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January 26, 2021


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Blood sister Episode 36

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After cooking I served the food at the dinning table, and I went to call wesley

RITA : baby


RITA : stand up na is already past 12pm

WESLEY : I want to sleep

RITA : come and eat

WESLEY : I am not hungry

RITA : why will you not be hungry

WESLEY : how will I know, I am not hungry

RITA : dont tell me you are rejecting my food, because of our discussion this morning

WESLEY : and why will I do that, am not hungry

RITA : you are lying, you did not eat anything before going to bed last night

WESLEY : it does not matter

RITA : ok

WESLEY : I am fine

(I walk away to the dinning room and ate my own food, after eating I sat in the sitting room to watch some movies. One hour later I went to the bedroom, when I got there I met wesley getting ready to go out, I looked at him, but I know all is not well)

RITA : baby, where are you going to

WESLEY : I want to go and see kinsley

RITA : what for

WESLEY : you know I did not sleep at his place yesterday, he called me through out yesterday, and my phone was on silent, I have to go and see him

RITA : ok ( I stood up kneel down before wesley) baby I am sorry

WESLEY : what for, stand up

RITA : I know you are angry at me, because of what happened this morning, I am sorry

WESLEY : I am not angry

RITA : wesley you are angry, please forgive me

WESLEY : stand up and sit down

RITA : ( I stood up and sat down close to him)

WESLEY : Rita, is true I am angry, I am angry because you did not present the discussion well

RITA : that’s why I am apologising

WESLEY : you should learn to respect my decision, on what ever i say, I choose what I want to do

RITA : I am sorry, I will never disturb you again with this work issue, is your life, I just wanted you to be a busy man not a lazy man that stays at home doing nothing, I dont want my husband like that, I like hardworking men

WESLEY : does it matter, I am the manager of that company

RITA : I know, manager still go to work, five days in a week to work, you can go three days in a week, you need to get busy with something, but I am sorry, I will never disturb you again with it, all I wanted for you to be a busy person too

WESLEY : is okay no problem,dont talk to me again in a harsh tone

RITA : I will not

WESLEY : good

RITA : thank you

WESLEY : for what

RITA : for accepting my apology

WESLEY : wellcome my love

RITA : please don’t tell kinsley anything about me please

WESLEY : baby I will, I will let him know everything, he is my brother, dont be scared, he will not open up to is wife

RITA : are you sure

WESLEY : I will tell him not to

RITA : please don’t stay long

WESLEY : I will not, go and serve me my food

RITA : are you hungry now

WESLEY : I am hungry, I was angry before that’s why I rejected the food

RITA : that not fair

WESLEY : really

RITA : Yes, please don’t reject my food next time

WESLEY : ok I will not, no matter the issue at hand I will eat your food

RITA : thank you

WESLEY : oya smile for me, I am sorry too

RITA : let me go and serve your food

WESLEY : okay

(I left to serve the food, after he was done eating, he left to is brother house)

KINS : bro hafa na, you give me BP last night oo

WESLEY : please don’t be angry, my phone was on silent

KINS : you would have at least call me to inform me that you will not be coming home

WESLEY : abeg dont mind me

KINS : abeg ooo

WESLEY : where is charity and is mother

KINS : her mother left this morning to the village, charity has gone out

WESLEY : why did the woman have to go, she just came yesterday

KINS : the woman could not sleep last night, he cried through the night because of Rita, she have to return back to the village this morning, with the hope of Rita would be in village

WESLEY : ayah, poor woman

KINS : guy hafa na, where did you sleep yesterday

WESLEY : I slept in my house yesterday

KINS : why now, dont tell me you are angry at my wife because of the way she spoke to you yesterday

WESLEY : no oo, I only took Rita to my house

KINS : your house, what for

WESLEY : my responsibility

KINS : how

WESLEY : I am the one who got her pregnant

KINS : wesley, dont tell me you have been having affair with rita

WESLEY : Yes I have

KINS : no wonder, no wonder you always look at her

WESLEY: I will be getting married to her in a month time

KINS : that’s great, are you sure you are ready to settle down oo, marriage life is not easy bro

WESLEY : I am ready, I love Rita

KINS : that girl have suffered so much, please don’t play with her feelings

WESLEY : I will not

KINS : no problem, you have to call mum and inform her

WESLEY : I will, let me go inside and take my things for work

KINS : are you going to work tomorrow

WESLEY : yeah

KINS : ok



To be continued. …………

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