episode 40-41





JACOB : guy what’s up, let’s go for lunch

WESLEY : please I am not hungry

JACOB : guy are you okay, you look worried

WESLEY : Yes, I am troubled

JACOB : what is the problem, if is the money issue, I am sorry, believe me, I invested it

WESLEY : jacob is not the money

JACOB : what is the problem

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WESLEY : my wife to be

JACOB : are you getting married

WESLEY : Yes, I am getting married

JACOB : guy na wah oo, you are getting married and you kept it away form me

WESLEY : I have not seen chance to talk to you my friend, a lot has happened, this period

JACOB : what happened

WESLEY : I got a girl pregnant

JACOB : you are not serious, how come

WESLEY : getting the girl pregnant is not my problem, I want to marry her, I love her so much

JACOB : then why are you worried, are you talking about anita

WESLEY : no is not anita, is Rita

JACOB: when did you meet her

WESLEY: guy na my brother wife sister

JACOB : hmm, one family, then what is the problem

WESLEY: jacob I am cheating on her, my mind is still in the things of the world

JACOB : my guy, dont start what you cannot finish

WESLEY : I always see myself cheating

JACOB : does she know, you cheat

WESLEY : Yes she knows, she knows my life about women, she knows I flirt alot, she promised to help me stop this wayward life

JACOB : that’s nice

WESLEY : I am trying, but I Still end up cheating, before if she noticed that I went out with another woman, she will ask me, I will apologise. But yesterday was different

JACOB : what happened yesterday

WESLEY : I told her I was going to see kinsley my brother, I went to see kinsley exactly, but on my way coming back, I decided to go and see gloria. When I came back home, I was in the bathroom bathing, when she told me gloria was calling me, I dont know what happened next, she and gloria started chatting on whatsapp, Gloria thought I was the one, and she opened up everything, how will made love that day

JACOB : hahahaha

WESLEY : stop laughing, this is serious

JACOB : sorry

WESLEY : I never knew about the conversation, my wife even asked me, who gloria is, I told her gloria was my cousin

JACOB : you told her what

WESLEY : Gloria is my cousin

JACOB : hahahaha, I am sure, she dealt with you very well yesterday

WESLEY : my guy, if she dealt with me, I will be very happy, at least I will know what is in her mind, but she kept quiet and pretended as if nothing even happen

JACOB : did you try to ask her, if she have anything to ask you

WESLEY : I did, she said nothing

JACOB : this is serious, I think she dont want to be hard on you, and putting pressure on you, she believes you will change as time goes on. But you need to tell her you are sorry, explain to her who gloria is, so that she will belive you are not lying to her

WESLEY : that’s right


WESLEY : thank you my guy, my partner in crime

JACOB : you are going to leave us now in the game na, we go Carry on

WESLEY : yeah, we can now go for lunch

JACOB : ok (they left)

( I heared a knock on the door, when I opened the door, its anita, she was surprised to see me in wesley house)

ANITA : you, what are you doing here

RITA : are you asking me that, did you leave your manner at home, this is not your house, you are in somebody house, you should be the one answering this question

ANITA: fine, I am here to see wesley, please let me just believe that your sister sent you to come and help my wesley with house chores

RITA : maybe, anita your wesley is not at home, or did you not call him

ANITA: he is not picking my call

RITA : so wesley did not even know you are coming

ANITA: why am I even answering you, please you better round up with whatever you are doing for wesley and get out

RITA : I should hurry with whatever I am doing and get out

ANITA: Yes, let me sit down and wait for him to come, he will come and meet me in this house, let him come and explain to me why he has been avoiding me( try to sit down)

RITA : ehh dont even try to sit down, you are not going to wait for wesley here

ANITA: and who are you to stop me

RITA : I cannot answer that, all I want is for you to get out

ANITA: eh Rita in my own boyfriend house

RITA : please just go, I can’t allow you to stay here, you have wesley number, you know where the two of you meet, not in this house, just go

ANITA: Rita are you mad, you are pushing me away

RITA : I dont care about the insult, I dont need trouble, go and search for wesley, you know your meeting point

ANITA: no problem, you, I will report you

RITA : no problem, just go

ANITA: ok ( she walked away)

( When wesley returned from work in the evening, we were discussing)

WESLEY : baby, you will not believe what happened in the office today

RITA : what happened

WESLEY : can you believe, 11 million was withdraw from the company account, without no good explanation about the withdrawal of the money

RITA : 11 million, what did you do about it

WESLEY : nothing

RITA : nothing, 11 million is missing , and you are keeping quite

WESLEY : I cannot do anything, the fault is coming from my very close friend, I just forgot about it

RITA : ok

WESLEY : two of my staff have not been coming to work for three months, and they are still paying them

RITA : wow, alot has been happening in the company

WESLEY : Yes, alot

RITA : anyway, anita was here

WESLEY : which anita

RITA : your cousin

To be continued. ……………



WESLEY : anyway, anita was here

WESLEY : which anita

RITA : your cousin

WESLEY : hahahaha, my cousin

RITA : Yes your cousin

WESLEY : I dont remember having any anita has a cousin

RITA; really, then which of the family part, have you classify her into

WESLEY : hahahaha, now I know and understand better

RITA : what are you talking about

WESLEY : hmmm, I am talking about gloria, I know you know what is going on, but you just want to pretend as if you don’t know

RITA : wesley, please let us forget about gloria issues, I dont want to talk about it

WESLEY : but

RITA : baby please, all I need is your truth, be truthful to me, dont hide things from me, I know it will really be difficult for you to change, but I will always be here to help you and pray for you

WESLEY : I am sorry

RITA : even if is, registering your name in the deliverance service that will be held next week, in my church, so that you will be delivered

WESLEY : what kind of talk is that nah, what are them delivery me of, please dont mock me

RITA : me Rita mocking you, I am not mocking you oo, and I am serious about what I am saying

WESLEY : stop it

RITA : hahahaha, you need to be delivered

WESLEY : you are mocking me

RITA : no ooo, sorry sir

WESLEY : so what did anita came here to do

RITA : he came to search for you

WESLEY : search for me, how did she even get my house address

RITA : so anita dont know here

WESLEY : no, she dont know here, who gave her my house address, anita

RITA : why have you not been picking her call

WESLEY : nothing, I am just avoiding her

RITA : avoiding her


RITA : see, I even except anita to be causing quarrel between us

WESLEY : why did you say

RITA : because is Anita you promised marriage, you should quit all relationship you have with your cousin on street, you dont hold them any explanation or any sorry, leaving them will be very easy for you, but no you still go after all this your street girlfriend, listen to know me, you better start picking anita call

WESLEY : I should be picking anita call

RITA : Yes you have to pick her call, you need to go and see her, and tell her what is going on, you need to let her know, the relationship is not going to work, you have alot of things to tell her, avoiding her call, is not explaining anything to her, she will still have you you in mind, stop seeing all this street girls, you have nothing with them, and concentrate on the girl you once promised marriage

WESLEY : baby I have heard you, I will try and meet with her

RITA : no problem my love, please be careful

WESLEY : I will, so tell me, did she react when she saw you here

RITA : she was surprised, but she thought my sister sent me to your house to help you tidy some house work

WESLEY : then what did you tell her

RITA : nothing, you dont except me to start explaining myself to her, we might end up fighting, I agreed to whatever she said, I dont need to telling her who I am, because I dont want us to end up fighting

WESLEY : that was nice

RITA : Yes

WESLEY : I will go and see her, I will give you some money tommorow, so that you will go for shopping, you need to look beautiful, when you visit the village

RITA : are you not coming with me

WESLEY : you dont except me to go with you

RITA : but i need to introduce you to my mother first

WESLEY : baby, it is not necessary, you just go and tell your mother, that the owner of the pregnancy is coming with is family for introduction

RITA : owner

WESLEY : Yes owner

RITA : ok

WESLEY : I will look for a personal driver for you

RITA : what for

WESLEY : to be driving you, wherever you are going to

RITA : I dont need it for now

WESLEY : I think you need it

RITA : not now

WESLEY : who will be riding you in the village

RITA : baby, nothing is wrong with my leg

WESLEY : ok, please dont stay long, you need to come back on time, so that we can plan for our introduction

RITA : no problem

WESLEY : that’s my girl

(The next day, anita visited charity, but charity was not at home, he only met kins)

ANITA : good afternoon

KINS : how are you anita

ANITA : I am fine

KINS : I am sure, you are looking for wesley, he dont live here anymore

ANITA : I know that already, I am not looking for wesley, I am looking for your wife

KINS : my wife, what happened

ANITA: nothing ooo, just here to see her

KINS : see her, since when did the two of you became friends, she is not around

ANITA: please tell her I came

KINS : I will (Anita walk away )

( Two hours later charity came back, and kins told her)

KINS : anita came looking for you

CHARITY : really

KINS : Yes, when did the two of you became friend, see let me tell you, whatever you have with anita, let it not involve my brother, did you hear me, it better don’t involve my brother oo, because if it involve my brother, you are already on your way to your father house, if your friendship with anita involve wesley my brother, then this will make you get to your father house very fast

CHARITY : what did you just say

KINS : you are not deaf



To be continued. ………..

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