Blood sister Episode 59 & 60

Episode 59-60
The next day, wesley got re-ady to go to work, he woke me up
WESLEY : sugar
RITA : baby good morning
WESLEY : morning my love, how was your night
RITA : it was fine
WESLEY : breakfast, stand up and prepare my breakfast
RITA : I dont want you to go to work today
WESLEY : why
RITA : plea-se, let me just spend today with you, I am always lonley
WESLEY : I have to go to work
RITA : I know, plea-se just today, this house is really bored, i am always alone
WESLEY : today is the first day of the week, I have to go
RITA : bikonu, plea-se, stay with me just today
WESLEY : fine, I will go and return back on time
RITA : can’t you just grant me this favour, I always miss you, I am pregnant, you are not always around for me, you go to work 8am, come back 4pm
WESLEY : dont tell me you are complaining, because this is the kind of life you always wanted right
RITA : Yes it is, but I am a pregnant woman, always alone in this big house
WESLEY : go and prepare my food
RITA : ok ( I wanted to walk away, when kinsley held me back)
WESLEY : I will stay with you
RITA : baby thank you
WESLEY : you are happy now right
RITA : Yes, I am now happy
WESLEY : that’s my girl, mummy charity
RITA : you have started again, let me help you take off your clothes
WESLEY : dont worry about the clothes, I am fine with it
RITA : I hope you don’t want to douge out oh
WESLEY : I am good, come and lye down, let’s sleep
RITA : I am not comfortable with that sleeve you are putting on
WESLEY : come to be-d
RITA : to do what
WESLEY : to sleep na
RITA : sleep, just sleep
WESLEY : what were you doing before I woke you up
RITA : I was slee-ping
WESLEY : so continue from where you st©p dear
RITA : just sleep, hmmm
WESLEY : what
RITA : nothing
WESLEY : it better be nothing
RITA : dont go anywhere oh
WESLEY : Yes ma (I sle-pt off again)
(Ifeoma, wesley staff just resumed work, ifeoma happens to be my childhood friend ify)
IFY : hello girl
LIZZY : oh my God, ify where on earth have you been
IFY : hafa na
LIZZY : I am fine
GLORIA : why have you not been in work, for five months
IFY : you know as we dey do am na, jacob the as-sistant managing director, dont have time, and Mr wesley is not around to control the company himself
GLORIA : i see
IFY : lizzy hafa na, I noi dey receive alert oh
LIZZY : what alert
IFY : my monthly payments na
GLORIA : look at this girl oo, when you did not work, you are waiting for your monthly payment
IFY : babe forget that thing, you know as we dey run am nah, so who is travelling next
GLORIA : lizzy may you give this girl her letter na, so that she can st©p ma-king noise here
IFY : letter, what letter is that
LIZZY : I dont know, open it and re-ad it yourself
IFY : ok oh (she opened and re-ad the letter) lizzy what kind of joke is this
GLORIA : hahahaha, lizzy is asking you nah
LIZZY : is not a joke my dear, you have been abs£nt from. Work for five months
IFY : so, am I the only one with this act, why will jacob sack me
LIZZY : you are right my dear, you are not the only one doing it, but yours did not favour you this time, so with jerry
IFY : what happened to jerry too
GLORIA : he was sacked too, until God t©uçhed the manager mind
IFY : did you just say manager, his manager around
GLORIA : Yes manager has been around for three months
LIZZY : Yes nah, he was the one that requested for your sack letter my dear
IFY : babe, why did you not inform me nah, I can’t loose the job, I have to see the manager too, maybe God will t©uçh is mind too, the way he forgave jerry
GLORIA : dont even decive yourself my dear, it was because of his wife
IFY : wife, mr wesley is not married
LIZZY : he is married now, he married few weeks ago
IFY : ehhhhhh, I can’t loose my job, let me go and see him in his office
LIZZY : he is not around my dear
IFY : I want to go and see his wife too, so that she will also help me and plead with his husband
GLORIA : dont even dare it, don’t go and disturb them with your sack letter
LIZZY : I dont support it
IFY : lizzy, plea-se help me with the address of their house
LIZZY : no, I cannot do that
IFY : you will give it to me and you will follow me there
LIZZY : I will not go
IFY : plea-se
LIZZY : no
IFY : I will see you later, let me start going now
(The next day I heard a knock at the door, when I checked who it is, his ifeoma)
IFY : Rita
RITA : hello ifeoma, come inside (she and lizzy c@m£ in)
IFY : what are you doing here Rita
RITA : why are you asking
IFY : now I un-derstand better, you are working here right
RITA : is that what your mind tells you
IFY : Yes.
RITA : suit your conscience
LIZZY: good day ma
RITA : good day dear, ify where have you been
IFY : I travelled, my mum told me you are married now, congrat, but why are you still doing the job of a cleaner
LIZZY : ify, this is not why we are here oh
IFY : I know darling, is just that I saw my childhood friend, I know her
LIZZY : that make it easy for you, tell her why you are here
IFY : and why will I tell her my mission of being here, Rita plea-se go and tell your madam she have a visitor
RITA : is that all
LIZZY : ify are you okay, this is Mr wesley wife
IFY : jesus, lizzy you are not serious right
LIZZY : plea-se tell her why you are here
IFY : Rita, Mr wesley is your husband
RITA : no, his my boss
IFY : Rita, you know we have been friends right
RITA : before
IFY : before, why before
RITA : ify i dont have time, I am sure I am the one you c@m£ to see, what is it
IFY : Rita, my boss, Mr wesley sacked me from work, help me talk to him
RITA : what did you do
IFY : I was abs£nt from work for five months
RITA : five months, that is too much, how do you expect me to talk to him, I can’t oh
IFY : (he knell down before me) Rita plea-se you have to help me, I dont want to loose this job, plea-se
RITA : ify, you are kneeling before me
IFY : is nothing
RITA : you are kneeling down before the village fool oh, who am I that you are asking favour from
IFY : (she kept quiet)
RITA : wow, so this is how life his, I remembered telling you that one day you will come for my help, you are here now
IFY : I can remember those words too, Rita Rita I am sorry
RITA : give me some respect, I am your boss wife, you should call me with respect
IFY : ok ma
RITA : good girl (then I heard my husband calling me) honey I am in the sitting room, we have a visitor, ify stand up, my husband is coming
IFY : madam dont worry I am ok like this
RITA : stand up (she stood up)
WESLEY : this is my secetary nah (they greeted him) what do we hold this visit for, miss lizzy
RITA : sugar
WESLEY : Yes dear
RITA : why did you sack my friend
WESLEY : your friend, who is your friend
RITA : (i went to sit near ifeoma) ify is my friend
WESLEY : how is she your friend
RITA : baby she is my childhood friend, I never knew she work for you
WESLEY : did you ask her, what she did
RITA : she told me, and she is sorry about it
WESLEY : why do you wokers always involve my wife, after your bad conducts
RITA : baby, ify is my friend, my very good friend
WESLEY : I dont believe you
RITA : you can ask charity
WESLEY : charity
RITA : ( I kneel down in front of wesley) baby, forgive my friend
WESLEY : stand up my love, you dont have to kneel down, before I hear your plea
RITA : ok
WESLEY : ify you can go back to work, baby talk to your friend oh
RITA : it will not happen again
IFY : thank you sir, Rita thank you
RITA : anything for you my dear
IFY : Rita thank you so much, thank you sir
WESLEY : no problem, my dear, honey I will be upstairs
RITA : ok dear (he went inside )
IFY : Rita, thank you so much, you are so good hearted, I never knew a day like this will come
RITA : that’s it, I am surprise too
LIZZY : thank you so much ma
RITA : that’s nothing my dear, she was my very good friend then in the village
IFY : Yes, she always as-sisted me with money then, buy me provisions when ever I am going to school
LIZZY : two of you are really good friends
IFY : Yes lizzy
RITA : until she got a job in the city, then she discovered we are no longer in the same clas-s, she abandoned me
IFY : come on, I am sorry
RITA : I know you are sorry, that’s nothing
LIZZY : Rita, we have to start going now
IFY : Yes, you are right
RITA : ok, no problem
IFY : can I have your number, so that I can always call you
RITA : I dont give my number out to people
IFY : but I am not people, I am your friend
RITA : then, not anymore darling
IFY : st©p talking like that, hmm, what if I want to visit you
RITA : dont even try it, except you c@m£ to see your boss, and not me
IFY : Rita, I am your friend, you cannot st©p me from coming here
RITA : then you come and see what I will do
IFY : I know what you can do, you can not even hurt a fly, you are not a wicked person, expect me on Sunday, make sure you cook oh
RITA : hmmm, I miss you ify
IFY : I am sorry
RITA : I am expecting you
IFY : thank you, take care of yourself
RITA : you too, bye (she walked away with lizzy) n@ûghty girl (I went inside to meet wesley) my darling
WESLEY : are they gone
RITA : Yes, they just left
WESLEY : do you really know ifeoma, or you are just ma-king up stories
RITA : ify is the girl I told you she always called me village fool
WESLEY : oh, then why did you plead on her behalf
RITA : baby she is my friend, we grew up together, I really missed her, she was only angry because of my behaviour
WESLEY : fine
RITA : I am happy to see her again
WESLEY : hmmm, look at your mouth
RITA : what happened to my mouth
WESLEY : come here, let me show you
RITA : I am not coming, I know you want to k!ssme
WESLEY : then come over
RITA : no
WESLEY : dont let me use f0rç£ oh
RITA : you want to use f0rç£ again abi
WESLEY : shut up your mouth
RITA : leave me let me talk jor, that was how you were using f0rç£ to be doing it three days ago
WESLEY : did I k!ssyou with f0rç£
RITA : did I say k!ss, you were doing it doing it, even when I said no
WESLEY : you are my wife
RITA : I cannot kill myself because I want to satisfy you
WESLEY : why are you ma-king me look as if I am a ra-pist, did you not enjoy it
RITA : enjoy what, when you were doing it, doing it
WESLEY : you enjoyed it, why were you now m0@n ing
RITA : you know I must m0@n , am I not a woman
WESLEY : you that wra-pped your two hands on my w@!st
RITA : so, respect my words when I say no
WESLEY : I was h—y that night
RITA : that’s not an excuse
WESLEY : you are ma-king me look like a ra-pist oh, and I dont like it
RITA : I did not call you a ra-pist
WESLEY : fine
RITA : where are you going to
WESLEY : I am coming, I want to quic-kly see a friend
RITA : why now, are you angry , I thought we are just joking
WESLEY : you call that a joke, that’s not a joke
RITA : I am not serious
WESLEY : I will see you when I get back
RITA : I am sorry
WESLEY : I am fine (he walked away )
( Three hours later he c@m£ back)
WESLEY : hi honey
RITA : where have you been
WESLEY : I told you, I want to go and see a friend
RITA : who is she
WESLEY : Rita dont start, his a guy and not a girl, you know I can never cheat on you
RITA : but you are sweating
WESLEY : I pla-yed ball with my friends
RITA : hmm
WESLEY : I can never lie to you
RITA : ok, I am sorry
WESLEY : no problem, I nee-d to shower, I am stinking
RITA : Yes you should
WESLEY : are you not coming over
RITA : to do what
WESLEY : to join me and shower
RITA : no
WESLEY : I will be waiting for you, take off all this your clothes and come and meet me, let me give you a warm bath
RITA : hmm
WESLEY : waiting (he went to the be-droom, then he called me) baby
RITA : I am coming
WESLEY : I know that, what if I tell you I have sle-pt with your friend ifeoma
RITA : (i was surprised hearing it) then you must be joking Mr digger
WESLEY : did you just call me digger, where did you hear that from
RITA : hmmm, that’s your name right, because you keep digging any hole you see
WESLEY : who told you that name
RITA : mummy told me
WESLEY : oh, you people always gossip me, each time I go to work, no problem
RITA : digger
WESLEY : come over to the bathroom, let me dig your own too
RITA : you keep digging all the holes you see
WESLEY : hahahaha, that’s the reason I dig the hole of your friend
RITA : will you st©p reminding me what happened between you and ifeoma
WESLEY : why
RITA : I dont want to talk about it, or believe it ever happened
WESLEY : it happened oh, that’s why I am confessing now
RITA : Is okey na
WESLEY: fine, where are you na, I am almost done
RITA : I am undressing
WESLEY : we are waiting
RITA : you and who
WESLEY : come and see it yourself
RITA : I am pregnant oh
WESLEY : I know darling, come on dont keep him waiting
RITA : n@ûghty husband
(The next day, kinsley and his gang went for their operations, but that day was not a lucky day for Kingsley and his men)
To be continued.