Bossy maid Episode 17

👩🏼‍🦱👩‍🍳Bossy maid👩🏼‍🦱👩‍🍳
(👩‍💼🎀She’s the boss👩‍💼🎀, 👨‍💼🤫I’m the maid🤫👨‍💼)
❣️ Written by Haryormideh Ayeni ❣️
🌺🌺🧸 Episode Seventeen🌺🌺🧸
I couldn’t sleep, how do I tell Donald his uncle wants him dead?
I stood, watching him sleep. His uncle is supposed to come today, he has to wake up.
Feeling suddenly tired, I scooted my chair closer to his be-d and la-id my head but not before I head the front door open so close.
One problem gone, a bigger one coming.
I allowed myself to close my eyes and sleep for a while.
The first rays of sunlight hit my face, waking me up. I sat up and met myself on the be-d.
I remember laying my head on the be-d not slee-ping on it. I looked to my side, Donald was nowhere to be seen.
“Donald!” I screamed and jumped off the be-d.
“Shush….your scream can wake the dead” I heard his voice coming from the window side.
I breathed out in relief and frowned “aren’t you supposed to be in be-d?”
Donald 💃💃
I woke up with a slight headache and looked around.
A towel was sitting on my forehead and Courtney was slee-ping in an uncomfortable way.
I search my br@in, trying to remember why I was lying in be-d then it hit me.
Clara! She poisoned the food.
I sat up gently, my heart brewing with hate for Clara. I felt a little weak.
I stood up and put Courtney on the be-d instead, then took my drawing board and stool to the window and continued my drawing.
My hands did the drawing while my mind wandered off. Why did Clara poison my food? What does she want? I thought she really had changed? Not everyone st©ps being a villian I guess.
The first ray of sunlight hit c@m£ in throu-gh the open windows and hit Courtney directly on the face.
I wanted to close the windows but I was mesmerized by her beauty.
She looked around wi-de-eyed, then searching, maybe looking for me.
“Donald!” She screamed and jumped off the be-d.
I almost didn’t want to answer her, I wanted her to keep calling my name. I love the way it rolled off her ton-gue.
“Shush….your scream can wake the dead” I finally answered and looked at my drawing, I meant really looked at my drawing.
“aren’t you supposed to be in be-d?” She asked but I wasn’t listening, I was looking at my drawing.
On the piece of paper, looking at me with bright fiery eyes, the wind b!owing her hair and al-ips curled up in a beautiful kind of way is Courtney.
I hadn’t been paying attention to my drawing and look at what I drew.
“Donald?” I heard her move closer.
I covered the drawing board quic-kly and turned it the other side.
“Yeah I know, I’m not really surprised.” She answered.
“We nee-d to arrest her”
“No she left alre-ady, I let her go”
“Gawd Courtney, are you soft on the inside and hand outside?”
“You should be resting. The doctor will be here very soon”
“No no, I’m okay, just a little weak but I’m Okay” I answered quic-kly, I really hate injections.
“Yeah” I wanted to reply but the doctor c@m£ in. I rolled my eyes and looked out the window.
“I knocked for a while, when I didn’t get a response, I allowed myself in” Doc said
“Welcome Doc” Courtney faced him “Donald was just telling me how weak he is. You have a sh0t to help with that?”
I glared at the doctor.
“Don’t give me that stare Donald, I’ll just live some prescriptions for you. You’ll be okay”
I gave him a small smile, he knows how much I hate injections.
He only gave me a once-over and dropped some medicines on the small table in my room.
“Tell me about your Uncle” Courtney sat on the floor, looking at me after the Doc left.
“Did you just say my Uncle? Which of them?” I asked with a small frown.
“Your favorite uncle according to the text I received. He’s coming today so I want to prepare for his arrival”
” Really?” My heart surged with excitement.
Courtney 😟😭
“Tell me about your Uncle” I sat on the floor, looking up at him after the Doc left.
“Did you just say my Uncle? Which of them?” He frowned a little.
“Your favorite uncle according to the text I received. He’s coming today so I want to prepare for his arrival” I answered
” Really?” I watched as his whole face lit up and his eyes turned dreamy.
“He’s the most charming person I know, he’s my best friend too. We’ve been close since I was little. He’s friendly, lovely, he listens to me too. He was practically there in every stage of my life”
“Wow, has it ever cross your mind if he has evil intentions?” I asked.
“No” he furrowed his eyebrows “Uncle Simon wouldn’t hurt a fly”
I dunno what to say again, he seemed smitten by his uncle “Your uncle is…..” I tried saying.
“He’s simply the best” he interrupted “I’m famished, can I get something to eat?”
“Oh sure” I stood up, deciding to continue the conversation later while he trailed behind me.
I prepared scrambled eggs and put bre-ad in the toast machine.
The doorbell rang “Donald, plea-se attend to the door” I shouted to him.
“Hey Uncle” I heard Donald say excitedly.
” Oh my… Look at how much you’ve grown” the person replied in a de-ep voice.
Surprisingly, I found that voice vaguely familiar.
I dished out the food and went to the living still in my apron to welcome his Uncle Simon.
He was looking at Donald and from where I stood, I couldn’t see his face very well.
“Welcome sire” I greeted, disrupting their reunion.
His eyes met mine and a chill ran throu-gh my entire b©dy.
His face dawned in recognition and his gaze turned dark.
He is Donald’s uncle? Michael is? How’s that possible?
I swayed on my feet as my past c@m£ rushing back at me.
I felt fear for the first time since I escaped the dark room.
“Who’s she?” He nodded at me, smiling sinisterly.
I could re-ad the meaning behind his eyes as they locked on mine.
“Her name is Courtney, she’s my maid” Donald smiled, oblivious to the entire exchange “Careful Unc, she can be really bossy” he whispered the last her.
“Courtney huh? The famous bossy maid? Hello bossy maid, nice to finally meet you.” His eyes were still on mine as he spoke his next words “Don’t worry, she’ll be very meek and humble to me” he sm-irked and mouthed “Long time Nora” at me.
This is my own nightmare. He’s my de-ep nightmare.
Who nee-ds that protecting the most now? Me?? Donald?? Both of us??
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