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June 18, 2021


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Blood sister Episode 6&7

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I have to quit my work just to make my family happy, I love my mother and my kid sister so much, they are the only family I have, quitting my job to focus more on farming, is it the right thing to do, growing up without acquiring any skills at all, is the best thing to do, I hope God see me through, thinking about all this things, my girlfriend ify walk in

RITA : ify

IFY : Rita, how are you

RITA : am fine, when did you come back to the village

IFY : yesterday, I went to where you work, yesterday, but your boss said, she have not seen you for the past two weeks

RITA : Yes, she is right

IFY: what happened, are you okay

RITA : sure I am fine, nothing is wrong

IFY : ok, but why have you not being going to work

RITA : I stop the work

IFY : why, are you going back to school

RITA : school, is all about school, but not me

IFY : who

RITA : my sister charity, she has gotten admission to the university

IFY : she got admission to the university, and you stopped your work

RITA : Yes, she need money to pay for her acceptance fees, I have to help my mother, so that

we can raise the money

IFY : wait, are you trying to tell me that, charity is going to the university

RITA : Yes

IFY : who want to sponsor her

RITA : my mother

IFY : did you mother agreed to that

RITA : of course, my mother agreed, my mother was the one who told me to stop going to work, so that we can concentrate more on our farm work, and see my sister through school

IFY : then what about you, Rita, you are a big fool, a very big one oo, please oo, are you sure this woman is your mother

RITA : of course, she is my mother

IFY : no, she is not your mother my dear, go and ask question, this is the same woman that denied you education, three times, but when charity got admission now, is accepting to the task, and the fool here, which happens to be my girlfriend is quitting the work, she is learning because her mother ask her to quit it

RITA : what do you expect me to do, you need to see the way my mother was crying and calling my late father name begging me, I was touched

IFY : let her cry, jesus,

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that woman is not your mother

RITA : she is

IFY : no she is not, if she is your mother, why does she hate you

RITA : hate me, my mother dont hate me

IFY : hmmm, I can see, you don’t understand the handwriting on the wall

RITA : she dont, can we

forget about this issue, and discuss something else

IFY: no we cannot forget it, you have to open your eyes, what am I even saying, Rita I am going home

RITA : so soon, why na

IFY : nothing, but I will come back later the day

RITA : ok, bye

(When ify got home, she went to her mother, to ask her some questions )

IFY : mama

MAMA AKA : ify, what is it

IFY : I want to ask you a question, please tell me the truth, I promise not to let anyone know

MAMA AKA : what kind of question, do you want to ask me, go on

IFY : mama, mama, his Rita the real daughter of mama Rita

MAMA AKA : real mother of Rita, I dont understand

IFY : I mean, is your friend, the biological mother of Rita

MAMA AKA : Yes of course

IFY : mama are you sure, how did you know

MAMA AKA : ha! ha! Is she not my friend, I was the one who followed her to the hospital to give birth, I was the one who came back home to give the news about her birth

IFY : really

MAMA AKA : Yes my daughter, why are you asking

IFY : ok, why is she now refusing to train Rita in school

MAMA AKA : she said she dont have money, I believe she dont have truly

IFY : really, but when it came for charity turn now to go to school, she have the money now

MAMA AKA : his charity going to school

IFY : Yes mama, the most bad of it is that, Rita is quitting her work, so that she can join her mother in farm work, for them to be able to see her through school

MAMA AKA : why is she quitting her job

IFY :: because her mother ask her to

MAMA AKA : this is serious oo

IFY : that is why, I am thinking that your friend, is not Rita mother

MAMA AKA : she is




Is being two months now, my sister charity have gone back to school, all I do everyday is to follow my mother to the farm to work, harvest some cassava and sell them, I also fetch firewood and sell them too, so that we can be able to see my junior sister through school. But to say the truth, I am really tired of all this

RITA : mama

MAMA RITA : ene, what is it

RITA : mama, I want to tell you something

MAMA RITA : what is it

RITA : I want to go back to work, my work will not stop me from assiting you in the farm work

MAMA RITA : Rita, Rita

RITA : mama

MAMA RITA : dont start again oo

RITA : mama, I am serious, you refuse to train me in school, the work I decided to learn now, you are stopping me from it

MAMA RITA : I know, I did not make a mistake by asking you to stop your work, is not a mistake at all, it is the right thing

RITA : mama it is not right, you call that right, charity my younger sister is in school building is future, what about me, school I did not attend, am I still going to continue my life without acquiring any skills at all, how do I start my life, when the time come

MAMA RITA : see my dear, sacrificing your education for your kid sister is nothing at all, and talking about growing up without any skills is nothing, me did I acquire anyone, of course not, you are a woman, before you know it, you will get married, dont worry yourself my dear

RITA : mama, is not fair oo, is not fair

MAMA RITA : stop crying, dont worry, let me promise you this, if you sister finish schooling, and start working, I promise you, she will send you back to school

RITA : what, my younger sister, we send me to school

MAMA RITA : Yes nah, are you not happy

RITA : ehhhhhh, mama, my younger sister, we send me back to school, when she is done

MAMA RITA : Yes nah

RITA : mama, tell me, which family in this village, is praticing what you just said, which family is sending the junior child to school first, so that when the child is done schooling, he or she will now pick up the responsibility of sending the elder ones to school

MAMA RITA : you are turning this matter oo

RITA : mama, I can now see the handwriting on the wall

MAMA RITA : handwriting

RITA : Yes, handwriting, I can see it clearly now

MAMA RITA : what is the handwriting all about

RITA : you are not my mother, where did you pick me from, tell me

MAMA RITA : ha! Rita, what kind of talk is that, RITA : of course, you know the truth, is it not time you let me know about myself, how long do I have to wait, before telling me the truth

MAMA RITA : Rita will you stop saying all this rubbish, of course I am your mother, I carried you in my womb I nurtured you

RITA : you are not my mother

MAMA RITA : I am your mother, where have I wrong you, why are you talking like this, stop shielding those tears, it hurt me, please

RITA : you have wronged me so much, you are my mother right

MAMA RITA : Yes I am

RITA : (I knelt down in front of her)

MAMA RITA : why are you kneeling before me

RITA : forgive me

MAMA RITA : forgive you, forgive you for what

RITA : I should be asking you that, because me I dont know, something tells me, maybe I offended you, without me knowing

MAMA RITA : stop saying that

RITA : is true mama, okay, I know very well, I have never offended you, maybe when I was a child then, I offended you, please forgive me

MAMA RITA : you have never offended me

RITA : fine now, then tell me, where is the wickedness coming from, why are you being wicked to me

MAMA RITA : I dont hate you

RITA : exactly, you just used the right word, hate, you hate me

MAMA RITA : I dont hate you, why will I hate my own daughter, my blood and flesh

RITA : am sorry ooo, I am begging , forgive oo

MAMA RITA : please stand up, biko

RITA : (I stand up) okay

MAMA RITA : believe me (I walk away, deeply hurt by my mother words) where are you going to na

To be continued. …..

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