the kitchen counter.
“You’re going to eat?” He straightened up “that bowl of ch!ps would last me a week”
I ignored him and put some ch!ps in my mouth.
I couldn’t sleep last night which was why I’m drinking coffee at 7am in the morning.
I was on the bathtub throu-gh out the night, trying to scru-b off his scent, t©uçh and sweat away from my b©dy with scalding h0t water, a bar of soap and a new sponge.
He had always been prepared, he put me on birth control pills and wore c0md0mwhen I was in the dark room.
Is it going to go on forever again? It’s never going to end? Who’ll save me?
Suicide crossed my mind twice yesterday but I dismissed the thought quic-kly. I nee-d to avenge my parents death and collect what’s rightfully mine from Simon.
“What’s with you?” Donald asked
“With me?” I asked and carried the bowl of ch!ps and my coffee to the living room
“Yeah, you were crying yesterday and you suddenly have a hvge appetite which only happens when you’re angry or unhappy so which is it?”
“Neither, I just had the cravings”
He shook his head in response “I’m going out”
The hair on my b©dy stood, will I be left with Simon again?
“And you’re following me” he added.
I breathed out in relief “why?” I asked
“It’s an order, not a request” he said firmly.
Did he think I wouldn’t jump at the opportunity? Even if he wants to sell me out, I’ll gladly follow him and even convince the buyers to buy me.
“Is it necessary for her to follow you? Isn’t she your maid? She didn’t to stay home besides who would keep me company?” Simon entered the living room.
I focused my gaze on the TV and continued eating.
“Morning Nora” he greeted “Sorry I meant Courtney” he corrected himself.
My heart was beating really fast, what if he tells Donald another story about both of us and Donald’s hates me?
“Nora?” Donald looked lost in thought “I’ve heard that name before”
I stiffened and risk a glance at Simon who also looked surprised.
“Really?” Simon asked.
“Yeah besides why did you call her Nora?”
“It was a sl!pof ton-gue. I was thinking about Nora, a girl I know”
“Okay so Uncle, I guess you’ll have to be alone this time. I really nee-d to take Courtney with me”
Seeing he couldn’t argue further else it would look suspicious, he gave in.
I owe Donald this.
I left the ch!ps and hurried to my room to get dressed.
I wore a simple yellow go-wn, left my hair loose and wore a black shoes then head downstairs to meet waiting Donald.
I carried my ch!ps with me to the car and he drove to very soon I’ll know where.
He st©pped on the side of the road after a thirty minutes driving and c@m£ out.
“Let’s just explore the city, maybe that’ll help you” he opened the car door on my side and said.
I nodded in surprise and c@m£ out.
He took my hand in his while I hung on to the bowl of ch!ps, carrying with like a valuable prize.
As we strolled, holding hands in public, my mind was free. I gradually loos£ned up and smiled to the jokes he made and the compliments he gave to people.
We pas-sed by a flower shop, he st©pped us there and bought a tiara made with Lily flowers.
“There” he placed it on my head “you look more beautiful now not like an angry bird” he grinned and pu-ll-ed out his phone, taking a sh0t of us quic-kly before I could react.
I wasn’t even prepared, I frowned in the picture still clinging on to my bowl of ch!ps.
The picture looked stupid in a beautiful way.
“Delete that picture” I pouted
“We still have many to take” he pocketed his phone and hooked his arm in mine, giving me the liberty to eat my ch!ps.
I felt good and relaxed. I wish I could feel this way everytime.
“Could you try to be happy and not be sullen for once. Laugh every once in a while and smile every time” Donald said quietly and pu-ll-ed me into a park.
There were a lot of kids there, having fun.
“Why are we here?” I asked
He ignored me and un-hooked his srm from mine to meet a young man then he c@m£ back to me and pushed me towards a bouncy castle.
He jumped on it and bounced.
“Omg Donald, what are you doing?” I asked, unable to st©p the laugh itching my throat.
“Bouncing” he shrugged, jumping.
I shook my head, laughing. People brou-ght out their phones to video him. It’s not everyday you see a grown man in a bouncy castle.
“Come on, come try it. It’s good for the health”
“No I’ll pas-s, I like watching you better” I smiled
“plea-se” he gave me puppy eyes.
“Answer the poor guy, he’s going to keep bouncing till you say yes” an elderly woman said, using her walking stick to push me forward “And give me that bowl, a lady like you should always think about being fit. Work on your appetite.”
I handed over the ch!ps to her and entered the bouncy castle grudgingly.
I had ba-rely entered when Donald took my hands ma-king me jump with him.
“This is fun” he said tiredly and la-id on the bouncer.
“Yeah right” I landed, putting my head on his stomach gazing up at the sky.
“Where have you heard that name?” I asked.
“On the TV 15 years ago. A family was looking for a eight year old girl. She was missing. The search continued for four years I think. No one in state doesn’t know about the her.” He replied, he knew I was referring to Nora.
I can’t believe this, I have a family??
My heart skipped excitedly, maybe I could get them to help.
The happiness went down the drain when I remembered how callous Simon can be.
” Let’s go have ice cream” Donald stood up, pu-lling me with him.