Blood sister Episode 67

I walk into the room to relax, wesley was alre-ady in be-d, he was not slee-ping, but de-ep in thought
RITA : baby I thought you are alre-ady slee-ping oh
WESLEY : no, I am not slee-ping my dear
RITA : you look really worried
WESLEY : I am fine
RITA : (I l@ydown close to him ) are you sure you are fine
WESLEY : Yes I am fine
RITA : ok, baby do you know what happened today
WESLEY : what happened
RITA : when I went to the supermarket today, abino twins started following me, I started running, they were kids, but abino, you nee-d to see the fear in me, they were so many kids at the supermarket, why abino (I was talking, but wesley my husband was not listening to me) baby, baby, wesley
WESLEY : Yes dear
RITA : you are not listening to me
WESLEY : sorry, what were you saying
RITA : oh my God, what is it my love
WESLEY : Rita, you are hurting me
RITA : my love, you know I love you so much, and I can never hurt you, what have I done to make you look so depressed
WESLEY : you know I love you right
RITA : you know I love you more
WESLEY : is there anything you ask of me, that I don’t do for you, is there any favour you want me to do, that I don’t grant for the sake of our love
RITA : baby, there is nothing I ask of you, that you don’t do for me, just to make me happy
WESLEY : then why don’t you want me to be happy too
RITA : in what way my love
WESLEY : the papers for the withdrawal of the money
RITA : the papers again
WESLEY : plea-se my love, sign it and make me happy, people are saying that I am the one that can talk to you, because I am your half p@rt, I am your blood, I am your husband, we should do this together, they said if you truly love me , you will listen to me, just to make me happy
RITA : my love
WESLEY : plea-se tell the world how much you love me and want to see me happy, by signing the papers, your mother have talked to you, my brother also talked to you, you refused, are you still going to refuse your sunshine, or am I not your sunshine again, I am your sugar right, make me happy, you know I will do same for you right
RITA : Yes, I am not a bad person my love
WESLEY : I know you are not, you are only angry
RITA : I am not wicked, I love my sister and my mother just to make them happy, but they never appreciated it, they made me look like a maid
WESLEY : you have to forget the past, and do the right thing, she is really sorry, she has suffered in that prison and she have realised her mistake
RITA : my love, charity is very wicked, but I still love her
WESLEY : Yes, you should love her, because she is your blood
RITA : Yes, I just want to teach her a little lesson
WESLEY : baby plea-se (he tried knelling down before me)
RITA : baby no, st©p it, why will you kneel down for me, st©p it
WESLEY : just to soften your heart, and make you sign the papers
RITA : you dont have to kneel down before I do it, have I ever kneel down to beg you something, so don’t kneel down before me, I will go and sign it tommorow
WESLEY : what did you just say
RITA : I will sign it
WESLEY : baby thank you
RITA : st©p thanking me, the money is yours and not mine
WESLEY : hmm, so you know is mine and you were suffering me like this
RITA : that’s the power of a woman
WESLEY : you are right
RITA : you look happy
WESLEY : Yes, I am happy, I can now un-derstand everything
RITA : un-derstand what
WESLEY : that my baby nee-d pet, not pressure
RITA : you should know that
WESLEY : Yes, I can remember that, when ever you want to beg me for a favour, you pet me, you don’t just ask me, but beg me
RITA : Yes you are right, you were asking me to do it by f0rç£, you were pressuring me
WESLEY : yeah, I know
RITA : you should have pet me to do it, you are the only one that has the key to my heart
WESLEY : so I am the one holding the key since, I could not do anything
RITA : you are happy now right
RITA : let me tell you the story
WESLEY : ok, I am listening
(The next day, me and wesley got re-ady to go to the bank)
RITA : baby, let’s go
WESLEY : what about mama
RITA : she is still slee-ping, I just want to surprise her
WESLEY : what about kinsley
RITA : not anyone, should know about it
RITA : baby, let me have the car keys
WESLEY : baby, you dont know how to drive
RITA : but I know how to drive now
WESLEY : you are still learning
RITA : baby I can drive
WESLEY : you can drive, but not on the express road, it will be risky
RITA : baby, you know I am trying, is it because I am not done with the driving school, and they have not giving me my driving certificate
WESLEY : that’s because you are still learning, and you can not ride because of your condition
RITA : forget about my condition, pregnant women drive cars, I want to drive oh
WESLEY : you have to be careful, you must drive in low speed
RITA : Yes I will
WESLEY : take the keys
RITA : where are you going to
WESLEY : let me place your learning board on the car
RITA : must you put it, I am driving in low speed nah
WESLEY : I must put it, that’s the only way I can let you ride this car, so that people will know that the driver is still learning
RITA : I dont nee-d it oh
WESLEY : you nee-d it
RITA : hmmm
WESLEY : we can go now
RITA : ok
( I drove the car and after some minutes we arrived in first bank)
WESLEY : baby, why did you bring me to first bank, is zenith bank
RITA : I know
WESLEY : then why did you st©p here in first bank
RITA : wesley, you want to know
WESLEY : plea-se, dont start, drive to zenith bank
To be continued.