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January 20, 2021


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Blood sister Episode 39

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WESLEY : what is the meaning of this

LIZZY: I am sorry, I am not the right person to answer this, I only credit account of staff, that I was asked to credit

WESLEY : really

LIZZY: Yes sir, I am only carry out Mr jacob order

WESLEY : can you also explain the withdrawal of 11 million naira

LIZZY: no sir

WESLEY : call me jacob immediately

LIZZY: ok sir (she left and call jacob, the assistant manager director)

JACOB: guy you sent for me, I was busy that’s why I have not come to wellcome you back to the office

WESLEY : what is happening in this company

JACOB: I dont understand, everything is fine, we are controlling it well

WESLEY : jacob, where is miss ifeoma ezekiel, and Jerry okonwo

JACOB: they are, they are not around

WESLEY : Yes, they are not around, this wokers register show they have been absent for three months, and I did not see their name on member you sack

JACOB: no I did not sack them, I think they travelled

WESLEY : they left their work and travelled for the past three months, and the data on staff salary and staff allowance, their name are included

JACOB: (silent )

WESLEY : you are silent, this is not a silent issues, how will you be paying staff, that are inactive in this company, is this how you have been running my company

JACOB: I am sorry

WESLEY : you are sorry, this is not the first time, other staff also do this

JACOB: it will not happen again

WESLEY : Yes it will not happen again, because I am going to start controlling my company now, before I lost everything my father laboured for when he was alive

JACOB: stop talking like that nah

WESLEY : explain the reason why you withdraw 11 million naira from the company account

JACOB: I I I, I used the money on something

WESLEY : what is that

JACOB: I invested it in something

WESLEY : something like what


WESLEY : enough, I never expected this from you my guy, you know I can’t do you anything, that’s why you have turned my company to something I can’t explain

JACOB: I am not lying

WESLEY : is okay, you can go, tell the secetary to prepare a sack letters for that two staff

JACOB: is it necessary

WESLEY : dont question me

JACOB : ok I will (he walked away )

(The rest staff are having conversation)

GRACE: serve ifeoma right, three good months

SHARON: dont mind her jor, even if you have something with the assitant manager, that does not make you to be absent for three months

MERCY: and she is always doing this

LIZZY: I pity her oo, she is enjoying na in abuja now, not knowing she already have a sack letter waiting for her

SHARON: I dont pity her at all, I will personally hand the letter to her

GRACE: yeye girl

LIZZY : stop saying negative things about her

MERCY: aya, because she is your friend

LIZZY : even if

(Anita have been calling wesley, wesley have not been picking is call, then he decided to go and see wesley at home)

ANITA : aunty good afternoon

CHARITY : anita how are you

ANITA : I am fine, his wesley at home

CHARITY : I dont understand this your question at all

ANITA: aunty why don’t you understand me

CHARITY : you should know wesley dont leave here anymore

ANITA: how

CHARITY : stop pretending, anyway, congrats

ANITA: congrat on what

CHARITY : wesley is getting married na, are you not is girlfriend

ANITA: aunty, I dont understand wesley anymore oo, he is not picking up my call, and I don’t know about this marriage plan

CHARITY : so you are not aware of his marriage

ANITA: to who

CHARITY : I dont know oo, I thought you are the one oo, wesley have not engaged you


CHARITY : eh, then who is he getting married to, my dear this is pour wickedness from wesley, after everything, my dear you better fight for your right oo, go to his house and meet him, let him explain things for you

ANITA : I dont know is resident address

CHARITY : I will give it to you, let me write it out for you on a piece of paper(She wrote the address and gave it to anita)

ANITA: thank you

CHARITY : no problem, I would have love to go with you, but but I don’t want wesley to see me with you, he will tell my husband

ANITA: no problem ma

CHARITY : please call me

ANITA: please can I have your number

CHARITY : no problem

( Wesley in the other hand could not concentrate on anything at work, because of the issue, what could be bothering him, then jacob walk in)

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