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January 21, 2021


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Blood sister Episode 25

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The next day I was sitting outside relaxing, when Rita walk up to me


RITA : Yes charity I can hear, I have cooked, is it not because of food, you are calling me

CHARITY : no, I just want to talk to you

RITA : what is it, I hope you are fine

CHARITY : I am fine, is all about you

RITA : me, what did I do

CHARITY : what is wrong with you, you dont look happy this days

RITA : really, you observed that

CHARITY : Yes I observed it

RITA : oh, you are so caring, charity to say the truth, I am tired of you, I sat down few days ago and look at my life the way it is now, I sacrificed everything that came my way, just because of you and your wicked mother

CHARITY : she is your mother too

RITA : are you sure she is my mother, she cannot be my mother, I dont have her time now, by the time I will have her time, she will have so many questions to answer me. And You, I sacrifice everything for you, my education, my skills, my marriage, all because of you, just to make you happy, what did I get at last

CHARITY : ( silence )

RITA : (shouted at her) I am talking to you, answer me, don’t keep my quite

CHARITY : are you shouting at me, don’t forget you are in my house oo

RITA : sorry I forgot oo, if you don’t keep quiet now, or just leave here, I will beat the hell out of you, you know me very well, you know what I can do, after all I sacrificed for you, you turn to me to your house girl, are you still standing here (charity walk away) look at her mouth, husband house, I just blame myself for all my predicament, charity even think I am not happy with her, of cause I don’t have any grudges against her, but against myself, I blame myself for everything, I am just regretting it, just making them to be happy, and now look at the outcome of it

(In the evening charity and is husband got ready to go for their night program in church)

CHARITY : we are going for night program, are you not going to go with us

RITA : no

CHARITY : ok, honey what about wesley

KINS : wesley, night service, dont even think that, here he comes

CHARITY : wesley are you going out


KINS : let’s us go for alnight

WESLEY : hahahaha you are funny oo

CHARITY : what’s funny

WESLEY : please I have a girl to go and pick

CHARITY : another girl again, you don’t sleep in that room without a girl

WESLEY : are you not comfortable with it, fine I will take her to the hotel

CHARITY : no not that oo, is just that every day different women

WESLEY : what to do, see you both tomorrow when you come back, Rita are you going with them, I dont have my door key with me oooo

RITA : I am not going

WESLEY : very good (he walked away )

CHARITY : ok Rita, take care of yourself

RITA : I should be telling you that, take care of yourself

CHARITY : thank you (they walked away)

( four hours later, I was in the sitting room, waiting for wesley to come back, so that I can open the door for him, then I heared his car coming into the compound, they he ring the door bell, I opened the door for him)

RITA : wellcome

WESLEY : thank you (he sat down on the sofa, he was really drunk)

RITA : you are drunk, I thought you wanted to go and pick someone

WESLEY : hmmm, someone

RITA : you need to rest


RITA : I will be in my room, good night

WESLEY : no dont go yet, help me to my room, I cannot see clearly

RITA : why can’t you help your self, are you not the one that drove yourself home, so you should know the way to your room

WESLEY : help me

RITA : I dont like stress oo, dont come and stress me with your own problem oo, I have my own problem already (I helped him to the room) good night

WESLEY : please help me with drinking water, I am thirsty

RITA : ok, let me get it for you (I serve him the water)

WESLEY : thank you, God bless you

RITA : I will be going now (I turn my back on him to take my leave, but wesley held me from the back and pushed me to the bed, he layed on top of me, I tried pushing him down, but he is a man and he overpowered me, I tried calling for help, but no body was at home, wesley succeded in raping me)



To be continued. …

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