Blood sister Episode 1 & 2

Episode 1-2
My name is Rita, I am 23 years old, my dad is dead, he died five years ago, when I was about sitting for my West Africa examination, my mum have been trying her best to raise me and my younger sister up, I love my family so much, that I have to do anything just to see them smiling, but the question is, do they also love me the way I love them, will they also do anything just to make me also smile, I dont know the answer to this question, but we have to find out, one afternoon, I c@m£ back home so happy, shouting
RITA: mother, mama, mama (my mother c@m£ out running out with my sister charity)
MAMA RITA: Rita what is it, why are you shouting my name
RITA: mama good news, I am so happy
CHARITY: Rita what is it, you look happy
RITA:mama, I have gotten admission again to study law
MAMA RITA: what, this is good new my daughter
CHARITY: Yes mama, it is, I am happy for you my sister
RITA: thank you charity, I can’t wait to go to school
MAMA RITA: I wish you could go to school to study this law, but my daughter you cannot
RITA: Mama, what are you saying, what are you telling me again, this year
MAMA RITA: that is the truth rita, where will I see money, do you want me to start what I cannot finish
RITA : mama plea-se, this is the third time, I am getting admission to study in the university, you keep telling me next year, this is the third time now
MAMA RITA : that is true my daughter, I know I have been telling you next year, but I have to tell you the truth now, I cannot, I cannot train you in school, how will I be paying your school fees
RITA : mama, plea-se, charity is here, he will be as-siting you in farm work to see me throu-gh the university, mama plea-se
MAMA RITA: hahahaha, which charity, is it this one that is not strong, plea-se oo, plea-se oo, you know how I managed to raise her up, because of her health, plea-se I dont want to stress her at all
RITA : mama, but charity is fine now, she was a kid then now
MAMA RITA : forget the dream of going to school, because I can’t
CHARITY: mama you are right oo, me I’m dont have power to suffer for anyone at all
MAMA RITA : hahahaha I know you my daughter (my mother walk in, then I cried out)
RITA : (crying)
CHARITY: Rita, why are you crying now, plea-se you better st©p crying oo, you are ma-king us to look like bad person, we cannot start what we cannot finish, that is just the true.
I sat down outside our compound thinking about life, this is the third time, I am going to loose this opportunity again, why is mother been unfair to me, why is she denying me education, different thought kept running throu-gh my mind, then my younger sister charity walk in
CHARITY: Rita are you fine
RITA : (silence )
CHARITY: Rita, I am talking to you, are you alright
RITA : dont pretend to ask me that kind of question, because you know I am not fine and you know what my problem is, you know that
CHARITY: me, I dont know oo, how will I know what is wrong with you, I will still be asking you, am I a moron, I dont know oo
RITA : really, fine, charity, plea-se help me out in this issue, I want to go to school, I want to fulfil my dream of becoming a lawyer, when I go to school and start working, I will see you throu-gh school also, even if you don’t want to study in nigeria, I am re-ady to see you throu-gh any university of your choice
CHARITY: hmm, you see what Rita, st©p ma-king fake promises you cannot fulfil oo
RITA : why won’t I fulfil my promise to you, even if I did not promise you that, I owe you education as your elder sister, since father is no more
CHARITY: wow, thank God you know that, and what make you believe that mum will listen to me
RITA: I know, mum always listen to you, there is nothing you will ask her, she will say no to
CHARITY : why are you been p@rtial here, you saying this, it look as if mama don’t love you too
RITA : no I did not say that, mama love me but she listen to you more
CHARITY: Yes I know, I know that if I talk to mama for you, she will grant your admission to school, but I will not
RITA : you will not, why
CHARITY: because if you go to school, our farm work will increases, just to see you throu-gh school, me I cannot, you know my health status
RITA : I know but you are fine now, it was when you were a kid that you were always sick, but you are fine now, if you help me, i promise you that the time of happiness shall come
CHARITY: I dont want to hear that one, I have said my own, you are not going to any school, me I dont have strength to start working double work, Rita my sister, you have to forget about school, and look for another thing to do, me I cannot, also with mama, mama is no longer strong, me I am going inside to sleep oo, good night
RITA : good night(she walk out) what kind of family is this, why don’t they like to see me happy, this is the same thing they did when I wanted to also enrol for my waec, how wish not for mama Aka, I would not have enrolled waec too, I will go and see her tomorrow, my mother always listen to her (this idea relief me a little from the thinking) yes I will
(The next day I visited mama Aka, I met her at home, mama Aka three children are in the university, she has been the one sponsoring them in the university, her husband is dead)
MAMA AKA: Rita how are you, this one you c@m£ to my house on your own to visit me, I hope I am save o
RITA : but mama I always come here nah
MAMA AKA: that was when ify, was still around, the only time I always see now, is when ify is back for her holiday
RITA : mama
MAMA AKA: anyway congrat, ify said you have gotten admission
RITA: Yes mama
MAMA AKA: I am really happy for you, you have really tried enduring for your mother to gather enough resources to s£nd you back to school
RITA : Yes mama, that is the reason I am here
MAMA AKA: I dont un-derstand, do you want to plead with me, so that you can live with ify your friend, that is not my business, it is between you and your friend
RITA : mama is not that
MAMA AKA : then what is the problem, you are even crying
RITA : mama ify, my mother said I should forget the dream of going to school, and face farm work, she said she cannot start what she can’t finish
MAMA AKA: what