Blood sister Episode 64

Wesley and his brother c@m£ in
RITA : wow, bro kinsley you are welcome
KINS : you and this your brother Kingsley, brother Kingsley, you should st©p calling me that, my name is kinsley
RITA : I cannot call you by your name
KINS : but you are now a married woman
RITA : that’s was the name I use to call you, even before I got married, I can’t change it
KINS : ok fine, I hope you are fine
RITA : I should be asking you that
KINS : really
RITA : Yes how are you, I hope you are fine
KINS : I am good, dont I look good to you
RITA : you look good
KINS : I only spent two day there, I have sle-pt in that police station for one week
RITA : one week
KINS : Yes, they arrested me in my third year in the university, my father refused to bail me
RITA: why
KINS : because is a cultists issue, and that was the fourth time they were arresting me, because of cultists
RITA : you are really a bad guy then
KINS : Yes very very bad
RITA : but you should have st©pped this lifestyle, immediately you finished from the university
KINS : dont worry Rita everything is fine now
RITA : ok (i look at my husband) baby how are you doing
WESLEY : (he kept quiet)
RITA : baby, I am talking to you
WESLEY : fine
RITA : it seems you are not happy, let me serve you both food
WESLEY : I am not hungry for now
KINS : plea-se serve me food oh, I am really hungry
RITA : ok (I went to the kitchen )
WESLEY : bro, are you here for story telling, I thought you are here to talked to her
KINS : relax na, let me eat first, I am hungry, you dont have to rush her oh, the way I am seeing her, it will be difficult oh, she did not even asked me about her sister charity, can’t you see
WESLEY : then talk to her
KINS : plea-se let me eat first
(I served kinsley food, when he was done eating, he called me )
KINS : Rita
RITA : sir
KINS : what is happening
RITA : nothing is happening oh
KINS : nothing is happening
RITA : Yes, did anything happen
KINS : your sister, I am talking about your sister, her innocent is at stake here, the more she del@yin that prison, the more the case become stronger
RITA : kinsley, you should not be telling me this, I dont want it to look as if I am disrepecting you
KINS : I know how you feel, I know about the terrible thing she has done to you, but plea-se, this is not the right time for this
RITA : this is the best time I can punish her, and make her to respect her elders
KINS : plea-se forgive her, my account has been freeze, I am starting from all over again, I dont have the money to help her out
RITA : kinsley, there is nothing you can tell me that will make me to sign the papers now
WESLEY : kinsley let Rita be, I will go and see our family lawyer
KINS : that will be more risky, getting charity a lawyer, will make her appear in court
WESLEY : Yes, let her go to court, let her go and face trial
KINS : she might end up in jail
WESLEY : do you care, as for me I dont care anymore bro, if her blood sister here can bear it, what about me, that is not related to her
KINS : hmmmm, Rita plea-se
RITA : I am not signing it kinsley, let her stay in that prison for some time
KINS : does it mean you will still consider her
RITA : of course I will bring her out
KINS : when
RITA : I dont know for now, time will definitely tell
KINS : fine, if you will bring her out of the case
WESLEY : are you saying fine, is that all you can say
KINS : what more do you want me to say, your first lady here says, she want to teach her a little lesson, let her be, charity deserve it, charity is a very wicked girl, I can swear that if Rita was in this case, she will do more than this, she might even go into agreement with her sister, before helping her
RITA : you see, you are the only one that un-derstand me better, thank you
WESLEY : kins, dont tell me you are with this devil I call a wife
RITA : did you just call me devil
WESLEY : Yes, that’s what you are
KINS : st©p it wesley, st©p calling her names plea-se
WESLEY : she is wicked, Rita dont make me hate you, don’t, I repeat dont make me hate you
RITA : fine, go ahead and hate me (Wesley walk away )
KINS : wesley come back here
RITA : he just walk out of you
KINS : he is angry, when ever he is angry, he dont regard me anymore
RITA : I hope he will not hit me
KINS : when he is angry, he might hit you, just stay far from him, until you see change in is attitude again
RITA : so he might hit me
KINS : just avoid wesley for now, he is really angry, I can see it in is eyes
RITA : ehhhhhh
KINS : is angry at us
RITA : are you sure, it is both of us
KINS : of course, because I support your decision, I have to go now, when he is fine, he will come to my house
RITA : ok
KINS : make sure you stay far from my brother
RITA : ok, bye
KINS : bye, oh, plea-se help me with one of the car keys, I have to drive home myself
RITA : ok
( Wesley c@m£ home late at night, I knew when he entered the room, but I pretended to be fast asleep, he stared at me and sle-pt off. The next day he woke up and left the house, without talking to me, he left to the prison to visit charity, when he got there, kinsley was alre-ady there)
WESLEY : good morning bro
KINS : morning, how are you
WESLEY : I am fine, charity how are you
CHARITY : I am fine
KINS : wesley why did you walk out of me yesterday
WESLEY : kins you got me angry, we both agreed to go to my house to talk to Rita
KINS : Yes, did we not go
WESLEY : but you deviated from what took us to her, you ended up backing her up
CHARITY : what, kinsley, are you supporting her
KINS : I an not, just that she is really angry at you, to say the truth, I tried talking to her, she refused and said, she will bring you out on her own lucky day
CHARITY : when
KINS : I dont know
CHARITY : but I said I am sorry
KINS : she doesn’t want to hear it
WESLEY : we have to get you a lawyer
CHARITY : I dont nee-d a lawyer, I might end up in jail
WESLEY : you are right my dear
CHARITY: have you informed my mother
KINS : no
KINS : she might get worried
CHARITY : no she will not, you have to go and tell her what is happening, she is the only one that can talk to Rita
WESLEY : are you sure
CHARITY : Yes, she knows the right words to use for Rita, just go and talk to my mum
WESLEY : ok, we will go tommorow
CHARITY : thank you
KINS : my love you will be out from this okay, be strong
To be continued.

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