Bossy maid Episode 12

👩🏼‍🦱👩‍🍳Bossy maid👩🏼‍🦱👩‍🍳
(👩‍💼🎀She’s the boss👩‍💼🎀, 👨‍💼🤫I’m the maid🤫👨‍💼)
❣️ Written by Haryormideh Ayeni ❣️
🌺🌺🧸 Episode Twelve🌺🌺🧸
Courtney 😳😳
I was waiting for Donald and Clara to go for the dinner night so I can lock the doors and retire to be-d.
It’s been a long day especially with Clara around.
I watched as she c@m£ out of Donald’s room dazzling and I felt a little bad for myself. I’ve never dressed like a real lady.
Then Donald c@m£ out and looked at Clara, I was expecting him to complement her beauty or cloth or anything instead he turned to me.
“Be my d@t£ Courtney” he said.
My heart st©pped beating for a second.
“What?? Me??” I asked in surprise while Clara glared at me
“Yes, plea-se be my d@t£” he said more confidently.
“Ohmahgawd, I can’t” I said quic-kly.
Clara smiled triumphantly while Donald looked down defeatedly. Just to wipe the smile of Clara’s face, I looked at Donald and smiled so sweetly.
“On a second thought, I’ll be glad to be your d@t£.”
“No you can’t. I’m his girlfriend not you.” Clara blurted out angrily.
I eyed her down” give me a minute, I’ll be right out” I said to Donald and entered an empty room.
“Omg!! Madam your jewelry is broken” I screamed. Just as I expected, Clara c@m£ running to the room she heard me scream.
Immediately she walked in fully into the room, I walked out quic-kly and locked her in. I can’t have her disrupting the peace of the house after we’ve gone.
“Umm…. Mister, I don’t have evening dress” I said to Donald, drowning Clara’s scream in my head.
“We’ll visit the boutique on our way and thank you for locking her up” he replied and led the way to his car for the night.
Donald stayed in the car and gave me his credit card while I entered the boutique.
Donald 💖💖
When Courtney rejected to go with me, I felt dejected and began ways to put on with Clara’s attitude and not make a fool of myself then luck shone on me and she changed her mind. It took all of my will power not to smile happily.
I st©pped in front of the boutique and gave her my credit card to get a dress and whatever it is that ladies nee-d.
Approximately ten minutes later, she stepped out from the building looking like she c@m£ from another planet.
She wore a grey long fitting go-wn, a matching stilettos and purse.
The pearl earrings complimented her looks, ma-king her face sharper and defned. Her blue eyes shone brightly and her wild che-stnut hair was styled. She looked like she has just stepped out from a magazine.
“Is this cloth okay? She asked, unsure of herself.
“It’s perfect” I grinned, allowing myself to relax.
She nodded, plea-sed with my reply and entered the car.
As soon as our entrance was announced, all the set of eyes in the room turned to us. It’s obviously we arrived late.
After the formal greeting, I stood near a wall and watched the activities of other elites.
“Are you sure you don’t want to run away?” Courtney appeared by my side “it’s so boringggg and the women here are obsessed with the designer that made their clothes”
“Hmm” I said in response
“Heard there’s a beach around here” she persisted.
“Fine let’s go” I dropped my wine glas-s and drove us to the beach, the beach where Clara and I met.
When she got to the beach, she re-moved her shoes and left them in the car, walking ba-refoot on the beach sand.
The ocean was calm and there were ba-rely anyone on the bit-ch.
We sat on the sand and stared at the ocean.
“Okay, who exactly is Clara? She comes here and you bec@m£ a shadow of yourself?
“My ex fiancee” I replied
“Wtf, with all due respect, I can’t believe your ex has a hold on you.”
” You can’t un-derstand, they can’t un-derstand, no b©dy can un-derstand”
“Why don’t you try me”
I glanced at her and found her looking at intently and sincerely
“I loved her, Clara” I said quietly and stared into space
Courtney 😋🤗
“I loved her, Clara” he said quietly and stared into space.
I was surprised he opened up, I thought he wasn’t going to say anything again after few minutes of silence buh he continued.
“She is my first love. It’s not easy getting rid of first love feelings.”
“On our wedding day, before our vows, mother c@m£ in and arrested Clara. The humiliation was too much that’s why hate her. She had the power to halt the wedding. I was mocked and being talked about for days.”
Oh so that’s what caused the bad blood between them “She knows her son, she knows you’re in love and wouldn’t listen to her. So I think she did the right thing”
“Yeah you’re right but I don’t want to admit it”
“After that, Clara was charged but there was any tangible evidence against her yet and that gave her the privilege to roam about. Then I was abducted”
I g@sped out in surprise.
“Yes I was abducted and tortured physically and emotionally for weeks. Even my abductors look at me with mocking faces and labelled me love sick. I tried changing her, make her see the wrong in what she was doing, I didn’t care that I was being hurt too. And yes, Clara was the one that hired people to abduct me and she’s the one that tortured me”
“She was taking her anger out on me. She was angry mother saw throu-gh her facade. She attem-pted killing me twice, I only escaped by luck. I was given only water for a week, then fed little food once a day. I was shattered, she made sure of that. Looking for whom to blame for her attitude, I blamed mother and bec@m£ detached from everyone except Flynn and Eva.”
I turned to him fully in such a way that we’re opposite each other and made eye contact.
“Do I have your permission to discipline her a little? Just this tiny” I brou-ght my thumb and foref!nger closer to demonstrate.
He looked like he was going to argue for a second. He closed his eyes and exhaled “you have it. I hate having her around but she wouldn’t go and I’m sure she has something up her sleeve again”
“Okay” I grinned
“And you can call me Donald. I’d prefer if you do, no arguments plea-se.”
“Okay Donald, I’m re-ady to put some bit-ch in her place.”
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