episode 37-38





Wesley entered the house, and went to his room to collect his things for work and little of his clothes.

WESLEY : kins, I don true oo

KINS : ok no problem, I will come and visit you inside this week

WESLEY : no problem

KINS : I am coming let me take my car key

WESLEY : are you going out

KINS : Yes, I am hungry, I need to go to the fast food and eat

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WESLEY : charity did not cook

KINS : charity cook, all the days you lived in this house, have you ever seen charity cook

WESLEY : no I have not seen her cook

KINS : she dont know how to cook

WESLEY : are you kidding me

KINS : I serious oo, that’s why I always go to the fast food to eat before Rita came to this house, and started doing the cooking

WESLEY : how did you marry her, so you did not check her well

KINS : guy I noi dey around nah

WESLEY : hmm

KINS : I even enrolled her in catering school, after two months she stopped going to the school

WESLEY : why

KINS : she said she cannot combine the catering and her academic together

WESLEY : this is serious, what are you going to do, why don’t you return her back to her mother, and get yourself a better wife

KINS : I love her, and she dont disturb me too much

WESLEY : disturb you as how

KINS : she dont care if I go to work or not, she dont care if I sleep at home or not, I come back middle of the night, she dont bother, she dont question me, I like her for that, all she need is money

WESLEY : wow, all girls are different

KINS : Yes they are different, charity is not a wife material, a good wife should always know the in and out of is husband, but my charity dont care

WESLEY : as for me, Rita has started disturbing to go and work

KINS : why na, you always have your money

WESLEY : she dont want to hear that one, she said I should go to work like my fellow men, that a man that stays at home doing nothing is a lazy man

KINS : wow, you don enter, is doing the right thing, you have to go out and work for the money

WESLEY : yeah

KINS : let’s go ( they left to their various destination)

( 10pm in the night, wesley came back home, I served him his food, after eating he came to the bedroom to meet me)

WESLEY : baby how was your day

RITA : not too fine, I missed you so much

WESLEY : hmmm, you miss me

RITA : Yes, did you see my mum and my sister

WESLEY : no, kins said your mother travelled back to the village this morning, she thought you are already in the village

RITA : ayah

WESLEY : I did not see charity at home

RITA : ok

WESLEY : baby, do you know your sister charity don’t know how to cook

RITA : did you eat her food

WESLEY : no I did not, kins complained to me

RITA : ok oo

WESLEY : why dont she know how to cook

RITA : baby, dont forget we will be traveling to see my mother right


RITA : when we get there, I will remind you this question, so that you will ask my mother

WESLEY : is surprising

RITA : surprising ok oo

WESLEY : let me take my bath, I need some rest

RITA : ok dear

( Wesley entered the bathroom to take is bath, then is phone started ringing)

RITA : baby, your phone is ringing

WESLEY : ok, pick it, is jacob, I am expecting his call, tell him I will call him back

RITA : okay ( When I tried picking the call, the caller is not jacob but gloria) baby is not jacob oo, is Gloria

WESLEY : dont pick it

RITA : ok

( I kept the phone, but the Gloria kept on calling, I picked the call, I could not say a word, because wesley we hear me, I ended the call and checked Gloria on whatsapp)

(Our whatsapp chart)

RITA : hello

GLORIA: baby why nah

RITA : what happened my love

GLORIA: why did you leave, without waking me up

RITA : I am so sorry, I left in hurry

GLORIA: but you promise to spend the whole day with me, only for me to wake up not to see you

RITA : so sorry my love

GLORIA: I woke up and I needed more of you

RITA : wow, baby let me call you in thirty minutes time


( After the chart, I started thinking)

RITA : oh God give me the heart to bear this, I know it will never be easy for him to change, I pray he change (wesley walk in)

WESLEY : the phone is no longer ringing

RITA : no my love

WESLEY : ok, is Gloria right

RITA : baby who is gloria

WESLEY : Gloria is a family member

RITA : cousin

WESLEY : hmmm, yes Cousin somehow

RITA : ok, I will be in the sitting, are you joining me

WESLEY : no, I need to sleep

RITA : ok



Went I left to the sitting room to watch movies, wesley decided to call gloria

WESLEY : (phone ringing)

GLORIA: hello darling

WESLEY : how are my boo boo

GLORIA : am fine, where did you go

WESLEY : I was bathing that’s why I couldn’t pick your call

GLORIA : no problem my love, so let us continue from where we stopped in our whatsapp chart

WESLEY : whatsapp chart

GLORIA : Yes na, our chart in whatsapp na, you told me you will call me back in thirty minutes time, so tell me why did you left me in hurry

WESLEY : I left in hurry

GLORIA : baby what is wrong with you, you and I charted few minutes ago and you pretending now, as if you don’t know what is happening

WESLEY : chart, Gloria please let me call you back


( Then wesley quickly checked is whatsapp chart, and he saw all the conversation, he became confused with the chart, he did not remember when he wrote all that to gloria)

WESLEY : when did I write all this, I am really sure I am not the one, I cannot remember doing all that, have I lost my memory that I cannot remember anything, or is it Rita, oh my God if is Rita, I am finished, she asked me who gloria is, I told her gloria is my cousin, double lie, I am really confused, no I am not the one, is Rita, how come he did not even asked me about it, hmmm

( Wesley was so confused, he could not concentrate anymore, he tried to sleep, but he could not sleep, he was restless, then he decided to join me in the sitting room )

WESLEY : baby

RITA : my love, are you not sleeping again


RITA : why

WESLEY : nothing, I just want to stay with you

RITA : that’s nice

WESLEY : what movie are you watching

RITA : final death of shina rambo

WESLEY : ok, am tired of this movie, is too long

RITA : Yes, that’s true

WESLEY : baby

RITA : Yes

WESLEY : is there something you want to tell me or ask me

RITA : no my love

WESLEY : are you sure

RITA : Yes, nothing


RITA : are you fine

WESLEY : no , yes, I mean Yes

RITA : you are fine


RITA : ok ( deep to my heart, I know what is wrong with him, he have seen the chart)

WESLEY : I love you so much Rita

RITA : me too


CHARITY : baby, where is your brother wesley

KINS : he is fine

CHARITY : his he not going to stay here with us again

KINS : no


KINS : kins is getting married very soon, so he has moved to is house

CHARITY : getting married

KINS : Yes

CHARITY : to who my love

KINS : I dont know the girl

CHARITY : why won’t you know, are you not his elder brother, you should know the girl

KINS : I dont know, he has not come to introduce the girl to me, if he come with the girl for me to know her, you will see the girl too

CHARITY : hmm that’s true, I think is Anita

KINS : maybe

CHARITY : I believe so

KINS : have you heared from your mother

CHARITY : Yes I called her

KINS : how is she

CHARITY : she is not fine oo, she said Rita is not in the village

KINS : then where will the Rita be

CHARITY : I dont know, maybe the father of his child house, one gatekeeper or wheelbarrow pusher

KINS : how did you know

CHARITY : Yes, who do you expect her to marry

KINS : is it only gateman or wheelbarrow pusher

CHARITY : then who, doctor

KINS : please good night

(The next day I was still sleeping when wesley woke me up)

WESLEY : baby

RITA : hmm

WESLEY : stand up na

RITA : baby is too early, is just 6am

WESLEY : will you just open your eyes, look at me

RITA : (I opened my eyes and saw wesley in coperate wears) baby what happened, why are you dress like this

WESLEY : I am going to work

RITA : really, that’s nice, let me go and prepare breakfast for you

WESLEY : that was the reason I woke you up

RITA : no problem

WESLEY : you have to get use to it now, this is the time, you will be waking up

RITA : no problem, does it mean you will be going to work everyday


RITA : I like that

WESLEY : you are happy

RITA : Yes i am

WESLEY : madam my food

RITA : you are right

(I left to prepare him breakfast, after eating he left for work, when he got to work, he discovered something)



To be continued

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