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January 28, 2021


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Blood sister Episode 51

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WESLEY : mummy charity, mummy charity, I am back

RITA : (I came out) hello

WESLEY : can’t you just say sir

RITA : sir, for what

WESLEY : so you did not hear when I was calling you

RITA : were you calling me, I did not hear oo, I heard noise that’s why I came out, so you were shouting Rita, I did not even hear you, forgive me

WESLEY : if you like pretend as if you did not hear me, because I am very sure you heared me calling you, mummy charity

RITA : ha! I heard mummy charity, that’s why I came out, I thought my mother is around, then the gateman is greeting her

WESLEY : just look at your mouth

RITA : what is wrong with my mouth

WESLEY : does the gate man know your mother, that he will even know her as mummy charity

RITA : you are looking for my trouble oo

WESLEY : if you like hear it and pretend, you are not the one that is going to give her a name, I am the one

RITA : do boy answer charity

WESLEY : you said the baby is a girl na

RITA : who said it, is a boy

WESLEY : you have change the gender again abi, fine, thats the only way he can not answer charity, but if is a girl, I will name her after your lovely sister charity

RITA : you are not serious

WESLEY: I am serious, so come closer (I sat closer to him) so tell me, did you miss me

RITA : of course I miss you, I have been lonley since I came back from the market with your secetary

WESLEY : how was the shopping, did you see your choice of clothes

RITA : Yes, let me go and bring them

WESLEY : no, dont worry, when we go inside I will see them

RITA : ok

WESLEY : I have missed you so much, I could not concentrate at the office

RITA : why

WESLEY : I was thinking about last night, I wish Could have more of it

RITA : of course you will have more, I have arranged the bed with new bed sheet and blanket

WESLEY : meaning

RITA : no sleeping for us today

WESLEY : no sleep for who, do you want to kill me with p—y

RITA : kill you with what, are you not the one that said you were wishing to have more of me

WESLEY : Yes I said so, is just a thought

RITA : you are saying your own oo, I am only trying to satisfy you, I dont want you to be going to all those your street cousins

WESLEY : thank you, you too like my banana

RITA : who like your banana, your banana that is not even sweet

WESLEY : is very sweet and over ripe

RITA : hahahaha

WESLEY : Yes, the sweetness was what make you to spread your legs more opening, when I started digging it and overpowered you the very first day, and the ripeness was what got you pregnant

RITA : really, who told you I enjoyed it, I did not enjoy it oo

WESLEY : tai, you enjoyed it

RITA : did I moan, did you hear me moan

WESLEY : you did not moan, fine, you were pretending, I saw the pleasure in you, especially your eyes, you enjoyed it

RITA : you are making up story, and you know that

WESLEY : I am not making up any story, fine, you said you did not enjoyed it, but you poured

RITA : I did not c-m

WESLEY : another lie Rita, you did not c-m, how come you got pregnant, your c-m and i c-m, thats is what that made up the pregnancy

RITA : oh my God, I swear wesley, you were not drunk that night

WESLEY : I was drunk

RITA : you were not drunk

WESLEY : I was drunk leave it like that, is it your drunk

RITA : oh, may God deliver me

WESLEY : amen, baby my mother will be coming in two days time

RITA : ok, can I wait to see her

WESLEY : you cannot, you are travelling tommorow right

RITA : Yes, but I can wait just to see her

WESLEY : no need my dear, you will get to see on your introduction day

RITA : ok, is she staying here with you

WESLEY : I dont think so, she will be staying with kinsley

RITA : why can’t she live with you

WESLEY : I will be busy because of the introduction coming up, no woman at home to cook for my mother

RITA : is your sister not coming

WESLEY : for the introduction no, but for the marriage, she will be present

RITA : ok, good to hear

WESLEY : that’s why she will be staying with kinsley for now, charity is not travelling with you right

RITA : no

WESLEY : better

RITA : ok, enough of all this our discussion, let me go and show you the clothes

WESLEY : clothes, right



( Kingsley apartment)

KINS : baby, wesley said Rita will be travelling to the village tommorow, are you going with her

CHARITY : no, I am not going

KINS : dont you think, you are supposed to travel with her, for the preparation of her introduction

CHARITY : baby I am not going, even the marriage I will not attend it

KINS : you are kidding right

CHARITY : is that what your mind is telling you, till then

KINS : charity, is your sister we are talking about, will your mind be at peace, if you don’t attend her marriage

CHARITY : Yes it will, how will I attend a sister marriage that Called me a barren woman, there is nothing anyone can tell me, that will make me attend the marriage

KINS : no problem, why am I even bothered, you have made things more easy for me


KINS : my mother will be coming in two days time, you know she is going to stay here with us

CHARITY : baby why here, why not wesley place

KINS : wesley is a man, he cannot take care of my mother, Rita is not around to do that, so you are around, you can help me take good care of my mother, especially the food aspect

CHARITY : kinsley, how do you expect me to cook, when you know I dont know how to cook

KINS : that’s bad, my mother love good food, if she found out you can’t cook good food, he will chase you away

CHARITY : really

KINS : Yes, I dont know how you are going to cook for her, but try your best

CHARITY : (she stood up and want to go inside)

KINS : hey, where are you going, we are still discussing

CHARITY : I I I, I want to go and get my things ready

KINS : why

CHARITY : I will be travelling tommorow

KINS : travelling, what for

CHARITY : I change my mind, I will be travelling for Rita introduction

KINS : you have change your mind, but the introduction is next week

CHARITY : I know, let me go and help her with the introduction stuff

KINS : but you said

CHARITY : no but, I change my mind, my sister needs me, I will be inside

KINS : ok (i walk away ) is this one wife, God

knows she have little time with me




To be continued. ………..

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