my blood sister

episode 52-53


( EPISODE 52 )



I arrived at the village very early in the morning

MAMA RITA : Rita, you are here

RITA : mama I told you I will be coming today

MAMA RITA : Yes you told me about your coming, is just that I was not expecting you this morning

RITA : oh, I see

MAMA RITA : what about your sister

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RITA : mama please don’t ask me questions you already know the answer, charity is your beloved daughter, I know she has already tell you her mind

MAMA RITA : I thought she dont mean it

RITA : she meant it

MAMA RITA : who is that man

RITA : his name is Alfred, he is my driver

MAMA RITA : you have a driver

RITA : Yes, wesley employed him for me, to always drive me around

MAMA RITA : wow, that nice, I will be going to the market later, I hope he will drive me to the market

RITA : no mama


RITA : he is not around


RITA : his going back to the city today, right now

MAMA RITA : but you said your husband employed him to always drive you around

RITA : Yes he did, but I don’t need Alfred around in this village, I have leg, my leg is not paining me, so with you mama

MAMA RITA : I know, your husband has already paid him to drive you around

RITA : mama I dont need him in this village, he is going back to the city

MAMA RITA : Rita you need him oo

RITA : for what, mama please don’t even try to stop me, Alfred


RITA : you can go back now

ALFRED : go back, to where

RITA : to the city

ALFRED : but oga said, I should be driving you around

RITA : I know, but I don’t want, you can go back to the city, tell your boss I asked you to go back to the city, if he try quarrelling you, tell him to call me

ALFRED : alright

RITA : dont worry, I will call him before you get to the city

ALFRED : thank you ma

RITA : you look so happy, so you don’t like my village abi

ALFRED : not that ma, I like your village

RITA : we have beautiful girls oo

ALFRED : I know ma

RITA : you know, so you started noticing them, when you were driving in

ALFRED : no oo

RITA : is alright, you can go

ALFRED : ok ma

RITA : please drive safely, and be careful

ALFRED : ok ma ( he walked away )

MAMA RITA : I dont like this at all

RITA : mama why are you complaining

MAMA RITA : why won’t I complain, why will you send your driver home

RITA : I dont need him

MAMA RITA : you better start enjoying what your husband is paying for oo

RITA : wesley is not yet my husband, let me get married to him first, before I start showing my self

MAMA RITA : it does not matter

RITA : it matters oo, mama please I dont need the village people gossip for now

MAMA RITA : you are just like your father, if is charity now, she will not send the driver home

RITA : but I am not charity, I am Rita, call your beloved daughter, tell her to come with cars, they have many cars in their compound, she will answer you immediately

MAMA RITA : what about you, are you not my beloved daughter

RITA : mama I will be inside ( I walk away )

( In the afternoon, mama Aka came to visit my mother)

MAMA RITA : my friend, that was what happened oo

MAMA AKA : hmm, mama chibuzor is always like that


MAMA AKA : dont mind her oo

MAMA RITA : I dont have her time oo, before I forget, Rita is around

MAMA AKA : really

MAMA RITA : Yes, you know her introduction is coming up next week

MAMA AKA : you already told me, I can’t wait for that day

MAMA RITA : she have been asking after you

MAMA AKA : asking after me, why did she not come to my house

MAMA RITA : you will ask her that question yourself


MAMA RITA : Rita (I answered my mother and came out, when I came out, I saw mama Aka ) RITA : mama Aka, good afternoon

MAMA AKA : ehhhhhh, Rita you have really change I swear

RITA : is God oo

MAMA AKA : I can see

RITA : I have been asking of you

MAMA AKA : dont you know my house

RITA : I know, is just that I am running away from ifeoma

MAMA AKA : now I understand better, ifeoma is not around now

RITA : I hope you always hear from her

MAMA AKA : Yes, she always call me

RITA : please greet her for me

MAMA AKA : you will do that yourself

RITA : how

MAMA AKA : I will give you her number

RITA : mama, I dont need her number, just greet her for me

MAMA AKA : you dont need her number

RITA : mama, I will be inside ( I walk away )

( Later the day, a car drove in, it is charity )

MAMA RITA : charity

CHARITY : mama good afternoon, Rita good afternoon

MAMA RITA : you are welcome

RITA : my lovely sister, I thought you are not coming

CHARITY : Rita please leave me alone oh

MAMA RITA : how is your husband, I thought you are not coming oo

RITA : dont mind her, she will be feeling too big, I know you will come, you can not miss your lovely sister introduction

CHARITY : and who told you, I am here because of your stupid introduction

RITA : you are calling my introduction stupid abi, mama you are hearing her now oo, if I make call now to them that charity madness has started again, they will think is a prank

MAMA RITA : Rita, dont mind her

RITA : mama I dont have her time, my lovely sister, you have not tell me what brings you to the village, since is not because of my wonderful introduction

CHARITY : Rita just leave me alone oo, I am trying to avoid you, I am not in a good mood ooo

RITA : what happened to you

CHARITY: mama tell Rita to leave me alone oo, when I start now, they will say start making call oo

RITA : hahahaha, are you scared, dont worry I will not make any call for you

CHARITY : leave me alone

RITA : what are you doing here, wait oh, your mother inlaw is coming back tommorow, what are you doing here, who is going to look after her

CHARITY : (silence )

RITA : now I know why you are here

CHARITY : (silence )

RITA : you are keeping quite, all is not well with you at all

MAMA RITA : charity, what is wrong

CHARITY : mama I am fine, is just a family matter

RITA : hahahaha, mother inlaw





Kinsley came to visit is brother wesley

KINS : bro hafa

WESLEY : I am fine, why did you not sent for me to come over to your place

KINS : dont worry, dont forget this is the first time I am visiting you

WESLEY : Yes, you are right, so what’s up

KINS : I came to discuss with you

WESLEY : I hope no problem

KINS : no, is just that I want our mother to stay with you

WESLEY : me, why me, I thought we agreed she will stay you

KINS : Yes, that was because I thought charity is not travelling

WESLEY : charity travelled

KINS : Yes she travelled yesterday to the village

WESLEY : why, but she said she is not going

KINS : Yes she said so, immediately I told her that mama is coming, and she will be staying with us, she just change her mind to travel

WESLEY : why, why will she hear about mother coming and she ran away

KINS : dont tell me you are the one asking me this, don’t forget charity dont know how to cook

WESLEY : oh, now I understand

KINS : I told her my mother dont tolerate nosenses

WESLEY : hahahaha, this is strange oo, where did you see her from

KINS : my brother

WESLEY : so you just married her, even when you know she dont know how to cook

KINS : I was blinded by stupid love, I even enrolled her in catering school, she quit, my brother I cannot continue with her

WESLEY : of course you cannot continue

KINS : please mother have to stay with you

WESLEY : he cannot stay with me, who will look after her, you know I now go to work, nobody will be at home to look after her, you are always at home nah

KINS : this is not a matter of who is always at home, you know if mama stay with me, I must go to work, that’s compulsory


KINS : I might go to work now, even if I am at home, wesley you know mama very well, she will always like to clean the house

WESLEY : is not bad

KINS : Yes is not bad for you, it is bad for me, do you want her to find out that I have guns in my house

WESLEY : oh, then you hide it

KINS : mama enter place where you think people will think of not going there, I might just keep it around, mama must open it to see what is inside

WESLEY : but kinsley, you have promise to stop this act of yours

KINS : I know, look bro there is an operation we have been preparing for since four months ago, it will click in two months time

WESLEY : since four months ago, is it a far place

KINS : no is here in Asaba

WESLEY : Asaba, when did you start operating in Asaba

KINS : this one involve a lot of money, amaka was the one that bought the deal

WESLEY : amaka

KINS : amaka is a very strong girl oo

WESLEY : why is she not yet married, I remember her telling me she is about to settle down

KINS : hahahaha, dont mind amaka, do you believe amaka cancel her wedding a day before her wedding day

WESLEY : jesus Christ, why will she do that

KINS : because of money nah, we had a very big operation we were going to, when she heard the money involved, amaka cancelled her marriage

WESLEY : and you allowed her

KINS : I tried to stop her, she refused, bro let us forget this issue, please mama have to stay with you

WESLEY : no problem

KINS : thank you

WESLEY : anything for you

KINS : you are looking good

WESLEY : Rita is really trying, let me bring food for you na

KINS : oh you cook

WESLEY : no, Rita cooked different food for me before travelling

KINS : you see, an example of a good wife

WESLEY : e reach e

(The next day, kinsley and is brother went to pick their mother from the airport, they just arrived in wesley apartment)

KINS : mummy, Sandra is really taking care of you

MAMA KINS : take care of who, I am the one taking care of them, I take care of Sandra and his family

KINS : so Sandra dont take care of you

MAMA KINS : Sandra is not always at home, always in work, same with is husband, you will only see Sandra at home on Sunday

KINS : they want to kill you with work

MAMA KINS : Yes ooo, digger know about it na

KINS : digger, who is digger

MAMA KINS : oh, wesley did not tell you is other name

KINS : where did he get that name from, and what is him digging

MAMA KINS : is nigeria friends in London nickname in that, but as for what he is digging, he will answer that himself, wesley, wesley

WESLEY : (he kept silent and continue playing with is mother b—-t and sucking it)

MAMA KINS : wesley what are you digging

KINS : look at this old man still sucking b—-t oo, so your wife own is not enough for you abi

WESLEY : I dont suck my wife b—-t again oo, I dont want b—-t milk to enter my mouth, you know she is pregnant

KINS : so you can talk na abi

WESLEY : hahahaha, why must you tell kinsley my nickname those my fool friends call me

KINS : what are you digging

WESLEY : bro na p—y oh

KINS : hahahaha, wesley, you too go rough

MAMA KINS : no oo, kinsley, wesley is lying oh, is not p—y oh, wesley, p—y cat

KINS : hahahaha, mama, ok tell me what he is digging

MAMA KINS : girls, he is digging girls hole, there is no hole your brother has not dig in London

KINS : hahahaha, mama oh

MAMA KINS : stop laughing, believe me, is because of wesley behaviour that made white girls in our city hate black boy especially the ones from nigeria, wesley always dig their hole and break their heart

KINS : so wesley you keep white girl friends

MAMA KINS : many, very many oo

WESLEY : mama is okey na

MAMA KINS : ok, but wait oo, what am I doing here

WESLEY : how

MAMA KINS : this is wesley house, I thought I will be going to kinsley house

WESLEY : mama you will stay here with me

MAMA KINS : digger leave my b—-t alone, I cannot stay here with you oh

KINS : mama you are staying here, nobody is in my house

MAMA KINS : what about your wife

KINS : she travelled for the introduction too

MAMA KINS : travel, why, the introduction is next week, what business does she have there for now

KINS : mama, my wife is wesley wife to be sister

MAMA KINS : sister, why one family

WESLEY : mama please don’t start

MAMA KINS : one family, is strange

KINS : mama please stop this , allow digger to follow her heart

WESLEY : ehhhhhh, kinsley stop that name oo

MAMA KINS : fine, but I will be going to kinsley house

WESLEY : fine, you can go

KINS : what is pursuing from here.

MAMA KINS : fine if I must stay here, tell wesley not to bring any girl to this house oo

KINS : mama, wesley has change

MAMA KINS : really

KINS : Yes mum

MAMA KINS : fine I will stay, wesley dear I will stay ehn

WESLEY : just follow your son ooo

MAMA KINS : sorry

WESLEY : leave me alone mum

MAMA KINS : oya, come and play with my b—-t

WESLEY : before nko



To be continued.

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