Blood sister Episode 25

The next day I was sitting outside relaxing, when Rita walk up to me
RITA : Yes charity I can hear, I have cooked, is it not because of food, you are calling me
CHARITY : no, I just want to talk to you
RITA : what is it, I hope you are fine
CHARITY : I am fine, is all about you
RITA : me, what did I do
CHARITY : what is wrong with you, you dont look happy this days
RITA : really, you observed that
CHARITY : Yes I observed it
RITA : oh, you are so caring, charity to say the truth, I am tired of you, I sat down few days ago and look at my life the way it is now, I sacrificed everything that c@m£ my way, just because of you and your wicked mother
CHARITY : she is your mother too
RITA : are you sure she is my mother, she cannot be my mother, I dont have her time now, by the time I will have her time, she will have so many questions to answer me. And You, I sacrifice everything for you, my education, my skills, my marriage, all because of you, just to make you happy, what did I get at last
CHARITY : ( silence )
RITA : (shouted at her) I am talking to you, answer me, don’t keep my quite
CHARITY : are you shouting at me, don’t forget you are in my house oo
RITA : sorry I forgot oo, if you don’t keep quiet now, or just leave here, I will beat the hell out of you, you know me very well, you know what I can do, after all I sacrificed for you, you turn to me to your house girl, are you still standing here (charity walk away) look at her mouth, husband house, I just blame myself for all my predic@m£nt, charity even think I am not happy with her, of cause I don’t have any grudges against her, but against myself, I blame myself for everything, I am just regretting it, just ma-king them to be happy, and now look at the outcome of it
(In the evening charity and is husband got re-ady to go for their night program in church)
CHARITY : we are going for night program, are you not going to go with us
RITA : no
CHARITY : ok, honey what about wesley
KINS : wesley, night service, dont even think that, here he comes
CHARITY : wesley are you going out
KINS : let’s us go for alnight
WESLEY : hahahaha you are funny oo
CHARITY : what’s funny
WESLEY : plea-se I have a girl to go and pick
CHARITY : another girl again, you don’t sleep in that room without a girl
WESLEY : are you not comfortable with it, fine I will take her to the h0tel
CHARITY : no not that oo, is just that every day different women
WESLEY : what to do, see you both tomorrow when you come back, Rita are you going with them, I dont have my door key with me oooo
RITA : I am not going
WESLEY : very good (he walked away )
CHARITY : ok Rita, take care of yourself
RITA : I should be telling you that, take care of yourself
CHARITY : thank you (they walked away)
( four hours later, I was in the sitting room, waiting for wesley to come back, so that I can open the door for him, then I heared his car coming into the compound, they he ring the door bell, I opened the door for him)
RITA : wellcome
WESLEY : thank you (he sat down on the sofa, he was really drun!k)
RITA : you are drun!k, I thought you wanted to go and pick someone
WESLEY : hmmm, someone
RITA : you nee-d to rest
RITA : I will be in my room, good night
WESLEY : no dont go yet, help me to my room, I cannot see clearly
RITA : why can’t you help your self, are you not the one that drove yourself home, so you should know the way to your room
WESLEY : help me
RITA : I dont like stress oo, dont come and stress me with your own problem oo, I have my own problem alre-ady (I helped him to the room) good night
WESLEY : plea-se help me with drinking water, I am thirsty
RITA : ok, let me get it for you (I serve him the water)
WESLEY : thank you, God bless you
RITA : I will be going now (I turn my back on him to take my leave, but wesley held me from the back and pushed me to the be-d, he layed on t©p of me, I tried pushing him down, but he is a man and he overpowered me, I tried calling for help, but no b©dy was at home, wesley succeded in ra-ping me)
To be continued. …

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