Episode 61-62





Kinsley rushed into the house, with so much fear and confusion, he dropped his bags of weapons in the sitting room, and went inside his room, charity tried to know what the problem his, but he refused to speak up and went inside

CHARITY : what could be wrong with him, he look so afraid, what happened, this bag again, only God knows what is inside this bag, he alway goes out with, let me even check the content, I am sure he forgot it here (charity opened the bag and saw guns inside) jesus, jesus, guns, this are guns, what is kinsley doing with all this guns (then the police men walk in)

POLICE: your hands on your head, drop your weapons

CHARITY : officers I dont understand, what weapons

POLICE: drop the guns on your hands

CHARITY : officers they are not mine

POLICE: where is your partner

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POLICE: Sam, search for him, inside

(That was how kinsley and charity was arrested, wesley rushed back home)

RITA : baby, you are back

WESLEY : Yes, there is a big problem

RITA : what happened

WESLEY : kinsley has been arrested

RITA : what did he do

WESLEY : for robbery

RITA : robbery, how

WESLEY : he went to rob, he and his members

RITA : he and his members, his kinsley an armed robber

WESLEY : the worst of it is that, charity was arrested too

RITA : no, charity dont steal

WESLEY : that’s the problem, according to kinsley, he said he never knew the police men, followed him home

RITA : so what about his members

WESLEY : when they heard the siren of the police car, they all ran away, kinsley never knew that police men in normal car followed him home

RITA : how does that affect charity, did they see charity with them

WESLEY : kinsley have a girl in the group, so the police are thinking that charity is the girl, because the secetary of where they went for operation, said a girl was among the group, the police man came into the house, and saw charity holding a gun

RITA : oh my God, this is complicated, what was she doing with a gun

WESLEY : charity said, she have been suspecting the bag, that’s was the reason she opened it to check what it is inside

RITA : let her explain to the police

WESLEY : the police refused to listen, they think they go for robbery together, even if they are married

RITA : hmmm

WESLEY : I warned kinsley, I always warned him, he refuses to hear me

RITA : ha! So you know about it too

WESLEY : Yes I know

RITA : ehhh, me am getting scared oh

WESLEY : why

RITA : I dont think I know you better

WESLEY : of course you know me

RITA : no I don’t think so

WESLEY : please I dont have time for this now, my brother can be free, money will bring him out of this case

RITA : then spend the money and bring him out

WESLEY : when I spoke to the IGP, he requested for five million naira, and the case will be closed, he is my late dad good friend, the problem now is charity

RITA : how

WESLEY : the IGP refused to look into charity case

RITA : why

WESLEY : he said, he is will only free charity, if kinsley provide his men and that girl among them

RITA : the IGP is mad oh, so he will collect bribe and free the real suspect, what about charity

WESLEY : kinsley have to provide his gang, the IGP said they must be a suspect to hold, if they release kinsley now, who will they hold responsible for the robbery case, and the secetary of where they robbed, keep saying, charity is the girl among them

RITA : wonderful

WESLEY : how

RITA : wesley my love, face your brother case, leave my sister case to me

WESLEY : you cannot handle it

RITA : is she your sister, this is a brother and sister case, face yours, while I face my sister

WESLEY : ok fine, we have to get her a lawyer

RITA : I will decide that, not now

WESLEY : what’s wrong with you, do you think this is a child’s play

RITA : and who says is a child play, wesley just back off, charity is my sister, stay away from my family affair

WESLEY : she is also my family, she answers the same surname with me

RITA : I dont care

WESLEY : you dont care

RITA : I dont my dear, go settle your brother case, and leave charity to me, delay is dangerous

WESLEY : exactly, the more your sister spend time in that prison, the more the case become critical, I have to talk to IGP again, maybe he will consider charity this time

RITA : this case is funny oh, why are they so interested in charity

WESLEY : because the secetary keep saying the female robber is charity

RITA : anyway is to my favour, just stay out of it

WESLEY : let me go and see the IGP, I am coming

RITA : but you are just returning from there

WESLEY : Rita, I am confused, my brother and is wife are in trouble

RITA : everything will be fine

WESLEY : I will see you when I get back

(Wesley got to the police station and talked to the IGP, after everything, he was permitted little time to talk with his brother)

WESLEY : bro, I warned you

KINS : will you stop blaming me, you were here some hours ago, you were also blaming me, you need to help me out of here

WESLEY : fine, the IGP requested for five million

KINS : that’s not the problem nah, I have already told you were to get the money

WESLEY : Yes you did, it will be ready in two days time

KINS : no problem bro, thank you so much

WESLEY : what about your wife charity

KINS : bro I am confused oh, why did charity open the bag

WESLEY : why did you not take the bag inside, when you told me, charity is getting suspicious about the bag

KINS : I was confused

WESLEY : hmmm

KINS : are they still requesting for my rest members, before leaving her

WESLEY : of course, but the IGP has requested for another five million before leaving her

KINS : that is too much nah

WESLEY : you should be happy, she will no longer need a lawyer to prove her innocent, in court

KINS : five million, you know I dont have the money now, my account has been freeze

WESLEY : fine, I will help you with the money

KINS : please don’t let mum hear about it

WESLEY : is our secret

KINS : thank you so much bro

WESLEY : you are wellcome




Wesley just arrived home

RITA : baby, wellcome, you look so tired

WESLEY : you are right dear

RITA : you really need some rest


RITA : so how are they doing

WESLEY : they are fine

RITA : ok, so what’s up with charity case

WESLEY : settled now, the IGP has agreed to leave him

RITA : the IGP agreed to leave him

WESLEY : Yes, for the sum of five million naira

RITA : ayah, God has really saved her oh


RITA : I would have so much dealt with charity

WESLEY : how

RITA : you think I would have allowed you to get charity a lawyer, I would not have allowed you, I wanted to see her suffer in prison for some time

WESLEY : you would not have been able to stop me from getting a lawyer for charity

RITA : you think so, the IGP already made it easier for you people, she would have stayed in that prison, until his husband come out and get him a lawyer

WESLEY : please serve my food, I am hungry

RITA : ok ( I went to the kitchen, to get wesley is food)

WESLEY : what is wrong with her, this is her sister we are talking about, I can see she needs revenge oh (I walk in )

RITA : baby, here it is

WESLEY : thank you dear

RITA : baby did you tell mother was going on

WESLEY : no I cannot tell her, not again

RITA : not again, how

WESLEY : kinsley is a very rough guy, do you know how many times, kinsley has been arrested

RITA : robbery

WESLEY : no, cultism

RITA : hmmm, ok, eat your food

(The next day morning, wesley woke me up)

WESLEY : baby

RITA : Yes, good morning

WESLEY : go and take your bath

RITA : why, I am still sleeping, or am I smelling

WESLEY : I never said that

RITA : then why, is just 7am, you are not going to work today nah

WESLEY : I know, you will follow me to the bank today

RITA : what are we going to do in bank

WESLEY : I want to withdraw money

RITA: why dont you withdraw from the normal account

WESLEY : the money there will not be enough for me to use

RITA : what do you need money for

WESLEY : some projects, please just go and take your bath

RITA : ok

( After two hours, we arrive in bank, then we went to the manager office, wesley told the manager what he came from, they had a private discussion among themselves, until when wesley finally came to me with a pen and teller, he signed and he asked me to do same)

WESLEY : baby sign here

MANAGER: excuse me wesley, l will be back

WESLEY : ok manager (the manager walk away ) sign here na

RITA : baby I know I did not go to school, but I can read and write, which I always thank God for

WESLEY : how does that affect this signing

RITA : I am seeing five million naira here, what do you want to use it for

WESLEY : I already told you, is for the company project

RITA : company project, your company has his own account, you go there and withdraw the company money, not your money

WESLEY : Rita sign here

RITA : I am not signing until you tell me, what you need the money for, we are talking about five million

WESLEY : what is wrong with you rita, what is your problem, is it your money, are you the one that work the money for me, am asking you, is my money

RITA : our money

WESLEY : what kind of a human being are you

RITA : just tell me what you need the money for, then I will sign, is it too hard for you to say it

WESLEY : my own money, what is even wrong with me, what was I even thinking that made me change my bank account to joint account with you

RITA : I have said my own, you are lying to me, what do you need the money for

WESLEY : you want to know

RITA : Yes

WESLEY : the money is for charity payment

RITA : oh, just as I thought, why is it so difficult for you to say it out, we are talking about my sister here

WESLEY : Yes, your sister, please just sign

RITA : I am sorry, I will not sign

WESLEY : why

RITA : I am not going to sign, I want charity to remain in that prison, that’s the only way I can pay her back for everything she did to me

WESLEY : this is not time for this

RITA : meet me in the car (i walked away )

( When we got home, I can see the anger in wesley eyes, I just hope he dont end up beating me)

WESLEY : what is the meaning of that

RITA : the meaning is that, you are not withdrawing any money for charity sake

WESLEY : so I can no longer use my money, in what I like

RITA : you can use it for anything, but charity no way

WESLEY : what do you want me to tell my brother na, I promise to help him with this money, why do you want me to look like a fool, before my brother

RITA : go and tell him, I refused, tell him i said you should stay away from my family issues, he will understand you

WESLEY : he will understand me

RITA : he will understand you, I love kinsley so much, because he always listen to charity and obey charity decision, immediately charity tell him to stay clear from her family issues, kinsley always obey, why can’t you be like kinsley, respect my decision for once

WESLEY : this is a useless decision, you are putting your sister innocent at risk

RITA : why is it difficult for you to stay clear from this matter, she is my sister, she is my blood, face your brother case, and leave charity to me

WESLEY : kinsley will be coming out tommorow, is charity going to remain there for a crime he knows nothing about

RITA : leave kinsley to handle the case, is coming out tommorow, let her come out and help his wife out

WESLEY : kinsley can’t do anything, he dont have money anymore to help charity, his account has been freeze, they need our help

RITA : wow, wonderful, you see the way God work, so I still have hope of dealing with charity, that’s great, I will never sign for the withdrawal of the money

WESLEY : you are just so wicked

RITA : you call me a wicked being, then what will you call charity, do you know what she did to me, I never reasoned it, but the most painful one is my introduction, marriage and wedding, charity never attended any of it, you have watched the video of our marriage, did you see the capture of charity inside, my own blood sister

WESLEY : you are not God of justice, let God judge

RITA : no, sometimes God dont punish them with the kind of punishment you wanted him to punish your enemies with, this is the kind of punishment I want for charity

WESLEY : God knows best

RITA : I know, just stay away from my family issues

WESLEY : I can’t

RITA : then you must be looking for my trouble



To be continued.

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