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January 21, 2021


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Blood sister Episode 42

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WESLEY : baby

RITA : hmm, good morning

WESLEY : how was your night

RITA : fine my love, you are already set to go

WESLEY : Yes, please go and prepare breakfast for me

RITA : baby dont go to work

WESLEY : why

RITA : I missed you through out yesterday

WESLEY : baby I have to go to work, I have to be serious in my work, if I dont concentrate more on this company now, more money will continue missing

RITA : please, just today

WESLEY : ok fine, tommorow

RITA : hmm, look at you, I am just joking

WESLEY : joke

RITA : Yes, I am joking oo, go to work ee

WESLEY : baby, you looked serious

RITA : I dont

WESLEY : ok, take this money

RITA : baby what for

WESLEY : I told you, you will go for shopping na

RITA : the money is too much

WESLEY : what is too much, is not much

RITA : is much

WESLEY : baby have the money, who will I spend the money for, if not you, I want you to look good and hot for me

RITA : hot, you mean you want me to be dressing hot, even if I am married

WESLEY : Yes, dress hot and sexy for me, it will make me to take my mind out of other girls

RITA : is it right for a married girl to be dressing in a sexy way

WESLEY : is right if your husband want it, I dont care about what people will say, dressing hot or not, is all about the heart

RITA : hmm, I have heard you

WESLEY : thank you, I have employed a drive for you, he will be resuming work today

RITA : for what

WESLEY : you need a driver to be driving you, you cannot drive for now

RITA : ok, but he will not drive me to the village tommorow

WESLEY : why

RITA : I dont want for now

WESLEY : fine

RITA : thank you

WESLEY : no problem my love, immediately after our marriage, I will open an account for you, I will transfer millions of naira to your account, incase you need anything, you will not be waiting till I give you money

RITA : what if the money finish

WESLEY : your money finish, wesley wife money finish, do you really know me, do you know my net worth

RITA : hmm

WESLEY : you dont know, your money can never finish, because I will always be transferring money to your account, please baby my breakfast

RITA : ok, let me prepare it, tea right

WESLEY : no, fufu and soup

RITA : you are joking

WESLEY : I am serious, that’s is what I want to eat

RITA : is too early

WESLEY : why are you complaining for me, are you the one going to eat it for me

RITA : ok oo

WESLEY : thank you, please be fast about it

(Kingsley bedroom )

CHARITY : baby I am travelling

KINS : to where

CHARITY : to the village

KINS : why

CHARITY : I want to go and see my mother, she is not feeling fine

KINS : what is wrong with her

CHARITY : I dont really know, till when I see her

KINS : why did you not tell me about this your travel yesterday

CHARITY : I wanted to tell you about it yesterday, but you spoilt my night

KINS : I spoilt your night, how did I spoil your night, did you see me in your dream beating you

CHARITY : no, why will you be telling me things yesterday

KINS : what did I tell you

CHARITY : dont just pretend oo, you know what I am talking about

KINS : I dont know

CHARITY : my friendship with anita

KINS : exactly, you just remembered me again, let me warn you again, let your friendship with anita , dont involve my brother, because if it involve him, then your father house you were already on your way to, will become very fast and easy for you to locate

CHARITY : I dont understand, are you already planning to send me back to my father house

KINS : maybe oo, because I dont see anything you are doing in my house, the only thing you are performing very well in this house, is the sex part, apart from that, you are useless in this house

CHARITY : me useless in this house

KINS : Yes, what else do you do apart from, sex, is that all your mother taught you, just to sex in your husband house

CHARITY: kinsley, what have come over you

KINS : I am tired, I am really tired of your behaviour, you are not a woman

CHARITY : did you drink yesterday

KINS : you think I am drunk, I am telling you now oo, dont be surprised when you finally arrived in your father house

CHARITY : kins just sleep, the achohol you drank yesterday, is still affecting you, go to bed

KINS : I should sleep

CHARITY : Yes sleep

KINS : ok, safe journey

CHARITY : I am riding your car to the village

KINS : what is my business, if you can drive all the cars to the village at once, drive it, I am not stopping you

CHARITY : thank you

KINS : greet your mother for me

CHARITY : bye ( she walked away)

( Charity have arrived in the village)

CHARITY : mama are you not happy seeing me

MAMA RITA : why will I be happy in seeing you, when your only sister is missing

CHARITY : mama, she is not missing

MAMA RITA : how did you know, have you see her

CHARITY : mama no, but I believe she is fine

MAMA RITA : Rita hmm

CHARITY : mama believe me, I believe she is living with the man that got her pregnant

MAMA RITA : I dont think so

CHARITY : mama she is, trust me

MAMA RITA : then who is the man

CHARITY : mama I dont know oo, mama, Rita own is not doing me for now, I have my own issue

MAMA RITA : what is the matter

CHARITY : my husband

MAMA RITA: what happened to your husband

CHARITY: my husband is


To be continued. ……….

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