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January 26, 2021


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Blood sister Episode 29

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I woke up and saw wesley bending down in front of me, I quickly remembered the food I was cooking, I tried to stand up, but wesley held me down

RITA : oh my God, my food

WESLEY : relax, I already helped you with it

RITA : I dont understand

WESLEY : I am done with the cooking

RITA : oh my God, what are you saying, you don’t know how to cook, I am sure you have spoilt that meal

WESLEY : really, I know how to cook, trust me

RITA : are you sure

WESLEY : Yes very well, also with kinsley my brother, he is a good cook, my mother taught us

RITA : that’s nice

WESLEY : Yes, you know my mum did all the house chores in the house, she refused to employ a house girl, and my sister spent all her life in London, so we are always in the kitchen with my mother, assiting her

RITA : nice, but I still need to check that food, let me know what you have ended up with

WESLEY : you will do that later, but we need to talk

RITA : talk


RITA : ok

WESLEY : so talk to me Rita, what do you want to tell me that you are finding it difficult to let me know about it

RITA : nothing, I dont have anything to tell you

WESLEY : Rita, I know all is not well, I know you are keeping something away from me

RITA : you are getting me confused

WESLEY : stop pretending, and talk to me

RITA : will you just stand up from my front

WESLEY : no I will not, you have to talk to me

RITA : I dont have anything to tell you

WESLEY : Rita are you pregnant

RITA : huhm

WESLEY : answer me

RITA : no, why will you think of that

WESLEY : Rita I know you are pregnant, and I know the baby is mine

RITA : I am not pregnant

WESLEY : you are carrying my blood in your womb

RITA : who told you I am pregnant

WESLEY : it is all over you, can’t you see you have changed, you sleep alot this days, your morning sickness

RITA : is that the reason that made you conclude I am pregnant, you are a man, and you dont know when a woman is pregnant

WESLEY : I dont know, but I have lived with my elder sister in London, I stayed with her during his last pregnancy, I can tell when I see early signs of pregnancy

RITA : hahahaha, that is not enough reason to make you believe I am pregnant

WESLEY : Rita you are pregnant, your mother also said it.

RITA : my mother

WESLEY : Yes, charity called her to tell her about your new attitude, your mother said you are pregnant

RITA : pregnant

WESLEY : Yes, and I know the baby is mine

RITA : what make you think so

WESLEY : Rita you don’t go out of this house, you are always at home, how could you have gotten pregnant if not for the rape incident


WESLEY : is okay rita, I know you are lying, I will see you tonight, let us discuss this issue very well (he stared at me with so much feeling, he stand up and walk away )

RITA : how on earth did he know I am pregnant, he is even accepting the pregnancy, what do I do now, I am sure he is not going to marry me, but he will only ask me to keep the baby for him, I have to abort it, I can’t just be a single mother, but I love him, how which he is going to love me too (then charity walk in )

CHARITY : Rita what is still keeping you, I am hungry

RITA : I am done with the food

CHARITY : please I have to serve the food, if I ask you to serve it now, you might end up sleeping again

RITA : (I kept her silent, thinking of what wesley said to me)

CHARITY : Rita why are you staring like a moron

RITA : just mind your business


RITA : why are you just serving only two plate

CHARITY : is me and my husband, wesley has gone out

RITA : gone to where

CHARITY : are you asking me that, you are not serious, I know you want to sleep that’s why you are asking me nosense question, go and sleep, that’s all you know how to do this days

RITA : you noi well oo (I walk away )

( I was in the sitting room when wesley came back)

RITA : wellcome

WESLEY : thank you, how are you

RITA : where are you coming from

WESLEY : sorry can you repeat that question again

RITA : hmm, nothing

WESLEY : I heard you before, but since you don’t want to repeat it, no problem

RITA : (silence )

WESLEY : how was the food, I know it tasted well

RITA : I have not taste it

WESLEY : why

RITA : I am not hungry

WESLEY : okay, but you need to serve me food I am hungry

RITA : okay, let me get you food

(I bought the food for him in the dinning room, as I was serving him the food, his phone rang)

WESLEY : hello sugar pie

VOICE: sugar, where have you been

WESLEY : around now, you abandoned me na

VOICE: No na, is because I travelled

WESLEY : Yes I know, when are you coming back

VOICE: I am back

WESLEY : really, I can’t wait to see you, I have missed you so much, when am I seeing you

VOICE: hmmm, today

WESLEY : yeah, I will come pick you up later the day, you are going to spend a night here in in my house

VOICE: as you wish my love, so when am i expecting you

WESLEY : hmmmmmm, maybe by

(I became jealous with the conversation and I stopped serving the food and walked away, wesley noticed the way I walked away was unpleasant, so he ran after me)



To be continued. …

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