Blood sister Episode 45 & 46

episode 45-46
RITA : then who is it
CHARITY : is it not my gateman, Ayo
RITA : hahahaha, I know that is the name you have in your mind
CHARITY : I knew it, why were you both denying it, that day, hmmm, I am happy for you oo
RITA : hahahaha, you are happy for me
CHARITY : Yes, my lovely sister trust me, I am happy for you, and I promise to as-sist you, mama did I not say it
MAMA RITA : Yes you said it
RITA : are you going to let me marry your gateman
CHARITY : why not, why not my sister, who am I, who am I to st©p the relationsh!pour God has ordained together, I am nob©dy to it
RITA : hahahaha, my kid sister
CHARITY : my lovely sister, I am happy for you, who am I to st©p it
RITA : mama you are not saying anything
RITA : are you not happy
CHARITY : of cause she is happy for you
RITA : mama smile na
CHARITY : leave her alone, maybe she is not happy you are getting married to a yoru-ba boy, but she cannot st©p the marriage plan, who is she, who is she to st©p the marriage plan, who is she to st©p what God has joined together, mama cannot
MAMA RITA : (my mother throw sli-ppers at her)
CHARITY : mama what is it na, why will you throw sli-ppers at me
RITA : hahahaha, you will not kill me with laugh charity
CHARITY : you might think is funny, but it is not funny, I am really happy for you
MAMA RITA : Rita, dont mind her, she is mocking you, my daughter this devil is mocking you
RITA : mama no oo, she is happy for me
MAMA RITA : Yes, she is happy you are getting married to a gateman, Rita I did not wish this kind of life for you, I am so sorry, plea-se my daughter
RITA : mama st©p crying, I am happy I am getting married
MAMA RITA : gate man
RITA : is gateman not a human
CHARITY : ask mama
MAMA RITA : hmmm
RITA : the good news is that, is not Ayo the gateman
CHARITY : what, then who
RITA : someone you both know
CHARITY : someone will both know, who
RITA : hmmmm
CHARITY : wait dont tell me is Johnson
MAMA RITA : who is Johnson
CHARITY : ha! Mama, Johnson is the man that sells newspaper
MAMA RITA : newspaper, Rita, where did you know him from
CHARITY : mama no nee-d to ask that, he alway come to our house to sell newspaper to my husband
MAMA RITA : ehhhhhh
RITA : hahahaha, are you done, so charity you dont wish me anything good at all, look at the people you are suggesting for me
CHARITY : what do you expect me to say, that is the only people we know
RITA : fine, but sorry to disappoint you kid sister, is none of them, but wesley
CHARITY : wesley, I dont know any wesley oo
RITA : you dont know any wesley
CHARITY: no oo, mama do you know any wesley
RITA : I can’t st©p laughing oo
CHARITY : wesley
RITA : Yes wesley, your husband brother
MAMA RITA : ehhhhh
CHARITY : you are not serious right
RITA : I am serious
CHARITY : wesley, plea-se you better take things serious oo, why are you accusing my innocent brother inlaw
MAMA RITA : Rita, are you sure
RITA : mama what are you asking me, he is the one that got me pregnant, I have been in is house all this while
MAMA RITA : ehhhhhh, now I am happy, I am happy now, dont worry everything is fine now, I will go and inform your father people about it
CHARITY : inform which people, you better sit her down and ask her some questions oo
MAMA RITA : question
CHARITY : Yes question her
MAMA RITA : why na
CHARITY : Rita is lying to us mama, I know wesley very well, he will not step down so low to go after Rita na, mama, wesley is after clas-sic girls, he goes for the best, ask her well oo
MAMA RITA : Rita, are you sure
RITA : mama, mama what is all this na, what kind of question are you asking me, am I mad to come here and start saying what is not true
MAMA RITA : hmmmm, I have heared you
RITA : mama I am going inside jor, charity made my day with is funny suggestions
MAMA RITA : ok my dear (I went inside, as charity stared at me, as I was going inside)
CHARITY : mama dont tell me you believe her
MAMA RITA :charity plea-se, I dont want to talk about this issue oo, you heared your everything from your sister
CHARITY : Yes I heard it all, mama my head is filled up oo, I was busy thinking about my husband and is threat, then Rita and wesley own has joined, this two matter is giving me headache
MAMA RITA : you are having headache, you better think about your own problem oo, before you go and die for another person destiny, I am going inside oo (my mother went inside )
CHARITY : so, Rita have been living with wesley, kins never told me about it ooo, or is him not aware of it, no I can swear that wesley knows about it, hmmm, let me call my husband first (he dialed kins number)
KINS : sugar
CHARITY : baby
KINS : are you missing me again
KINS : missing me, that’s all you know how to do, missing me
CHARITY : baby you want to start now oo, anyway that’s not the reason I called you
KINS : then what is it
CHARITY : hmmm, so you can hide things from your wife
KINS : what have I done
CHARITY : why did you not tell me, my sister have been living with wesley, and they are planning to get married
KINS: who told you that
CHARITY : dont just deny it oo, my sister Rita said it
KINS : you now know about it na, why are you now bothering me again
CHARITY : so is true
KINS : you just said it all, and you are still asking me
CHARITY : ehhhhhh, my che-st, this news is too much for me
KINS : hello, hello, hello, honey are you there
The next day, my mother got re-ady to go and see my father younger brother, I was outside with charity, she did not even bother about my pres£nce, she looked so disturbe-d and restless, what so ever is wrong with her, is not my business, then my mother c@m£ out
MAMA RITA : my children, I am going oo
CHARITY : mama, where are you going to
MAMA RITA : I want to go and see your father brother
MAMA RITA : are you asking me why, you should know why I am going to see him
CHARITY : unfortunately, I dont know
MAMA CHARITY : ehm, because of your sister introduction na
CHARITY : will it be necessary to go and see my uncle for introduction that will not hold
RITA : (I kept deaf ear)
MAMA RITA : what is the meaning of that, are you okay
CHARITY : mama I am fine, that marriage or introduction is not going to happen, I swear
CHARITY : because I am against it, I am not in support of it
MAMA RITA : why are you against it
CHARITY : why will you allow her to marry from the family I married from
MAMA RITA : you should be happy na, your sister is getting married to the same family with you
CHARITY : happy over what is not right
MAMA RITA : we don’t forbid it oo
CHARITY : mama is not right, we cannot marry from the same family, we cannot ooo
MAMA RITA : let the young boys decide, if is right or not, not you
CHARITY : they will decide it, when I get to the city, but this one here, I will decide
MAMA RITA : as what
CHARITY : I am also the daughter of obi family, and to say it all, I am the one that caught married first to their wesley family, and I have the right to also decide what happens or not
MAMA RITA : you dont have any right at all, so you want to st©p your own sister from getting married
CHARITY : Yes, because I dont want her to marry in the family
MAMA RITA : why, why are you not supporting it
CHARITY : that marriage did not favour me, dont you see what is about to happen to me
MAMA RITA : you caused that one yourself oo, that’s why you should think about your own problem
CHARITY : mama, charity is my sister, I also know what is right for her, mama you see that guy wesley is a chronic womaniser, he put is man-hood in anything that comes his way, as far there is hole in it, is that the kind of man you want your daughter to marry
MAMA RITA : come oo, Rita why are you quiet
RITA : mama, what do you want me to say
MAMA RITA : are you not hearing your sister
RITA : hmmmm, mama, you want me to start exchanging words with charity, no nah, I dont see any reason to argue with this mad girl here, because I Rita knows that the marriage has alre-ady started
CHARITY : you called me a mad girl
RITA : Yes I did, that’s why I kept you quiet, because you have gone mad, how do you expect me to be exchanging words with a mad person, they never get tired of talking or arguing, and me I dont have that power to argue with a mad person
CHARITY : you open your mouth and called me a mad girl
RITA : you are mad, that’s why you don’t know your problem, you dont even know what is wrong with you, dont worry I will leave this house for you today, I cannot stay here with a mad girl, but I promise you one thing, immediately I get to the city, I will tell wesley about your pres£nt condition, so that he will tell is brother quic-kly, and they will plan how to come and take you to a mad doctor
CHARITY : you are the one that is mad, no wonder you got pregnant for wesley, to tie him Down with it
RITA : that is a result of, a real woman, just once, baby entered, what about you, what are you going to show to the world that you are a real woman, you have been ma-king love with kinsley, since you started d@t!nghim, you got married to him, still yet, nothing nothing
CHARITY : are you mocking me
RITA : Yes I am mocking you, and I know I am the first person to start mocking you right, you better tell us where you got your infertility from, because I know is not from our family, me i am pregnant, and mama never had a problem in getting pregnant too, what is holding you, I also know is not your husband, because their family are fertile, better go and look for what is wrong with you oo
CHARITY : you are laughing me, because I am childless
RITA : Yes i am, nine months of marriage nothing to show, me just once, once oo
CHARITY : my God will judge you, if you continue with that marriage plan, I will not attend it
RITA : really, what about your husband too
CHARITY : I will also st©p him too
RITA : I wish you could also st©p him, but you cannot, he is the father of the occasion, he is alre-ady pres£nt
CHARITY : then i will not attend it
RITA : are you sure
CHARITY : Yes I am sure, you will not see me in that p@rty
RITA : ha! Thank you, plea-se dont come, I dont nee-d an enemy of progress in my marriage, I don’t want to see you oo
MAMA RITA : you both should st©p it
CHARITY : st©p what mama, where you not here when she called me a barren woman
RITA : I never said you were barren oo, but anyway thanks for adding that word barren, because you are barren
MAMA RITA : ewo! Rita Shut up your mouth
CHARITY : mama you are hearing are now oo
MAMA RITA : charity dont mind her, she is not serious about it
RITA : mama i am serious
MAMA RITA : keep quiet, I know you are joking
CHARITY : mama did you call all those words joke, is not a joke, she meant everything she said
MAMA RITA : calm down
RITA : I mean it, the same way you mean all the thing your have being saying too
CHARITY : mama have you heared her, Rita dont try me oo, I will deal with it
RITA : ha! I know you really mean this one, that you will beat me, that is the more reason I will carry my bag and go oo, I dont have strength to fight with a mad girl
MAMA RITA : plea-se I am going, before your uncle leave the house to work
RITA : no dont go oo, come and sit down and listen to your mad daughter charity
MAMA RITA : hmmm, let me be going
RITA : you will not meet me oo, before you come back I have leave oo
MAMA RITA : plea-se wait till I come back ooo
RITA : I should wait in which house, is it this one that there is a mad patient
To be continued. ….