Blood sister Episode 36

After cooking I served the food at the dinning table, and I went to call wesley
RITA : baby
RITA : stand up na is alre-ady past 12pm
WESLEY : I want to sleep
RITA : come and eat
WESLEY : I am not hungry
RITA : why will you not be hungry
WESLEY : how will I know, I am not hungry
RITA : dont tell me you are rejecting my food, because of our discussion this morning
WESLEY : and why will I do that, am not hungry
RITA : you are lying, you did not eat anything before going to be-d last night
WESLEY : it does not matter
RITA : ok
WESLEY : I am fine
(I walk away to the dinning room and ate my own food, after eating I sat in the sitting room to watch some movies. One hour later I went to the be-droom, when I got there I met wesley getting re-ady to go out, I looked at him, but I know all is not well)
RITA : baby, where are you going to
WESLEY : I want to go and see kinsley
RITA : what for
WESLEY : you know I did not sleep at his place yesterday, he called me throu-gh out yesterday, and my phone was on silent, I have to go and see him
RITA : ok ( I stood up kneel down before wesley) baby I am sorry
WESLEY : what for, stand up
RITA : I know you are angry at me, because of what happened this morning, I am sorry
WESLEY : I am not angry
RITA : wesley you are angry, plea-se forgive me
WESLEY : stand up and sit down
RITA : ( I stood up and sat down close to him)
WESLEY : Rita, is true I am angry, I am angry because you did not pres£nt the discussion well
RITA : that’s why I am apologising
WESLEY : you should learn to respect my decision, on what ever i say, I choose what I want to do
RITA : I am sorry, I will never disturb you again with this work issue, is your life, I just wanted you to be a busy man not a lazy man that stays at home doing nothing, I dont want my husband like that, I like ha-rd working men
WESLEY : does it matter, I am the manager of that company
RITA : I know, manager still go to work, five days in a week to work, you can go three days in a week, you nee-d to get busy with something, but I am sorry, I will never disturb you again with it, all I wanted for you to be a busy person too
WESLEY : is okay no problem,dont talk to me again in a harsh tone
RITA : I will not
WESLEY : good
RITA : thank you
WESLEY : for what
RITA : for accepting my apology
WESLEY : wellcome my love
RITA : plea-se don’t tell kinsley anything about me plea-se
WESLEY : baby I will, I will let him know everything, he is my brother, dont be scared, he will not open up to is wife
RITA : are you sure
WESLEY : I will tell him not to
RITA : plea-se don’t stay long
WESLEY : I will not, go and serve me my food
RITA : are you hungry now
WESLEY : I am hungry, I was angry before that’s why I rejected the food
RITA : that not fair
WESLEY : really
RITA : Yes, plea-se don’t reject my food next time
WESLEY : ok I will not, no matter the issue at hand I will eat your food
RITA : thank you
WESLEY : oya smile for me, I am sorry too
RITA : let me go and serve your food
WESLEY : okay
(I left to serve the food, after he was done eating, he left to is brother house)
KINS : bro hafa na, you give me BP last night oo
WESLEY : plea-se don’t be angry, my phone was on silent
KINS : you would have at least call me to inform me that you will not be coming home
WESLEY : abeg dont mind me
KINS : abeg ooo
WESLEY : where is charity and is mother
KINS : her mother left this morning to the village, charity has gone out
WESLEY : why did the woman have to go, she just c@m£ yesterday
KINS : the woman could not sleep last night, he cried throu-gh the night because of Rita, she have to return back to the village this morning, with the hope of Rita would be in village
WESLEY : ayah, poor woman
KINS : guy hafa na, where did you sleep yesterday
WESLEY : I sle-pt in my house yesterday
KINS : why now, dont tell me you are angry at my wife because of the way she spoke to you yesterday
WESLEY : no oo, I only took Rita to my house
KINS : your house, what for
WESLEY : my responsibility
KINS : how
WESLEY : I am the one who got her pregnant
KINS : wesley, dont tell me you have been having affair with rita
WESLEY : Yes I have
KINS : no wonder, no wonder you always look at her
WESLEY: I will be getting married to her in a month time
KINS : that’s great, are you sure you are re-ady to settle down oo, marriage life is not easy bro
WESLEY : I am re-ady, I love Rita
KINS : that girl have suffered so much, plea-se don’t pl@ywith her feelings
WESLEY : I will not
KINS : no problem, you have to call mum and inform her
WESLEY : I will, let me go inside and take my things for work
KINS : are you going to work tomorrow
WESLEY : yeah
KINS : ok
To be continued. …………