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February 25, 2021


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Bossy maid Episode 15

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👩🏼‍🦱👩‍🍳Bossy maid👩🏼‍🦱👩‍🍳

(👩‍💼🎀She’s the boss👩‍💼🎀, 👨‍💼🤫I’m the maid🤫👨‍💼)

❣️ Written by Haryormideh Ayeni ❣️

🌺🌺🧸 Episode Fifteen🌺🌺🧸




I don’t understand why I was feeling unwasy. The poison I put in their food should be taking effect now.

I glanced at Donald and found him sweating. It has started work on Donald but why isn’t anything happening to Courtney?

“Let’s celebrate!” I said and poured wine in their cup “Cheers to new beginning” I added smugly

“Yeah cheers” Courtney clicked her her with mine while Donald was scratching his neck.

“Oh, I hope you don’t mind” Courtney cut me out of my reverie “I switched food with yours. I was craving for beef “so I switched food with yours since it had beef”

I dropped my spoon with a clang and beads of perspiration former on my forehead instantly. I ate the poisoned food. The first thought that ran through my mind is getting the antidote.

Thankfully, I always carry a poison healing herb with me.

I stood up quickly and ran to my room, still in daze. That explains the uneasiness I was feeling.

Damn them if they are suspicious of my action. Damn Courtney, she’s a bitch.

How is she always one step ahead of me?

Did she know my sober self had just been a facade?

I rummaged through my bag and downed the content of the herb in a go and passed out.

Courtney 😔😔

“Why did she run out that way? Is she angry I switched foods? Or is she allergic to fish?” I thought loud.

“Donald?” I glanced at him when I got no response. His body was shaking, he was convulsing.

“Donald” I shut up from my seat and cushioned his fall to the floor “Donald” I slapped his cheeks, calling his name repeatedly.

His eyes had gone white and his teeth were chattering. Loss on what to do, I called his family doctor. His mother had earlier given me the name incase Donald falls sick.

I put a call through the doctor and he assured me, he’ll be on his way.

I didn’t know what to do you stop his convulsion, I just sat beside him, praying for him.

The front door opened and closed.

“We’re here” I shouted from the dining room.

The doctor brought out an syringe and injected Donald. He stopped convulsing and was calm though unconscious.

With the help of the doctor, we laid him on his bed. “What happened?” I asked the doctor.

“He was food poisoned” the doctor replied with a frown “keep a close eye on him. He isn’t very stable now, he might get fever and also he needs someone to look after him. I can’t be a good report on his condition till tomorrow. I’ll come back tomorrow to check his condition” the doctor added and left.

I should have known something was going to go wrong with Clara’s sudden change of attitude.

I looked at Donald, his face calm and more beautiful as he slept.

I turned on the heater in his room and air conditioned other rooms including Clara’s.

She might have put poison in my food too and since she ate it, I doubt if she’s dead. She would always be prepared of the negative side. It wouldn’t be bad if she catches a cold.




🖊️ Haryor Writes 🖊️


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