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June 18, 2021


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Boss lady Episode 19 & 20

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*~~_BOSS LADY~_*~





Being faithful and monogamous is not natural for human beings. It takes work. Deep down we all know that. We have all been tempted to stray at some point or another. Even when it was only a fleeting thought and we didn’t act on it. Every time we acknowledge that someone of the opposite sex is “attractive” or “sexy” we are doing nothing other than pointing out that they would be a suitable mate. Not acting on that natural impulse to want to mate with a viable mating partner requires a conscious decision. It’s a constant struggle between what your body wants, and what the civilized part of your brain says you should do, in order to avoid the negative consequences of cheating on your spouse and ruining your long-term relationship. That’s why affairs, and extra-marital sex, are often referred to as “a moment of weakness.

where did you go? ” he asked

where did you go” I asked as well?

I ask you a question and you ask me a question are you insane ” he asked

I went out with my friends” I said removing my shoes

which friends because I called all your friends and denied seeing or being with you “he said

Caleb am not in the mood for your drama ” I said


am asking where you were and here you are saying am causing drama” he said

I walked away. he followed me.

this is not you; you are supposed to be home taking care of our kids but you are busy going out ” he complained.

you can’t stay home and take care of our sons, am sick and tired of your nagging ” I said

am nagging ” he asked

what’s wrong with you aaiii?” he asked

what’s wrong is that my husband doesn’t trust me” I said

whatever ” he walked

my phone rung and it was my girl Maria

mama” I answered

where did you go ” she whispered?

I went out ” I answered

where your husband has been calling like crazy “she said

let him call” I said

Sharon you are married for Christ sake, those infidelity of yours won’t take you anywhere” she said

so, it’s okay for a man to cheat but not a lady right ” I asked

infidelity of a man doesn’t break a home ” she said

any whatever ” I hung

I went to our room, so I went to kabwe and it was amazing my darling kabwe warrior spoiled me rotten, the sex just was off this moon.

do you know that your son has been sick “he

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Caleb you are a doctor you can’t heal him ” I asked removing my clothes.

don’t you know that, he also needs his mother around huh” he yelled

don’t yell at me okay ” I said

I got my towel and took a bath.

the sex that Andrew gave me, it was all fabulous,

the man can hit you in all angles. I got out and Caleb was awake.

I put in my nighty dress and went to check up on malumbo. indeed, he wasn’t feeling well his body temperature was high.

mummy ” he said with his eyes closed

am here, you want me to sleep with you ” I asked

yes mummy ” he said

okay my little man ” I said

I slept next to him.

in a week time, he was back to his feet and busy making noise in the house.

chuma walked in looking hot, this is my body goals after baby. Caleb’s family were just perfect, these people when God was creating them, he indeed took his time …

hey you ” she said lifting malumbo up

big mama ” he said

big mama misses you, arent you going with me today ” she asked

am going” he said

this your boy, he is growing up so fast ” she said

he is big ” I said

when am I holding another family member” she said?

soon ” I said

how soon, you need to pop out those babies because if you reach 35 you won’t be able to look this hot” she laughed

am done with two, the way Caleb did me bad, I have a bad experience with pregnancy” I said

come on ” she laughed

Caleb walked in; he looks different .in a bad way though he had lost a bit of weight.

what’s wrong with you, your wife hasn’t been feeding you well ” she teased

she has work has been stressing me of late ” he said

daddy big mama is here to get me,” malumbo said

why do you let him call you that?” he asked

I love it ” she said

yes, even tell Caleb, big mama is home alone ” he said

where is everyone ” I asked

they went to see my in-laws” she said

and you didn’t go ” he asked

please my mother in-law is just something else ” she said

Blessings pack few clothes for the boys,” I said

okay madam” blessings said.

I prepared lunch and dished out for everyone. Caleb barely eats and my husband enjoys my food. chuma left and I started cleaning our room.

I told maria that I had a boyfriend but I never told jasmine because I know she will start judging and I wasn’t in the mood for her judgment.

Andrew called that he had a surprise for me and I couldn’t wait though I had a bad feeling about going.

babe let’s do it another day ” I suggested

I want today babe” he said

okay let me just shower” I said

okay babe ” he hung up.

I called maria we chatted a bit than got ready. I wore my blue ripped jeans and red pumps with a black leather jacket.

I put the phone in my pocket and I was good to go …it was 18 and the good part was Caleb called that he will be home later and I wasn’t in the mood for his nagging.

his house was dark, I called him and he told me to come in.

I entered, do you know those club light, like different colors, you can’t see anyone face but you can. see their bodies.

babe switch the lights on” I said

no, my love ” he said

I can’t see your love ” I said

come here ” he kissed me

you are scaring me “I said

I love you ” he said

I love you too babe ” I said

I didn’t know that love can be this beautiful, babe you have showed me the true meaning of love, I love you rose and I can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with me ” he said

bae that’s so sweet” I said

will you marry me Rose?” he asked

oh my gosh I don’t know what to say ” I stammered

just say yes” he said

the lights were on and the men I date were standing next to Andrew.

say yes rose ” Caleb said. I became weak…

I didn’t know what I was going to say.

your cousin here helped me plan this day ” Andrew said

this is all for the love I have for you Rose ” Caleb said

Caleb please ” I said

Caleb, I thought he was Joe” Andrew said

this woman here, dear Andrew she is a married, she has kids ” Caleb said

wait what ” Andrew said

she has been sleeping with you idiots and you couldn’t ask about her family or know where she stays with, the only thing you were worried about was her pussy, you can keep her I don’t need her ” Caleb walked away.

why did you lie ” Andrew asked?

not now please” I said

I followed Caleb.

babe. am sorry ” I cried

you are sorry really, you come to the house and pack all your things, I don’t need you, I want a divorce” he said

Caleb you can’t do that ” I said

watch me ” he said

I held his leg.

before I do anything stupid let go of my leg, you disgust me ” he said

he had tears in his eyes. you could tell from his voice that he was hurt.

I got in the cab and went home. I found him, holding a bottle of whiskey.

babe please ” I cried

go in there and pack all your clothes ” he said

why did I get myself in this mess, how am I going to explain to my mother that I failed to keep my legs closed?






Everyone copes with being cheated on differently. Some seek out the comfort of their best friends, some go looking for revenge, some sleep with someone else. But even if you do all or none or some of these, it can be hard to express exactly how it feels to be cheated on.

Now, Im not saying you have to bounce back right away, but sometimes, the best way to get over a cheater is by showing her that your life is WAY better now than it ever was when you were with her. That might mean taking up an exercise class and getting the revenge body youve always wanted, or it might mean getting a new job and moving across the country so that you dont even have to worry about running into her anymore.

But until that day comes when you can get back to feeling like your old self the you that was confident, happy, and carefree (and not worrying about what your wife are up to you need to surround yourself with all kinds of positivity. Positive people, positive vibes, positive words; that is the only way youre going to get over a cheater. Because the more you stay in your negative mindset, the less likely you are to pick yourself up and find happiness again. Yes, its going to be hard, but the hard work is worth it in the end. You might not think of reading novels when someone hurts you, but words can be very powerful and significant when trying to find who you are again.

I kept on tossing around …I couldn’t sleep a wink.

do you think I haven’t thought about death, yes, I thought about it a thousand times but I will never end my life, when I look at my boys.?

I applied for a leave and it was approved. I just wanted some time alone to think, the boys were still at my sister’s house. I haven’t told any of my family members about what she did, I will keep. I will just divorce her.

how are you handling it ” he asked?

I have been watching people being cheated and I would tell them it’s going to be alright, now it’s me I feel like my all world has come crashing right before my eyes ” I said

just be strong for the kids” he said

I know” I said

Lord why isn’t life so easy, the way I felt I don’t know if I could do anything. I told Blessings to take some few days off,I just wanted to be alone.

Caleb ” she said with a hoarse voice

I turned and she looked a mess, her eyes were swollen, she was wearing a chitenge and black t-shirt.

what do you want” I asked?

am sorry I can’t erase what I have done but please forgive me” she cried

you are pathetic” I said

I know” she said

am waiting for my lawyer to get back from where he is, I want him to prepare the divorce papers” I said

please Caleb don’t do this to me ” she held my leg.

let go of my leg” I yelled

Caleb please” she begged

I remember what she did, and I started beating her, the pain that she has caused me I hurt her.

Caleb you will kill her” Elisha ran to her rescue.

let me kill her ” I said

beating her won’t solve anything ” he said holding me, she was laying on the floor crying.

let me kill this idiot ” I said

Caleb you want to go to jail” he asked

Elisha let him kill me “she said

Sharon let me ask you something” I said

ask Caleb” she said wiping her tears

Sharon did you use condoms” I asked

yes ” she said

how about those morning pills I found in your handbag” I asked?

I took them when we had sex, I wasn’t ready for a baby ” she said

was Andrew bigger than me did he make you moan the way I made you moan ” I asked

Caleb what kind of question is that ” Elisha asked

let her answer ” I said

he isn’t bigger than you, no one can make moan like you ”she said

liar ” I slapped her

Caleb” Elisha yelled

give me your phone ” I said

she hesitated

give me your phone” I yelled

Caleb just drop it ” Elisha.

man leave my house ” I said

man come on ” he said

leave” I ordered

he didn’t argue, he left.

now give me your phone ” I ordered

she unlocked it and gave it to me.

I checked her chats there was a message from Andrew wanting to see her. I checked her pics she was taking in some lingerie.

you went to see Andrew” I asked

no, I swear ” she said

who did you send these pics to ” I asked?

she was quiet. I grabbed her hair, she had braids. so, it was easy for me to punish her.

Caleb you are hurting me ” she screamed

who did you send these pics to ” I asked?

I sent it to the kabwe guy ” she said

I threw her phone to the wall.

I walked away. I wanted to beat her till she is dead.

she followed me to the lounge.

Caleb please forgive me, am willing to do anything to mend what is broken” she said

I want you to call your mother, she is needed tomorrow ” I said

why ” she asked

call your mother ” I said in a calm voice

I gave her my phone and dialed her mother’s line.

she talked to her mother and gave me back the phone.

she will be here” she said

whatever ” I walked away. I went to sleep and when I wake up, I found her cuddled up in the lounge.

the morning came and we waited for her mother she went to take a shower and an hour later her mother came.

mummy am sorry we called you here on short notice” I said

it’s okay bashi jr I was already in Lusaka” mum said

mummy your daughter here has things to tell you ” I said

what happened to your face ” mum asked?

she will explain ” I said

mummy I have been unfaithful to my husband, I was sleeping around with different men ” she said

her mum got up and slapped her.

mummy am sorry ” she cried

I never gave birth to such a girl ” the mum said

I can’t blame it on anyone but myself ” she said

am glad you have said that ” I said

you have killed me Sharon” the mum said holding her head

I want a divorce and am not taking back my words “I said

do whatever you want Bashi jr”the mum said

and go with her, I don’t want to see her in my house ” I said

Caleb our kids ” she said

you are now thinking about your kids, you are just unbelievable I said



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